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Portal Magic

  • Crazy Wisdom Bookshop and Tearoom (map)

So you want to find yourself in connection to the spirit world. And you want to do it safely. And you want to heal. And you want to connect to your highest power. Yea... this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will occur on 8/8, which is a portal in and of itself: The Lion's Gate Portal. 

We will be working together to utilise and access this energy in a way that helps you as an individual to connect with your Higher Self, to cut away past lives that are no longer serving you, and to connect with Universe in a way that brings affirmation, answers, and healing. 

In this workshop, we will:
-Explore what "portals" are
-Talk about the energy of the Lion's Gate Portal, and how to work with it
-Discuss the ethics of working energetically within a group setting
-Work as individuals to discover the long-lost parts of ourselves that we want to connect to
-Work as a group to connect with Universe as a whole, and discover our highest magical potential

This workshop is Donation-Powered. This means that you pay what you feel it’s worth or what you can afford ($100 or $1 or $5 or whatever) while still respecting that this is someone's livelihood and takes a lot of effort, money, and energy to put together. 
Cash will be accepted at the event, as will checks made out to Doorway to Self, or PayPal amounts sent to

**This event is limited to 20 people** 
Register by email ( to reserve your spot.