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Know Thyself to Grow Thyself

May 3-5, 2019 || Manchester, MI

Taurus New Moon

So you're looking to run to the woods to find yourself...

There is no better time to do it than during the Taurean New Moon.

If you are feeling lost; separate from yourself. If you are feeling a disconnect from nature. If you are feeling like you would like to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who actually understand you. If you are seeking passion and purpose. To find magic, again- or just more. If you are wanting to put new wrenches and screws and pliers in your psychic toolbox; your conscious communication toolbox; your human understanding toolbox; your Self toolbox... this is the retreat for you.

As the veil to the psychic world continues to thin on this weekend of the New Moon in Taurus, we will tap into its energies to elicit our greatest magic.

When you can sit in darkness comfortably and keep being the complexity of love that you are, that’s when you’re light working.
— Erin Schroeder, Psychic Educator

Can you hear the heartbeat of the earth as it tones to your own? It is calling your name. Your heart is calling your name. It is asking you to answer it; to answer the call.

Say yes, and you will walk away knowing yourself better than you did when you were conceived.

Say yes, and you will walk away with new, lifelong relationships.

Say yes, and you will walk away with a tummy full of loving nourishment on every level.

Say yes, and you will walk away with an entirely new toolbox, filled with new ways to approach your Self psychically, energetically, emotionally, physically, through nature, and with others through conscious communication.

Say yes, and you will walk away with a new version of YOU that you always wished for, but never  believed you could actually bring into existence. You will see your own magic... because it's there.

Say yes, and you will grow and know yourself on a whole new level.


Perhaps you have felt lost for a while. Maybe even your whole life.

The depths which you will dive during your time on this land and in this community and with yourself on this level will change that.

Perhaps you feel like you are an outsider.

And perhaps you are- or maybe you’re just an outsider to yourself. Or maybe you haven ‘t found people who ‘get’ you.

Perhaps you have been waiting for an excuse to face yourself in a big way with love and compassion.

This is the time and place to do it. You will be held, seen, and cherished in your process.

Space will be held for you on a whole new level at this retreat. By facilitators, by land, by Source, by Self, and by community.

If you have been waiting to do the ‘big work’ until you’ve found a safe space, rest assured that your time has come, dear one. It’s here.


This retreat will be held in Southeast Michigan, on 140 acres of sacred forest, fields, and farmlands. There is a private lake, an outdoor shower, elemental-themed cabins, a fire pit, miles of walking paths, a hammock, a meditation mountain, and pure bliss to connect to, to honour, and to help reflect your deepest needs, affirmations, and healing back to you just when you need it the most.

And if you think for a second that the workshops and rituals aren’t going to match that… well, they will. They will be suited to reflect you in every aspect: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; human; as an energetic being with deep emotions and experiences. You are living your story. You have a story to work through, heal, and maybe rewrite. And you have a story to tell.



This experience will begin with arrival at 5pm on Friday the 3rd. The weekend will include 8 workshops and rituals centring around:

  • Cleansing and clearing energy fields (with take-home tools!)

  • Honouring and working with the elements and nature

  • Psychic ethics and energetic boundaries

  • Creating, keeping, and honouring sacred spaces (inside and out)

  • Releasing what no longer serves you

  • Grounding (with take-home exercises!)

  • Discovering passion and purpose

  • Writing to find your voice

  • Meditation (guided and unguided)

  • Sound and energy healing

  • The intersection between the spiritual/energetic/psychic and the physical world

  • Psychic training and tools

Retreat activities will conclude at 3:30pm on Sunday the 5th, and you may then take yourself and your belongings back to the place you call home- or wherever you're off to- all the while integrating all that you have learned, and all that you have received.

