come. unlock yourself.

Doorway to Self

come. unlock yourself.



If you're human, you're psychic.


Every single one of us is psychic.

Every human, animal, tree, plant... We all have access to energy, because all of us are made of energy.

Connecting with that energy is something that comes naturally to every single one of us as children, but we unlearn it as we integrate into society.

Doorway to Self is the space to learn how to tap into that. 

You hold the key. I help you turn it.






Doorway to Self is for you if...

You are extremely emotionally or energetically sensitive and it is interfering with your life in an unhealthy way

Counselling, psychology, or coaching, have not worked for you, and you are looking for an alternative method that is accepting of the energetic world as part of your life and a reason for your feelings and experiences*

You are seeking to widen your knowledge and understanding of the psychic and energetic world

You think you’re “crazy” for the experiences that you’ve had, or feel that if you talk about them with others that they will label you as such

You are craving a deep dive into your shadows, your inner child, your self-knowledge, your inner strength, your inner magic, and your innate love for yourself

You don’t quite know how to “tap in” to your own vast magic and are wanting to find out how

You feel deeply misunderstood

*Please note that Doorway to Self, LLC is not a licensed mental health practise, nor is Rachel Leah Gerson a licensed mental health helper. Please understand that D2S sessions are not meant to be a substitute for medications or counselling services.


Unlock your inner gold...


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