Full Moon in Sagittarius: Transmuting and Transmitting Truth

Photo by Paul S. Barlow

Photo by Paul S. Barlow

This month’s full moon falls in the fire sign of Sagittarius on Monday the 17th of June. While Sagittarius is usually social and fiery and free, we have to remember the intensity and transformation that we are each currently enduring.

As a refresher, we have three planets that are in retrograde right now: Saturn governs our fears and our lessons, Pluto walks us through our personal “underworlds- our shadows, and Jupiter helps us to take a look at our money values, career paths, and where leadership may be just or corrupt in our lives. 

i.e.: These are NOT small things!

Many of us are, as a result, beginning to take a harsher look at the world around us, how we fit into it, and, more so, how it accommodates us!... because that is the theme of this numerological three year: How do we transition into ourselves more deeply by assessing and communicating our wants, needs, histories, and desires to transform. So many of my clients and workshop attendees have been calling 2019 the year of “me”, and talking about how this is their year to focus on themselves and their own growth.

So here we are- focusing on our own growth. And in order to focus on growth, we need to focus on what is not working in order to see where change needs to be made. 

And this is where this month’s full moon comes in: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transmuted and transformed. This is a basic law of physics- gee, I do love when humans find science to explain magic! Sagittarius is a fire sign. Fire is said to be the ultimate alchemical element, as things go into fire and come out in a completely different form. That is what this full moon is about: What are you needing to transmute? Shift? Change? Mutate? Transform?

What fire do you need to bring into your voice to ravish the world with your presence? To speak your truth? To be bold in who you are and what you stand for?

Oh, but my dear- it gets better. You see, those three planets I mentioned that are in retrograde? A fourth is about to join them, and you have likely already been feeling its effects for the last couple of weeks.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, psychic experiences, fantasies, and illusions. When in retrograde, we are made to look at three things, specifically: 1) How is logic getting in my way of experiencing the magic in everyday life? 2) How have I been escaping present energetic and physical reality by overindulging in fantasy or in energetic realms? 3) What illusions have been keeping me from seeing the truths that I have not wanted to or have not be able to see.  

What happens when Neptune goes retrograde is that we are asked to balance out the psychic and the physical, to make sure that we are being true to our deepest passions, dreams, desires, and purpose, and to understand where others (or even ourselves) are currently deceiving us.

So as soon as that planet hit slow motion in its shade phase (what happens before the retrograde), it is likely that the masks started to be lifted on any illusions that were before you.

…which will only make you want to take back your power.

The fire in this gorgeous full moon will set you free to do so. Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer, so you can take that energy and use it to find your target. Who are you, and what do you need to do to hit that bull’s eye. Hunt down those untruths and demand that they unmask themselves before the fire. The truths will appear, my dear. 

The archer that symbolises Sag is also a centaur- half man, half horse, symbolising the connection between the earthly plane and other dimensions (Heaven/Source/Universe/Jannah/insert-your-personal-beliefs-here-word). Physical Self and energy Self. Ego Self and Higher Self. This connection is crucial to that transformation: You must connect with every part of yourself and still stay connected to universal energy in order to bring your most powerful Self forward, speak your truth, and transmute what is not serving you into something that will.

I have full faith in you. Your story is important. Your energy is necessary to our planet and our humanity. Take this time to take care. To heed your call. To see the truth with fire in your eyes, to let it shine out to the world, and to drape your shoulders in its gold for all to see.

About the Author

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. A graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”. You can learn about her current offerings, here.


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