If you want to change your outside world, you must first change your inside world.
— Dr. Douglas R. Kelley, PhD
Meditation Hut

The Retreat Center

This entrancing, sacred land could not be more majestic. We will be doing the "big work" amongst 140 acres of old oaks and sweetgrass as the leaves begin to golden and giggle vicious reds and yellows into the skyline. Imagine walks through the fields in the crisp Autumn air- perhaps up to the meditation mount- your face to be warmed by the fire pit in the evening. A small lake sits in the epicentre of it all, helping us to reflect on the land; on nature; on energy; and on ourselves. The lake is swimmable (cold dip, anyone?), and filled with fish that clean you of what no longer serves you. Blue herons, frogs, and all sorts of aviation life grace the lake with their presence, and our ears with wholesome sounds. A treehouse sits above the lake and has a space to sit, look out, journal, and reflect. There are spaces for indoor and outdoor workshops, and the most beautiful, elegant, eco-friendly bathroom system I've ever seen in my life (it's called an Eloo!), as well as regular bathrooms. You also have the option to privately  shower outdoors, because... who wouldn't take that opportunity, really? 

There is no WiFi, so this is your chance to UNPLUG! I don't know about you, but that already has me at a YES PLEASE.

The land's recent story begins with a retired chemistry professor who cherished the land as though it were his wee bab. The man spent 38 years moulding the land as it "spoke" to him, spending time listening to it, melding with it, and nurturing it, daily, until his physical circumstances prevented him from caring for it in the way that he yearned to. In the midst of a desperate search for an organisation to not only take over the land and care for it as he did, but share it and its magic with generations to come, he was able to find a collective community who agreed that it was the perfect place for their healing retreats. In 2007, they took over the land, and have been communing with it, shaping it, and utilising it to host retreats for cancer survivors. They have been teaching the survivors how to continue to heal themselves by working with themselves as individual slices of magic, and with the land in a way that helps them to mutually heal and grow, and in a way that brings spiritual and energetic enlightenment back to the community.

It is such a privilege to be able to work with and on this land. The healing energies that seep from the ground and bubble into being are epic and unexplainable. Each of the three cabins is even themed for the elements (Fire, Air, Water). The dedication and deliberation that has been put forth into cultivating this land into a truly sacred, intentional healing space is beyond anything that I have experienced. I, personally, am honoured to be able to have this land touch me, and I hope that you will join me in having it stir, heal, and transform you, too.


What's Included

  • 2 nights of stay in a cabin or bungalow (worth $200/night!)

  • 6 privately catered, decadent, gluten-free, organic meals (Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Sunday breakfast and lunch) (valued at $120)

  • Snacks, tea, and coffee throughout the weekend, featuring special energy-infused tea blends by Wildcrafter’s Den made just for this retreat! (valued at $15)

  • 8 workshops and rituals as offered only in retreat spaces (valued at $800!)

  • 140 acres of sacred, walkable, meditate-able land (priceless)

  • Pre and post-retreat video chat sessions with Rachel Leah Gerson of Doorway to Self, 30 minutes, each, when choosing that addition (worth $90)

  • Physical and nonphysical tools and goodies to use and integrate into your daily life (valued at $600!)

  • Lifetime relationships with likeminded individuals of all different human forms (worth your life)

Meditation Cave
A beautiful lake
When you take care of the land, the land takes care of you... When you commune with the land, the land communes with you.
— Tom Egan, Retreat Centre Board Member

I’m Ready to Know Myself


Rachel Leah Gerson

Retreat Leader; Metaphysical Practitioner, Psyschic Educator, and Creatrix of Doorway to Self, llc

"I am beyond ecstatic to be hosting this retreat. Epic does not even begin to describe the journey that has been making itself known in dreams, of this weekend to come. I have been attending workshops and retreats since I can remember- both gender-inclusive and single-sexed- and the chance to be able to transform you as an individual, and this world as a whole because of that, is just too good to pass up. 

My trainings include but are not limited to energy work, counselling, creative writing, potion-making, psychic training and education, metaphysics, sound healing, work with elementals, shadow-work, divine feminine/divine masculine workings and balance, and much more. It is an honour to have the opportunity to open my toolbox for you, and let you play around. Let's see if we can figure out exactly which one you need to loosen your hinges, so that you can open your door to your Self."

