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Sacred Tattoo

I was already on Jordan Lee Rookus’s table in Sacred Expressions on Wealthy when he said, “It’s just amazing how much I love the work I do. Art just has this way of being everything for me, like I can use it to give other people an experience, but there’s also so much spiritual transformation in it for me, too, you know?”

“I absolutely do,” I replied.

My eyes were closed as Jordan held my ear in his hand, cradling it as though it were especially precious to him, and drew the constellation of Scorpio around the rim….

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Gift Culture: The Gift That Gives Back

I was strolling around the farmer’s market in Burlington, Vermont, the other day with a few friends. We were walking through when we passed a stand that sold crocheted canvases that were absolutely spectacular- all sort of colours and flowers and clocks in fine-tuned detail….

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