September Energy 2019: Implementing Change


The General Energy of September

September’s energy holds that of three important things: 1) being pushed to our limits; 2) using that push to ignite the fire for us to speak up, share the story we have always been afraid to share, say no, begin the projects that we have been talking ourselves down from staring, implement new boundaries with others and with ourselves, and let go of what is no longer serving us- or, a more important reframe, what is holding us back; 3) creating the change we’ve been needing and wanting to see.

Additionally, there is a large focus this month on getting things done, paying attention to your own health patterns, understanding divine masculine and divine feminine energies, and finding the balance where flow lives within structure.

Review of August’s Energy

Last month’s theme was that of bringing the spiritual into physical alignment. In the month of August, we had black moon energy either from July or August (depending on where you live) which was helping us to reground, take breaths, let go, and start anew. We also had the energy of Mercury and Jupiter going direct, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron retrograde (which all still are… more on that, later), and Uranus turning retrograde in the middle of the month in its new sign of Taurus.

September Numerology

September is the 9th month of the year, giving it the numerological vibration of the number 9.

The Nine Month

Nine is all about endings. It’s about closure, wrapping things up, tying off loose ends, saying goodbyes, and letting go. It is also about setting new boundaries, finishing projects that you have started, or launching projects that you have been sitting on.

Additionally, it is about being pushed to the edge, finding your tipping point, and acting upon that. In other words, if someone else is doing something that outrages you and you have been silent, it is about finally finding your voice to speak up about it. This is going to be especially potent this September, as numerologically we are in a 3 year, which is all about speaking up, finding your voice, and creating change.

Additionally, if you have a habit that is not serving you, it is about finally finding the energy to make the change, which goes right along with some of the astrological energies we’ll be talking about later, especially in terms of Uranus retrograde in Taurus.

The Portal Day

This month’s portal day is on the 9th, making it the 9-9 portal. This is going to be a supercharged day for saying, “NO”, for speaking up to put an end to things, for sharing the story you have always wanted to be heard but have been too scared to speak up and share, for implementing new boundaries, and for standing in your courage to be able to let go where it feels hardest.


September Astrology

This month is about staying the course, though there is one big shift and two huge alignments that might just knock your socks off.

The Planets

During the beginning of the month of September, we will still have four planets and a major asteroid in retrograde: Pluto deals with shadow work, Saturn helps us to face ourselves and learn lessons, Neptune helps us see beyond illusion and get in-touch with our psychic senses, Uranus deals with transformation and travel, and Chiron calls upon the “wounded healer” within) in retrograde.

However, that number will change to three planets in retrograde (and one asteroid) on 18 September when Saturn goes direct. 

This is huge. Saturn has been slowed down since April, and I have noticed a shift within many of my clients, friends, partner, family, and- yes- definitely within myself, as we have individually and collectively turned inwards to work on the shadows that this planet in retrograde motion have illuminated. 

It is important to remember- just as we had to last month when Mercury turned direct- that the planets don’t just change on a dime; there is a period of time when the energy is shifting back to direct.

So, with Saturn, as it turns back to direct motion, it is highly possible that all of the shadows that we have been facing these last 5 months will come back up very briefly, just so that we can make sure that we truly dug into them as deeply as possible, and to make sure that we have learned the lessons that surround them. Deep fears may come up, as well, but know that you have the ability to become strong and resilient in the face of them. 

We are also still close to the beginning of Uranus newly in retrograde, so many of the fears and lessons that may be coming up for you with Saturn going retrograde may surround the themes of Uranus retrograde in the sign of Taurus, pushing us to take a new look at our living situations, our diets, our relationships to sex and masturbation, our exercise patterns, our financial responsibilities and how we handle those, and more.

The Big Virgo Influence

A SINCERELY important influence is happening at the beginning of the month, and that is the Virgo stellium. I normally don’t get too big into the details of astrology, but this aspect is superbly influential and I am eating it up. A stellium is when three or more planets align in the same sign. 

As of 29 August, Mercury (the planet of communication and technology), Venus (the planet of love, passion, sexuality, finance, purpose, and the divine feminine energies), Mars (the planet of war, change, wildness, energy, and the divine masculine energies), the Sun (our inner warmth, personality, congeniality, and the divine masculine energies), and the Moon (emotions, psychic abilities, serendipitous connection and experiences, and the divine feminine energies) are ALL aligned in the constellation of Virgo.

What does this mean?

It means that the energies of the divine masculine and divine feminine around the planet, in our society, and in our individual selves are being called to communicate, and to create an action plan that enables them to balance out within each of us.

Both of these energies- the divine masculine essentially holding the energy of being mechanical and methodical while also being strong and wild, and the divine feminine essentially holding the energy of being intuitive with the ability to ebb and flow- live within each and every one of us, regardless of your sex or gender identity.

The time is coming- no, the time is now- to acknowledge that both of these energies live within each of us, to see them in ourselves, to see them reflected in the eyes of others, and to understand where they dwell within our bodies.

And are we actually portraying and living out these energies positively? Or are we tapping more into the toxic masculine- greedy, controlling, and violent- or the toxic feminine- passive, people-pleasing, self-destructive? I could probably write an entire six articles on this subject, so I will leave it all at that. But what I do want to let you know is that this alignment is like a beautiful arrow that is perfectly shooting down all of this energy to the earth to be able to help us to write an agenda that allows us to help these energies align within all of us.

