~ Testimonials ~

My session with Rachel was empowering. Within a couple of minutes she was on target and insightful. I very much enjoyed her energy work and left the office feeling re-charged and balanced. Rachel also suggested tools for self-help in the days following. I am thankful for Rachel helping me through a challenging issue. She is nurturing spirit!

~ Linda Unterkircher, Reiki Practitioner at Verve ~

I had the great privilege of meeting and getting to know Rachel during a 6-week writing program set in the woods of New Hampshire. While there, I found myself struggling with complex and unnerving dreams and working to overcome a new and recent hurt. Rachel’s calm and rational presence was something I could always count on during this difficult time, and was one of the things that got me through. Her openness about her own struggles and challenges, her willingness to listen, and her wonderful sense of humor gave me courage and made me smile. 
Throughout our many days together, Rachel always had a healing way about her, befriending and listening to anyone who needed her at that moment. Her guided meditations, a card reading, and a class on self-love helped me to better understand and cope with the personal challenges I was facing. 
In addition, I had the opportunity to discuss psychic powers at length in a small class aimed to hone in on different people’s skills, and was pleased to discover my clairvoyance! Rachel taught me so much about life, not least of which being that psychic powers are within anyone’s reach—they don’t need to be exaggerated for them to also be very real. I am so grateful to have had her as a friend and mentor during that time.

~ Susanne LaMoreaux, University of Michigan Student ~

I think I had a legit spiritual experience just from being open to be guided by and trying to flow with what you were doing.  I think it was really cool.  Even the kid sitting still and being quiet during [the workshop] shows that there was a real thing there to feel.
The info about the grounding thing helped a lot.  After that I was watching my behavior and I think a lot of the fidgety things I do are things I must have just kind of picked up to kind of ground myself, I think.
Last night I was watching my niece, who is 2-1/2, and she was being a little fidgety but was tired, and I was tired, I just held her and took her outside and I laid on the ground with her on my chest, I felt like we both got very grounded, and then we both slept great. I had never heard before about techniques to get into your body. That is extremely helpful. Not just the grounding info, but everything, I think it would be hard to overstate how much I got from the time at your workshop.
Later after your workshop I was thinking about something... The thought I did have was to tell you that " I appreciate you" and I do. I'm glad you are doing what are you doing.

~ Brian Pallas, Workshop Attendee ~

Meeting with Rachel was a truly unique, inspirational, and insightful experience. After her energy work, I left feeling more grounded and connected to myself than I've felt in a long time. Looking forward to continuing my journey with her help.

~ C.K., Landscape Architect ~