Is this a licensed counselling practise?

While I am enrolled in a masters programme to obtain my Limited License as a Practicing Counsellor (LLPC), I am not yet a licensed counsellor, and this is not a licensed counselling practise. Additionally, when I do receive my credentials, because these practises are not recognised by the counselling board, it will not be conducted as a professional counselling practise.


Do you only work in person?

No. Sessions are available through Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Videochat, and Google Hangouts.


Can you come to my house to do a session?

As long as it is not during my reserved office days, yes. However, I do charge a gas fee if I am meeting you more than 15 minutes away from my house unless you have a handicap that prevents you from coming to my office or I am on a road tour in your area (i.e. if I am working with several people in a city outside of Grand Rapids in an announced tour).


How much do your sessions cost?

Check out D2S pricing here (The Doorknob) , here (The Keys), and here (The Framework).


Do you do sliding scale fees?

I get this question a lot. Here’s the deal: I respect your wallet. I would appreciate it if you would respect mine. While I would love to help everyone out there, I cannot pay my bills if I am giving out free sessions, nor can I give you my best work if I am feeling drained due to not feeling as though people view our time together as worthy of payment. HOWEVER, you have an option! I am raising money on a platform called Patreon to be able to give people free or very discounted sessions. If enough money is raised to pay for a full session, you will be able to apply to receive the slot. See patreon.com/doorwaytoself for more information.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, 50% of your session must be paid. If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, 100% of your session must be paid. This is due to a few things:

1) These sessions are for you. This is your time for self care. If you are cancelling unless it is due to an emergency, you are cancelling on yourself, and that is not cool. Put yourself first.

2) If we schedule an appointment, we have scheduled an appointment. In other words, that space is being held specifically for you. If you cancel, it is on me to find someone else to fill the space, which, given that short of notice, might very well not happen. This is out of courtesy for my time, and shows that you understand that my time is as valuable as yours, and that you respect that.


Does your cancellation policy stand if the reason for cancellation is due to emergency?

No. If you are cancelling due to illness, the death or injury of a family member (or someone close to you), or some other unforeseen emergency, you are not required to pay the cancellation fee.


Can you read my future?

That is not what I’m here for. I believe it to be unethical to tell people where they are going to “end up”. Firstly, there are so many paths that Universe can set out for you that it is impossible to know exactly which one you are going to take- no matter how psychic someone is. Secondly, if someone tells you where you are going to wind up, it takes all of the work out of it for you. I am here to teach you to fish, not to hand you a scaled, deboned, grilled salmon. Thirdly, it is possible for you to create your future based on what someone says is going to happen, rather than listening to what it is that you truly want and need to follow your best path. And lastly? Let’s be real. Lawsuits aren’t my jam.


Do you only work with women?

Absolutely NOT. I love women. I love working with them. But women are humans, and my guess is that if you are reading this, you are human, too- whether you’re a woman or not. I understand that a lot of the healing work out there is geared towards women. While I think that is necessary and important, I also think that men and gender non-binary people are being underserved to a detrimental degree. HUMANS are my passion. So please, no matter what your body is made of, feel welcome to book an appointment!


Do you work with the Elderly?


Do you work with Children?



Do you do energy healing with cancer patients, or people who suffer from other debilitating diseases?

Yes. However, I am not- and do not claim to be- a licensed doctor or physician. The healing work is ultimately up to the individual, but I am happy to be there to facilitate and to help move the healing into action.


Do you work with people who have mental illnesses?

Yes. That is my biggest passion. I do have to reiterate, however, that I am not a licensed mental health helper, and this is not an accredited mental health practise. 


Do you host retreats?

While the Doorway to Mental Health retreat in May was incredible to facilitate and highly successful, there will likely not be a retreat until well-after I have completed my grad school programme in one year’s time.


Are your retreats only for women?

NO. They are gender all-inclusive. If you prefer to sleep in a single-gendered or single-sexed room, you may have that option.


Is anyone welcome at your workshops?

Yes. However, my workshops are very popular, so you should highly consider registering ahead of time, as they tend to fill up often and quickly.


Can you come do a workshop or retreat in my city?

Send an email with your requested location to doorwaytoself@gmail.com, and I would be happy to look into the possibilities. 


Is this a religious thing?

No. However, if you are religious and would like to bring that into our practise (no matter the religion- I do not discriminate) you are more than welcome to.


Do you do psychic training?



Do you do energetic chord cutting? 


Do you work with past life stuff?



Do you practise Reiki?

No. I use an energy healing method called Twisting the Bone, which you can read more about, here.


Is your energy work approach hands-on?

Partially. Most of the energy work is hands-off, but there are some times or some people who particularly need to be physically touched in certain places. This is mentioned in the informed consent document that you will receive before our first session. In that time, you are welcome to let me know that you feel uncomfortable with physical touch and leave the space for your initials blank in the consent form, and I will be happy to honour your request.


Are you on social media?

Absolutely! You can find new content every week if you follow D2S on Facebook (Facebook.com/doorwaytoself), Instagram (@doorwaytoself), and YouTube!


Why do you write with British spelling?

 I have always felt deeply connected to that part of the world, partly due to my heritage and partly due to my strongest past life memories. It is a way to be able to honour (no pun intended) my ancestors and myself.


Do sessions include email correspondence for lingering thoughts or questions?

No. If you have something that you need answered that is relatively simple, such as a question about the timing of our session or concerns about how it will commence, that is fine. I ask that you respect my time as I respect yours. 


Do I need to bring anything to our first session?

Just your lovely self! If you would like to have astrology touched upon within our session, it would be helpful to have your full date, place, and time of birth.