For my full bio, click here.


Christopher Moxlow

Retreat Co-Leader; Spiritual and Environmental Designer; Energy Grounder and Balancer

“It’s time to balance the outside within!"

"I am a spiritual designer in pursuit of  purpose and meaning through creativity, imagination and ingenuity. As a spiritual designer, one becomes a facilitator and a translator of life who has a responsibility to be a compass towards our future. 

Life itself has it’s ups, and it’s downs, and the travel along the way is where we find our balance- as well as our passion. I believe that life is not just what is on the surface, but what is just beneath it, and how they relate. 

We all ask questions and search for the answers within life, and along the way we find little pieces that connect each area of life together. Finding those pieces fuels our drive. Putting those pieces together holds the knowing and truth as to why we are here, where we are to go, and how we can become integrated and balanced with our environment and each other. 

For me life creates change. How we react to that change provides us an understanding of ourselves, as well as creates an opportunity for all of us as individuals and as a society to find a balance within life and our environment together.”

Christopher Moxlow is an environmental designer, fascinated with the way that our environment changes with our energy, and our energy changes with our environment. With a degree in Environmental Design from ArtCenter College of Design in California, he is entirely focused on how we can work with the physical- how we are the physical- in order to better integrate with ourselves, with each other, and nature.

"It's time to bring the outside, in."


Lisa "in the kitchen" Spampinato

Cuisinier and Sage of Nourishment

"So much of our daily lives revolve around preparing food, sharing meals and enjoying each other's company. It’s how we start our days, solve our problems, share our feelings, and end our days. And for me, it’s always been that way.

Growing up on Long Island, I was exposed to a huge array of ethnically diverse foods – and I learned to love and appreciate them all. We even celebrated multicultural holidays (some years, the Christmas tree and Hanukkah bush were one and the same).

And to me, it’s a gift to share my cooking skills. Delicious and healthful cooking is my calling, second only to being married to my husband, Michael, and being mom of two spectacular sons. I get to give people more time to share with their own families while providing healthy alternatives to dining out… and I’m passing on the love of food."


I'm Ready to Grow Myself


Accommodations & Pricing

Air Cabin6-cropped.jpg

Air Cabin

Early Bird: $395 

After the 10th of September: $455

Sleep amongst the clouds! The Air Cabin was breathed into existence to pay homage to the element of Air, with décor to match: birds, clouds, wind… it will remind you to breathe, connect with your Higher Self, and step lightly on the earth.

This cabin is heated and quaint, featuring four twin-sized beds with themed comforters, gas heating (if necessary), bedside tables, and a screened-in porch.

Air is our female-only featured cabin. This cabin is for gendered and sexed women who would like to be amongst their lady counterparts. Options to room with friends and partners is available upon request, depending on what has already been booked.

Only two spaces remaining! 

*This price is all inclusive of the retreat activities, meals, commodities, and stay.

Fire Cabin4.JPG

Fire Cabin

Early Bird: $395

After the 10th of September: $455

The Fire Cabin was sparked into life to honour the element of Fire, with yellows and oranges, the sun, flames on the insides to pay homage to such… it will help you to rekindle your inner flame, or to stoke your inner fire to create!

This cabin is heated and quaint, featuring four twin-sized beds with themed comforters, gas heating (if necessary), bedside tables, and a screened-in porch.

Fire is our male-only featured cabin. This cabin is for gendered and sexed men who would like to be amongst their male counterparts. Options to room with friends and partners is available upon request, depending on what has already been booked.

Only four spaces available! 

*This price is all inclusive of the retreat activities, meals, commodities, and stay.

Water Cabin4.JPG

Water Cabin

Early Bird: $395

After the 10th of September: $455

Let the waves lull you to sleep! The Water Cabin poured into existence in dedication to the element of Water, with décor to match: Mirrors, water droplets, etc, reminding you to run with the tides, stay fluid, and remain in flow with yourself, with nature, and with life.

