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My Total Solar Eclipse Experience, Part II

I was starting to smile more and more as we set up camp. "What?" Chris asked. "You don't even understand what you did, just now, finding that honeysuckle," I looked at him with grateful eyes. "What? What do you mean?" At that moment I felt the urgency hit me- I really needed to pee. "I'll tell you as soon as I get back from the bathroom." 

The bathroom was a couple minute walk away, and again I felt my eyes roll as I was thinking about how stupid it was to be camping and not be allowed to pee in the woods, and then the image of the honeysuckle buzzed into my mind. Rachel. I thought to myself. Get a hold of yourself. All of this is happening for a reason. You are human, and it's okay if you allow yourself to get frustrated and feel anger and fear and disappointment for a while, but it's not okay to get stuck in it. You've had your moment. You've gotten the sign to help dig you back up and out. Now use it, and move on. Look for the actual reason: Why are you really here? …

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My Total Solar Eclipse Experience, Part I

It was Thursday evening of last week that I went out for a walk through my favourite wooded trail in Grand Rapids. I was going at a pretty nice clip but having to keep an eye on the ground at the path, as there was a lot of overgrowth that I was needed to wade through. I suddenly felt the need to stop and look up- something was calling for my attention. I turned next to me, and there was the most beautiful honeysuckle plant. I thanked it for its beauty and for helping me to stop and appreciate it, and then I kept walking forward, but the feeling didn't stop.

I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around, again, and walked back to the bush. I clearly heard it say, "Take this. It is my gift to you," and my eye went straight to one of the flowers. I was so grateful. I picked it and thanked the plant and was about to go on my way, again, when it said, "No, you get one more," so I picked the next one it brought my eye to, thanked the plant one last time, and went on my way. As I was walking I got the clear feeling that I needed to make a flower essence with it, and the eclipse was only a few days away- it was perfect. I wasn't sure how I would go about making a lot of it with only two flowers, but I knew it would work itself out- I would bring them with me in a jar on the ride to Kentucky…

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