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Awaken : A day of body, mind, spirit exploration

  • The Wellness Collective 1324 Lake Drive SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 USA (map)

Awaken : A day of body, mind, spirit exploration

Move into 2019 with greater openness to an awakened life. Grant yourself space and time for reflection, self-discovery and an opportunity to encounter new ideas for yourself, your relationships, and your life.

This one-day event features classes led by Wellness Collective members to help you awaken your body and spirit to the new year and the new possibilities that await you.

Come for one class or stay for the entire day to:
*boost your immune system
*balance your energy
*build healthier relationships
*bring forth body awareness

Boost your Immune System with Kundalini Yoga

Try out kundalini yoga and learn how to use this practice to fight off disease at it's very beginning by triggering your own healing capacity. Warm up with the immune system booster pranayama (breathing exercise) followed by the disease resistance kriya. You will also experience a deep gong relaxation. Beginners and more advanced students are all welcome. Chair modifications available if requested. Dress in comfortable clothes, bring water or tea, your yoga mat, meditation cushion and blanket if you have one.

The Psychology of Chakras

Are you not living the life that you know your soul longs to live? Do you desire to find peace and harmony in your life? Do you feel sluggish and out of energy most of the time? If you answered yes to any of these, then learning about your unique energy system (known as the chakra system) and what to do to bring it back into balance can change your life.

In this 90 minute class you will learn about the different developmental stages of each chakra, which childhood issues can cause imbalance in your chakra system and the long term effects those issues can have on your energy system. You will also learn how to identify when your chakras are out of balance. This class will conclude with guided meditation and chanting to restore and bring balance back to your energy system.

Lunchtime Q&A*

Cosmic Awareness for Couples: Learn how the placement of key planets in your astrological birth chart influence what you bring to your relationships

Explore the ancient underpinnings of astrology with a focus on which planets & signs exert the strongest influence on relationships! Learn how to create a birth chart for yourself and we will lead you in a discussion of how these influences show up in your love life. From the perspective of evolutionary astrology (meaning we are not predicting or forecasting), we will be seeking the highest expression of the planets and signs most relevant to understanding how you both approach relationships.

Mindful Movement: A Playful Exploration in Self-Expression

Before we learned to communicate with spoken language, we explored and responded to the world with movement. Even when we're sitting perfectly still, our bodies are abuzz with movement, for the pumping of our heart and the breathing of our lungs, to the complex metabolization of food into energy and waste. The neurons in our brains process signals at a constant and high-speed rate, and our muscles contract and relax to serve our desires, activities, and both our voluntary and involuntary tasks. Movement is one of our most primary ways of knowing.

But might we gain fresh insights into our being by exploring movement for the purpose of listening to the body's messages? While our bodies move in physiological patterns, they also move in psychological patterns. When we begin to pay attention to the subtle somatic movements, we can gain a deeper understanding of our mind-workings.

This workshop offers a playful exploration in conscious movement, raising to our awareness many of the micro-movements that we often give little attention to. Participants will be led through various mindful processes to notice the message our bodies hold and explore what they might mean for us.

*From 12:00-1:30 join us for light snacks and an open question & answer time with Wellness Collective members. Mingle with our members to learn more about what treatments and tools are offered here at Wellness Collective GR.
(free community offering)

Attend classes individually or come for the entire day.

Cost: $10/class; $30/full-day


Food graciously provided by local businesses:
The Sovengard, Field & Fire Cafe

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