Working with just the Tools…


“Rachel is intuitive and compassionate. My reading with her filled in a lot of the gaps in my own healing process and gave me new insights on things where I previously felt stuck.” ~Jenny Bremer, LMT

Card Readings

If you don't want the in-depth work that MIG sessions bring but still are looking for psychic insight, a card reading is for you! D2S gives intuitive readings using an oracle deck of your choosing from the D2S collection. Card readings also add insight and entertainment at parties and functions, and make a great gift!

For Parties

Per hour || $95


30 minutes (online, only) ||  $45

60 minutes || $80


Numerology Report

Have you ever wondered exactly who you are, why you act the way you act, and what your purpose is in this lifetime? What about why you emote the way you do, or what lessons you're supposed to learn in this lifetime- perhaps even some that have followed you from other lifetimes...

If these are your queries, a full numerology report is the way to go!

Reports include the numerology of your full birth name and birthday, married name if applicable, habit challenge number, karmic numbers, heart's desire number, yearly letter vibrations, and elemental numbers. A 60 minute session is included to explain the chart and answer any questions.

This is also a great present to give new parents! Talk about an insight into a new babe...


Chart and 60 minute session ||  $135

Combined with Astrology 90 minute session ||  $295


Birth Chart Interpretation and Astrology Tutoring

When you were born, the sun and the moon and the planets aligned in the zodiac constellations in the sky to create a blueprint specific to you. I use the approach of evolutionary astrology, meaning that I do not use astrology to read the future or keep people stuck in patterns, but, rather, to help people to create their own futures and recognise patterns that they might exhibit in order to transform beyond them.

Astrology is one of my favourite tools to utilise and to teach, and I offer 1-on-1 sessions as well as private group classes to teach the (rather complex) basics of astrology.

Additionally, I do 1-on-1 session chart interpretation, using your personal birth chart as generated from

I also offer recorded chart interpretations for newborns, which is a great present to give new parents (and for the kids when they’re all grown up!), and couple’s chart interpretations either in-person or via video chat, which is a great gift for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and showers.

1-on-1 Chart Interpretation and Tutoring

60 minutes || $80

90 minutes || $115

Recorded Chart Interpretations for Newborns

$222 || includes full recording split into 14 sections, including an intro, one recording for each of the 12 astrological “Houses”, and a summary to bring it all together. Each section is between 3-15 minutes, and will be completed and sent within one month of the order in either CD format or digital format via Google Drive.

Private Group Astrology Class

5 People: $25/head, per hour

10 People: $15/head, per hour

20 People or more: $10/head, per hour

Couple’s Astrology Session

60 minutes || $125

90 minutes || $175


“Meeting with Rachel was a truly unique, inspirational, and insightful experience. After her energy work, I left feeling more grounded and connected to myself than I've felt in a long time. Looking forward to continuing my journey with her help.” ~C.K., Landscape Architect

Twisting the Bone

Twisting the Bone is a method of energy healing that uses the idea that energy is woven through our physical, emotional, and psychic bodies. This method can therefore be used to help heal ailments in any of these areas!

On a personal note, I learned this method of energy healing when I broke my toe. I could not walk on it for weeks without being in excruciating pain, and when I went to an herbalist to see if there was anything that she could do for the matter, she asked me to remove my socks and shoes and demonstrated Twisting the Bone on me. She told me to repeat the energy healing at least 3 times daily. Within 2 days my toe started to heal. 

When we are impacted by trauma, sometimes it takes a little energetic unwinding to get us unstuck and in a position where we can begin to flow into the healing process.


“I very much enjoyed her energy work and left the office feeling re-charged and balanced. Rachel also suggested tools for self-help in the days following. I am thankful for Rachel helping me through a challenging issue. She is nurturing spirit!”

~Linda Unterkircher, Reiki Practitioner at Verve



60 minutes || $80

90 minutes || $115