This cabin is heated and quaint, featuring four twin-sized beds with themed comforters, gas heating (if necessary), bedside tables, and a screened-in porch.

Water is our gender-neutral featured cabin. This cabin is for humans of all genders and sexes who are happy to share space with... well, humans! Options to room with friends and partners is available upon request, depending on what has already been booked. 

Only four spaces available!  

*This price is all inclusive of the retreat activities, meals, commodities, and stay.



Early Bird: $345

After the 10th of September: $395

Themed for the element of Earth, if you're looking to meld with nature from the comfort of canvas walls of a certified bungalow and a twin-sized bed, this is the tier for you! You will be able to enjoy the company of up to 3 other like-minded people in this fabulous, gender all-inclusive option. Enjoy the surrounding trees and a view of the lake. This tier is perfect for those who like to sleep in cooler temperatures.

Only one space remaining! 

*This price is all inclusive of the retreat activities, meals, commodities, and stay.

Additional Retreat Option for all Accommodation Types


I'm Ready to Unlock my Inner Gold



What's included in the price?

The whole retreat! :D The price includes stay in a cabin or bungalow for 2 nights; free range of the retreat property (over 140 acres!) for 3 days; 6 professionally cooked, organic, gluten-free, energetically-charged meals; snacks, tea, coffee, and water throughout the weekend; 8 workshops or ceremonies; sacred fire; 30 minutes of pre and post retreat debrief via video chat (if this option is chosen and paid for); take home physical, mental, energetic, and communication tools and daily practises; life-long relationships with like-minded individuals; time with nature; access to the retreat Facebook group before and after the retreat; time with yourself. This price does not include the 3% credit card processing fee. You are also responsible for all travel and transportation fees.

Are there payment installment options?

Yes. You will be able to pay the retreat amount in full, or in 1/2. If doing the payment plan, option, the first half of the payment will be required upon registration, and the second half of the payment will be billed 1 month after registration. Additionally, people who elect to do the payment plan will be charged an extra amount of $10 per payment, in addition to credit card processing fees of 3%. You can sign up for the payment plan and book your option by emailing with your preferred place of stay (Air, Water, or Fire cabin, or the Bungalow). A Paypal invoice will be sent to the email address from which the request was received, and once the first half of payment has been placed, your spot will be reserved! :D

Where is the closest airport? Is transportation provided?

The retreat centre is located about 1 hour from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids. It is about 20 minutes to Ann Arbor, 3.5 hours to Traverse City, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Toledo, OH, and an hour from Lansing. Transportation is not provided, and you will be responsible for finding your way to and from the retreat centre. Once registered, you will be invited to the retreat Facebook group where there will be a post about carpooling, and it is possible that you may find someone to carpool with to the retreat. If you are not on Facebook, these details can also be ironed out via email.

Are sleeping spaces heated?

The cabins can be heated. The bungalow- due to its canvas walls- cannot be. Please come prepared with extra layers or a sleeping bag if you are staying in the bungalow and tend to get cold easily.

Will a packing list be provided?

Yes! A packing list will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

How do I find the retreat centre?

An address will be emailed to you 1 week prior to the retreat. The retreat centre is also very easy to find via Google Maps, and there are signs marking the driveway!

Who is leading the retreat?

To find more information about Rachel Leah Gerson, the creatrix of Doorway to Self and hostess of this retreat, please click here. Christopher Moxlow will be co-facilitating this retreat, as well. His bio and picture are listed above!

Can accommodations be made for dietary restrictions?

Yes! Upon registration, you will be asked if you have any dietary needs including but not limited to allergies, vegetarian, and vegan. All food served will be gluten-free and organic.

Are there showers?

There will be one, primitive, outdoor shower available with privacy options.

Is the retreat open to children?

No. While Doorway to Self is excited to work with children, this retreat is only open to humans over the age of 18.

Is this retreat open to women only?

Absolutely NOT! Women are absolutely welcome (please come!), but this retreat is NOT a women’s retreat- it is a humans retreat. People of all sexes and gender-identities are welcome.

