Psychic Training

So you want to learn your psychic Self! This is not just for the clair-aclaimed: Psychic training is for anyone and everyone, because if you're human, you're psychic. Learn to tap into your energy field. Learn to tap into your psychic abilities. Learn how you relate to yourself, others, and objects on an energetic level, and how to be able to strengthen and control that. This ongoing work will help you to better understand your psychic abilities: How do they work? How can they be strengthened? How can stay safe with the information that they may bring into your sphere? How can we work together to set boundaries around them?

  • Psychic Diagnosis

  • Psychic Assessment

  • Growth in psychic abilities

  • Tools and exercises to enhance psychic growth (both take-home and in-session)


|| Three sessions ||

1 hour $220/90-minutes $350

||  Five sessions ||

1 hour $375/90-minute $550

|| Ten sessions ||

1 hour $745/90-minute $1050


||  90 minutes || $80


|| 60 minutes || $80

|| 90 minutes || $115

||One Month, Once Weekly || $65/Session


Metaphysical Inner Guidance

MIG Sessions are, in essence, the fusion of counselling techniques and psychic tools. In other words, amidst talking, listening, and processing, tools like card readings, numerology, astrology, energy healing, “diagnosis” of psychic abilities, psychic assessment, guided meditations, and more are used to help you bring answers to light in a different way and connect to the highest version of yourself.


|| Three sessions || 

1 hour $220/90 minutes $350

|| Five sessions || 

1 hour $375/90-minute sessions $550

|| Ten sessions || 

1 hour $745/90-minute sessions $1050


||  90 minutes || $80

Follow Ups

|| 60 minutes || $80

|| 90 minutes || $115

||One Month, Once Weekly || $60/Session


Soul Family Sessions

So you met your sister from another mister, your brother from another mother... or maybe just your actual brother or sister or mother or father or partner, and you want to know...

  • What past lives have you had together?

  • How have those past lives affected your relationship in this life?

  • Helping each other to cut chords

  • How can you work psychically and energetically together?

  • How can you energetically and psychically heal each other?

  • How can you learn each other's energy patterns?

We will work together to answer these questions through talking, psychic assessment, and facilitated hands-on psychic exercises with each other.


|| 60 minutes || $120

|| 90 minutes || $180