come. unlock yourself.

Deep One-on-One Work

Psychic Training • Metaphysical Inner Guidance • Soul Family Sessions

These options are great for you if you are really ready to do the deep dive into who you are and how you work. To really begin to understand how you relate to the world on every level (physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically), and to begin to understand how it relates to you. Many of the tools listed in section two may be incorporated into these sessions in addition to talking, energy assessment, and more in order to help deepen your understanding of Self. You will walk away with the ability to flesh out how to stand more strongly in your own skin; how to be able to interpret what you may have seen as “crazy”, “weird”, “mental illness”, or “other” as something that is remarkable that can be shaped in a way that enhances your life rather than detracting from it.


Just The Tools

Card Readings • Numerology • Twisting the Bone • Astrology • Gifts for Babies and Newlyweds

These one-off sessions are a great way to gain further insight into your personal “blueprint”, as I like to call it, through any of these listed modalities. Numerology and Card Readings give insight into your personal energy and purpose, where Astrology gives insight into the ways in which you move through the world. All of these options are popular gifts for parents of newborns, as are couple’s astrology sessions for newlyweds or anniversaries. Twisting the Bone is a modality of energy work that will help you to unwind any kinks in life that are holding you back, whether energetically or physically.


More Learning Opportunities

Retreats • Workshops • Conventions • Social Media

Doorway to Self offers monthly in-person workshops! If you would like to see a workshop in your city, please let me know! If there is enough interest, I would be ecstatic to come teach in your area. Thus far, I have held workshops in Michigan in Metro Detroit, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Luther, Bloomingdale, and Grand Rapids, as well as just outside of Burlington, VT. I also love hosting private workshops and speaking at private, public, and corporate events, so if you are looking for a speaker or some deep learning to host at your party, retreat, or expo, I would be so honoured to be able to provide you with that. Lastly, a Doorway to Self retreat, Doorway to Mental Health, is on the horizon 4-5 May! And if you can’t make it to any of that or you’re too energetically sensitive to be in a crowd? No worries. I do Facebook and Instagram LIVE events at least once per month.


It’s All A Sacred Journey To Self…

There are so many places that we can go on this journey together, no matter which path you choose to take. It is my belief that the more you know yourself as an individual- the more that you are truly, openly, raw and honest with yourself and with the world about who you are- the more you will be able to clearly and powerfully walk through life. The more you will be able to be seen. The more you will be able to help change the world- because you are more-than capable. No matter which route you choose, any of these routes are great paths to helping you find your truest Self.