Do the cabins have electricity, wifi and running water?

No. This retreat experience is for those who are looking to unplug and connect, completely, with nature. Drinking water will be supplied outside of each cabin throughout the retreat, and there are options to use running water if needed in the main lodge bathrooms and kitchen, as well as in the camp kitchen and outdoor shower. There is also electricity in the camp kitchen and main lodge if needed. There is no Wifi available on the property... get ready to fully UNPLUG!! :D

Can I room with my friend or partner?

Absolutely! Just mention it in the comments section on the registration form, and I will pair you once I receive both of your deposits.

Are the workshops being offered going to be offered as donation-powered to the public in the future?

No. At this point in time, I will only be offering these workshops in retreat settings. However, I do reserve the right to offer the workshops from the retreat to the public, and should I ever decide to do so, I will be offering them for a paid fee of over $50/person per workshop. This ensures that all is fair in your paying for this retreat.

We can’t seem to find anything online about the co-host, Christopher Moxlow… Why not?

Chris is my dearest, bestest friend, and partner. He is very much against social media, and always provides a nice reminder for me to put it down and away. That said, he does not own any social media accounts, save for a Linked-In. This is because Chris believes, in his words, "You can only get the best food in the real world." If you have any questions about Chris, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to answer them for you we’ve been in each other’s lives for over 5 years and know each other pretty much inside-out. I can promise you that he is amazing and will rock your world in the way that you look at yourself, balance, nature, sacred spaces, and spaces in general. He’s not scary, he’s just a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Is your retreat handicap accessible?

Physical handicaps: I am sad to say that while the grounds are wheelchair accessible, the cabins and bungalow require use of a few steps and a normal doorway, and do not have much room for a wheelchair on the inside. Michigan does not provide wheelchair-accessible retreat housing… believe me- I looked. If your physical handicap does not require a wheelchair, know that while the grounds are vast, they are- for the most-part- flat. The walk from the cabin to the main area (bathrooms, workshops, kitchen) may seem far, however, so please keep that in mind.

Auditory handicaps: I am so happy to accommodate you outside of an interpreter! If you book a space for your interpreter, we are set to go and I will be sure to do my best to have all of your needs met!

Visual handicaps: The land is easy to walk, so long as you are not in the woods and are mindful of the lake. Other than that, it should be smooth sailing, and you are more than welcome to come! Should there be anything in writing to read, I, or my partner in retreat facilitation, Chris, will be happy to read it to you!

Mental and Emotional Handicaps: You will be welcomed whole-heartedly! Please come :) Please note, however, that this retreat is not led by mental health professionals, and if you are in need of immediate assistance, it is advised that you have direct contact to your mental health helpers or caretakers if needed.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • All bookings require 1/2 payment (if not paid in full) at the time of booking in order to hold your space.
  • Should a cancellation be made before 10 September, you will not be responsible for the remainder of payment, though note that your deposit will not be refunded.
  • Should a cancellation be made within one month of the retreat (after 10 September), you will be asked to pay the amount, in full, required to reserve your space, unless someone else is able to fill your spot, in which case you will not be required to make payments and you will be refunded up to the point of your initial deposit.
  • Should you fail to appear at the retreat, or if you are able to only make part of the retreat, full payment will be required and no refunds will be available. You will also not be able to put the amount toward another retreat.
  • Should there be a need to cancel the event itself, if you have provided payment you will be given the option for a full refund, or for the provided payment to be put towards a future D2S event, private session, or retreat.
  • Please note that Doorway to Self, LLC, is not responsible for the replacement of or payment of any damages to yourself or your property.
  • Additionally, this retreat has a strict no drugs and alcohol policy. Should you be found imbibing or intoxicated whilst on the premises, you will be asked to leave, and you will not be refunded. The same is to be said of inappropriate behaviours such as bullying, sexual assault, vandalism, and intentional psychic abuse. Should vandalism of any type occur, you will also be held responsible for the payment of the damages.

I am ready to sign up!