Additionally, we are still in “Virgo season”- meaning that the sun is in the sign of Virgo- throughout the month until the 23rd. So although Venus and Mercury will be leaving the sign on the 14th (the same day as the full moon) and moving into Libra, we will still very much have the Virgo energy to carry the energy of this download through to that point.

I do want to point out that just the sign of Virgo- at least the way I see her- is the perfect representation of balanced divine masculine and divine feminine energies. She is intuitive, strong, bold, and soft, and yet also extremely goal-oriented and great at implementing plans and ideas. There is a reason that all of these downloads are being gifted to us through her modem.

The Big Libra Influence

After the influx of all of the Virgo energy at the beginning of the month (as described above), Libra will swoop in to scoop up Mercury, Venus, the sun, and eventually the new moon into its star-filled arms.

After all of this amazing energy that we will be receiving from the Virgo stellium, it is important for us to be guided through integrating that balance. And guess what? Of course, the universe is helping us to do exactly that! Libra is the sign of balance. It is in charge of being able to see the situation from above- in the air- where Virgo is an earth sign. So we go from being in the situation of change, to being able to look at the situation from the outside in order to understand and integrate the change. 

The Autumnal Equinox

Adding to that balance energy- naturally- is the autumnal equinox. Equinox is Latin meaning, “equal night”, which describes this day, perfectly: It is one of two times during the year- the other to occur in March- when there are exactly equal parts day and night. Masculine and feminine. Light and dark. Stars (and maybe moon) and sun. And, as it is the beginning of the season of autumn when life begins to die, life and death.

This is the perfect time to kill off what is not serving us, or to help make dormant what we need to work on internally as we move through this quieter season. Which, of course, once again goes hand-in-hand with our 9 numerological energy this month.

Though as humans we are active beings throughout the year, there are certain ways in which our self-work can allow us a sort of hibernation. Take this time to go within, and to ask yourself how you truly feel about the themes coming up this month- divine and toxic masculine and divine and toxic feminine, balance, strength, boundary-setting, saying no, speaking your truth, changing your lifestyle, looking at your habits of health/self-care versus self-destruction, etc.- that are making themselves known and asking to consciously be integrated in your being. See what shadows come up to be acknowledged. You might be surprised.

The Full Moon in Pisces

The full moon on the 14th will help us to sink into our emotions, and sync to our intuitions. The watery sign of Pisces will help us to integrate all of the information that we are receiving, to feel into them, and to allow the downloads to ebb and flow into our consciousness, and, therefore, into our being.

It will also help us to better discern what actually is harmful to us in our lives that we may need to let go of or change. This is a great energy to utilise for meditation. Additionally, this full moon will be in the same sign where our dear Neptune is retrograde. Soooo, yes- expect more lessons to come your way, especially in the face of psychic abilities, ethics, and experiences; illusions and masks; the truth versus lies or manipulations; the dream world, and more. Just listen to your gut, my dear, and you will be just fine.

The New Moon in Libra

Yes, yes, more balance is brought to the picture. I honestly don’t know if there is such thing as too much balance. (Of course, now that I’ve typed that, a lesson will come to show me up.)

Anyways, this month’s new moon is enforcing the balance that has already been instilled, at this point, through the Venus, Mercury, and sun transit into Libra, as well as the Autumnal Equinox, and all of the cool masculine-feminine balancing happening through the planets in Virgo earlier on in the month.

This new moon will help you to have fresh eyes to be able to appreciate what has newly become balanced in your life. You are nearing the end of ending things, as this new moon falls at the end of the month on the 28th. This new moon is like a nice way to empty your lungs in gratitude and acknowledgement before breathing in fresh air to take your next steps. 

In Closing

The month of September is about putting things to an end that are not serving you in order to begin to implement new things in your life that will serve you.

The planets, the stars, the sun, the moon, and the number nine are all working together to help you to truly see what is working for you, what is unnecessary, what is harming you, and what fears are holding you back in order to help you to change those patterns, and bring about new ones that are healthier for you.

They are also helping to specifically end old patterns- both individually and societally- surrounding the infiltration of toxic masculinity and toxic femininity within our systems, our teachings, our patterning, and our actions, and to help us to begin to understand the balance and integration of divine masculinity and divine femininity, and, well, balance in general.

How to Best Support Yourself This Month

-Listen to your gut

-Be mindful of when you are shutting yourself down from your greatness 

-Listen to your body

-Journal on what divine femininity means to you, versus toxic femininity

-Journal on what divine masculinity means to you, versus toxic masculinity

-Do a movement practise that helps to integrate divine feminine and divine masculine energies into your body and your being

-Begin projects that you have been procrastinating on, or that you have been too scared to put out into the world

-Have conversations with your partner (if you are in a relationship) about what each of your roles in the relationship are, and how you might be able to more fully allow each other to come to the table

-Meditate on what you need to “hibernate” with this season

-Let go of people, habits, nostalgias, etc. that are hindering or hurting you

-Set new goals

-Set new boundaries, or stick to old ones more strongly

-Speak up where you are feeling passionate, especially where you have been pushed to your limit of toleration 

About the Author

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. A graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.

You can find more of Gerson’s work and more from Doorway to Self on Instagram @doorwaytoself and @rachel.leah.gerson, on YouTube, and on Facebook “Doorway to Self”.

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