While Doorway to Self has helped to facilitate and teach workshops at retreats by other companies, I am excited to announce the first ever Doorway to Self Psychic Training Retreat, coming to YOU, May 2019 as the veil is thinned! This retreat is about connecting, fully, to yourself- psychically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And what better a place to do it than on 140 acres of forest and fields with a lake in elemental-themed cabins with 14 other like-minded individuals? There's no way you can't say YES.

 Photo by Nikki Claire

Photo by Nikki Claire


Doorway to Self offers workshops on everything from Self Love to Psychic Abilities 101 to When Your Body is a Jailcell. 

Doorway to Self presented 6 workshops at 2017's Sweetgrass + Sage Burn Transformational Festival, several workshops at rewilding retreats by Goddess Ceremony, had a featured workshop at Detroit Conjure and Folkmagic Festival 2018, and also does regular workshops at the Wellness Collective and other facilities in the Grand Rapids area.

If you are interested in booking Doorway to Self to facilitate a workshop, reach out through the Contact page! Any and all ideas will be considered.