Ethics & Practices


You hold your own answers. I am not here to feed you my idea of what they should be. I do not Create or Facilitate Psychic Dependency.

If you are looking for a “psychic” who is going to tell you who you are, what decisions to make, and where you are headed, you have come to the wrong place. My job is not to impose my ego upon you, nor is that my wish. My job is not to feed you fish that you don’t know how to catch, yourself. My job is not to keep you coming back to my office indefinitely because you become dependent upon my “oracle” in telling you how to wield yourself. My job is to help you to do the Big Work. To teach you how to fish your inner self from the depths of your gut, and cast your power and magic out to serve your purpose in the world. You should never allow your life decisions to be made by psychic readings or information. Instead, the focus should be on how you can further strengthen your dependency upon yourself.

I Am Not Here To Heal You.

I call myself a healer because I heal myself so that I can become responsible in holding space for you. I do not have the ability to “heal” you. No one has that ability except for yourself. My job is to hold space for you, and guide you towards your own healing.

On Grounding and Clearing

I do it every day, multiple times a day. I start in the morning, and then rinse and repeat before and after every session (including sessions from other practitioners for myself), and end with one last go before bedtime.



Upon consultation, you will be provided with an informed consent document that details the lengths to which confidentiality extends. Essentially, all said within the context of a session, email, phone conversation, or text will be kept completely confidential unless you are threatening to harm yourself or someone else. Easy as pie. Simple as a pimple.


Do no harm; Do right.

I love the wording of this- this phrase that I got from my teachings at the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences. It’s very simple. I don’t seek to do harm. I don’t seek to instil fear in you. And I don’t seek to mislead you into a path where you are harming yourself or others. I expect you to do the same, but I suppose your ethics are your ethics. I, personally, work to serve the light.


On Judgment

Humans always judge. It is how we see the world. You could not decipher if a shirt was red or blue without judging if it was red or blue. That said, the judgement I use is to be able to read between the lines of who you are, not to categorise your language or your beliefs or your experiences as good or bad or right or wrong. They’re yours to judge. Not mine. I am here to hold space in a non-partisan way, and that is exactly what I will do. This serves you in the way of a) feeling seen b) feeling heard c) feeling accepted d) being able to understand, better, where you judge yourself, and once we get into that last facet, a lot of seriously beautiful shadow work can happen there.



It doesn’t happen. Period.



Please let me know if you have preferred pronouns that you would like me to use upon setting up a session, or upon meeting.



I won’t call and email you repeatedly until I get an answer from you. I expect the same from you. I don’t hook into your energy field. I expect you not to hook into mine. Were you to own a business and I needed your goods and services, I would pay you for them. I would respect you for them. I expect the same back from you. That includes my time: simple questions via email or phone are fine. If it starts to take longer than 10 minutes or you need to give me the back story of your entire life to be able to ask the question, that is what sessions are for. Your time is valuable. So is mine. Please keep that in mind when you are looking to receive information.


Friends vs. Clients

It is unethical for me to become a friend to someone who was my client, first. This is because if we met each other under the pretence of me holding space for you, it automatically tips the relationship, and there is also an automatic presumption that I will continue to hold space for you unconditionally in the “friend” hours. Additionally, when my personal life becomes introduced into our “friendship”, it might not feel comfortable to you to fully pour yourself into our space together when in session. This is not a friendship, and that is why I do not feel comfortable or ethical in such circumstances.


Psychic Insights about Other People

I am not here to answer your questions about other people. That is their business, not yours. And if you’re that busy focusing on them instead of focusing on yourself, well… congratulations- that’s what we’ll be working on ;)


I do not make Doomsday Prophecies or Psychic Predictions

You write your life. Not me. For more info on this, check out the FAQ.



While I do hold mediumship abilities and help others to hone their own should they want to, I am very explicit in that I refuse to call forth anyone who does not want to be present. Imagine you are on a vacation. It is your dream vacation and you’ve been saving up for it your whole life. You are in your bathing suit and are soaked- you were just in the ocean of your dreams. Getting back home is far and expensive, and you really have no intention of going back. Suddenly, you get a call from your best friend and they say, “Come home! Do it now, please!” with no explanation. You ask why, but they don’t hear you and they don’t answer- they just keep calling you over and over again. So you run to the nearest street, find a way, somehow to get a ride to the nearest airport as fast as possible, buy a last minute $3,000 plane ticket, fly ten hours, and then run in the door to your friend’s house as fast as you can. You say, “What is it? What’s wrong? Why did you need me?” and they say, “Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were okay all the way out there. And I wanted to ask you a very simple question about something.” Yea. You would be pissed. The same works for people who have crossed over. They are far away- usually having the time of their lives- and it is a huge inconvenience to them for them to come back. If they are already close by and ready to chit chat? No problem. But I am very strict about calling people forth for whom it takes work to call back to this plane- it doesn’t happen on my watch.


Honesty and Consent

People work best when they are honest with themselves and with each other. Energy flows with the path of least resistance. You can expect for me to always be completely honest with you, and to disclose anything to you that comes into play within our sessions. This means that I will always let you know what I am doing before I do it (if I forget to do this, please just let me know that you would like to be clued into what is happening!), and I will always ask consent. If you are uncomfortable with whatever the method is, there will not be any pressure to experience it, and we will instead use the time to begin fleshing through your discomforts (if that feels good to you).

On Religion

When I opened my current practise, I decided to take religion out of the equation on my end, completely, when working with a client. If my client is Jewish or Christian and uses the word God to describe higher energies, that is the name and energy that we will work with. If my client is Muslim, we will work with Allah. If my client is Hindu, we will use those deities. If my client is agnostic, we will work with “Source” or “Universe” or their own power from their Higher Self (which I do with everyone, anyways), or their spirit guides etc. The list goes on from there. In terms of bringing outside entities into the room, I will only open the space for you to bring in the ones that you are needing to (and, of course, my own guides will be in the background, but they usually just sit back and let you do your thing).

You will be able to do your best, deepest work when you are in the hands of the energies that you have devoted yourself to, not when you are in the hands of unknown energies that you may or may not have a relationship with, that you may or may not trust, and that may or may not have a negative connotation for you. We do our best healing and have our greatest revelations when we feel safe. Not when we feel forced into positions where we are feeling unheard, uncomfortable or preached to, or where we find ourselves questioning our own beliefs and higher truth. That said, I do work to constantly survey the energy in the room to make sure the you are energetically safe at all points during our time, together.

I do not answer questions that i do not know the answers to

I am not all-knowing, and do not pretend to be. I come from a want and a passion to help you find, know, and love yourself. Not from a place of needing to prove myself. If I don't know something, I am happy to inform you that I feel it is out of my sphere of expertise, and I will gladly either research it and send you corresponding materials, or I will refer you to  someone whose expertise in that area will allow them to answer your questions.


I am not a Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant… etc.

And I am therefore unauthorised to answer such questions.


This work is not meant to replace working with a licensed mental health professional

Though I am in the midst of my master’s degree to obtain an LLPC (Limited Licensed Professional Counsellor) and an LLMFT (Limited License Marriage and Family Therapist) with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, I am not yet finished with the programme, and cannot, therefore, promote myself as a licensed counsellor. Even such, when my programme is completed, because this practise is not an established professional counselling practise, these services still cannot be deemed (unfortunately) as professional, licensed, clinical mental health practises. Because of that, I am also unauthorised to give or revoke any official mental health diagnoses at any point in time, though I am happy to refer you to a professional counsellor, social worker, or psychologist.