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Psychic and Energy Q&A LIVE


Doorway to Self just turned three because of YOU, because of the work that YOU do, and because of your support. We are fighting the good fight.

And that's why I want to extend, to you, an event that has never before been done- A LIVE Psychic and Energy Q&A LIVE! 

You can ask any questions you want- how does energy work, what is chording, what are energy ethics, what is clairvoyance, etc.! It's up to you to bring the questions, and I will be there to answer them to the best of my ability. I know you've been waiting for this ;)

You can also feel free to send questions ahead of time via messenger or by emailing

AND... to anyone who attends and participates, a FREE 30 minute video chat consultation.

The LIVE will occur via the Doorway to Self main Facebook page and Instagram on Saturday, 29 September at 12pm, EST.