come. unlock yourself.

The Journey Programme

A Guided Journey on the Path Home to Yourself

We will sit in deep work together to find your door, unlock it, and step inside. You will journey down your own brilliant, powerful, special, and necessary pathway to find exactly who you are, who you want to be, and what your purpose is to bring to the world. And I will be right there next to you, holding your hand like your imaginary friend from childhood did. I will be right there witnessing you and holding you in your sanctity. You will emerge back out into the world after every session with more of yourself to bring into it. And by the end of our work together? You will be the person you have always secretly wanted to unapologetically, boldly, magically, and powerfully be: Yourself.

12 one-hour sessions, once a week for three months. Deep work in-session, deep work gifted for out-of-session through take home tools including journal prompts, exclusive D2S potions, crystals, energy healing techniques, and more. The journey is only just beginning…

Open to only four participants per three-month period. These four are to be selected first come, first serve, and by application only. A 30-minute complimentary phone interview included with application to ensure that we are the best fit for each other, and for this work, together.



Inner Gold Unveiled

Collaboration with Megan Lendman Photography | Sessions include Energywork + Photography

You’ve been waiting. You’ve been waiting to feel yourself swimming through your whole body, embedded in earth and sky. You’ve been waiting to feel yourself seeping through your skin to touch the air of the world around you. To be seen. To unveil yourself to your own golden light. Rachel Leah Gerson of Doorway to Self and Megan Lendman of Megan Lendman Photography will be partnering together in these exclusive sessions, combining energy work with photography to help unveil your own light to you, and capture your reunion with yourself.

You will be drenched in an energy and vocal sound healing experience to bring your core essence out in a 30-minute session with Rachel, and then Megan will walk with you to witness you and photograph that essence for 30 minutes following in the surrounding woods! Ten final images will be edited and sent to you, digitally, following the session.

Total Self-Investment: $222

Spaces are limited, and a 50% down payment is required in order to reserve your spot. At this time, this is a women’s offering. Spots must be reserved by 3pm on Friday the 19th.


Other Learning Opportunities

Retreats • Workshops • Conventions • Social Media

Doorway to Self offers monthly in-person workshops! If you would like to see a workshop in your city, please let me know! If there is enough interest, I would be ecstatic to come teach in your area. Thus far, I have held workshops in Michigan in Metro Detroit, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Luther, Bloomingdale, and Grand Rapids, as well as just outside of Burlington, VT. I also love hosting private workshops and speaking at private, public, and corporate events, so if you are looking for a speaker or some deep learning to host at your party, retreat, or expo, I would be so honoured to be able to provide you with that. And if you can’t make it to any of these offerings or you’re too energetically sensitive to be in a crowd? No worries. I do Facebook and Instagram LIVE events at least once per month. Lastly, while I am not hosting my own retreats at this time, if you are hosting one, I am open to facilitating a workshop at your retreat!