October Energy 2019: Climbing the Ladder to Inward Consciousness

Image by George Hiles

Image by George Hiles

The General Energy of October

When a tree dies, mushrooms grow in its rotted trunk. From death and decay comes new life- new life that would not otherwise exist except for from that death.

Last month we spent so much time and energy letting go to be able to move forward, and this month is about learning what we can grow in the rotted tree trunks that we have suddenly found ourselves surrounded by, and also how all of the letting go was necessary in the sequence of steps to make room for the abundance to come. It could be mushrooms. It could be moss. It could be other wee plants or homes for squirrels and owls.

So what do we do with this? This month is about two things: 1) Honouring the sacred process of grieving, whilst also allowing for new growth to flow through. It is about honouring the cycle of life through honouring the little deaths that have come from letting go. From setting boundaries. From moving on. From shedding old skins. From tying off loose ends. AND THEN, 2) It is about taking the lessons that we have learned from those things, and building off of them to find- and better understand- our next steps forward.

For example, when we say goodbye to someone because they are disrespecting our boundaries, we allow new room for another person who respects us to come into our lives. There are so many mixed emotions that can come with this. We feel sad for having to cut the first person out, but so joyous to receive the new friend. We feel angry that the old friend pushed us to the point of forcing us to let them go, but so hopeful to see what the future can bring with this new person.

And in the midst of all of that, we have learned: 1) I will never allow someone like the latter person into my circle again; 2) How to set boundaries; 3) How to stick to those boundaries; 4) How all of those things feel emotionally and in your body; 5) How to manifest people in your life who are a good fit for you. We needed all of those steps in order to move forward in the most conscious and aware way to continue making intentional decisions in our lives that are best for us.

It is okay to feel many conflicting emotions at the same time. That is part of the complexity of being human.

Adding to all of this, there is a very strong, beautiful, and intense ancestral energy that is going to be permeating this month. This will be made apparent through many- if not all- possible facets:

  1. Your actual ancestors will begin to come up more than usual. For instance, you may find that your grandmother who died years ago seems to be coming up in conversation, or you are finding random things of hers lying around the house.

  2. The land(s) of your ancestors might be reaching out to you, whether through an actual visit there, or through dreams, or through conversation, or through conservational efforts. When I speak of the lands of your ancestors, I am speaking to the parts of the earth that your ancestors from generations past have been tied to. For instance, if your great great great grandfather immigrated from Turkey, you may be finding yourself feeling pulled back there, or maybe even feeling empty- like a part of you is missing since you are disconnected, physically, from that land. If you are a “mut”- like most of us are, nowadays- you might be feeling pulled to only one, or even all of the lands of your ancestors. So your maternal great great great grandfather is from Turkey and you’re feeling that pull there, but your paternal great great great great grandfather was taken from Angola and you are having dreams of the smell of the ocean, and how it smells different over there than anywhere else… even if you have never been there, before. And then maybe your maternal great grandmother came from the Republic of Ireland, and so you are also finding that the moss surrounding you is much more vibrant than usual. In any case, the point is that you will find the earth of your ancestors calling to you deeply, strongly, intensely, and possibly even painfully… you may feel her pain, or a pain of nostalgia from not touching that place on the earth.

  3. YOU will show up as your own ancestor. If you have ever worked with me personally, chances are that I have brought this concept up in session or workshop. You are your own ancestor, and it works both ways: You- at your current age- is older than your childhood self. So you might be 32 years older than your 3-year-old self, making your current self your childhood self’s ancestor. However, your 3-year-old self is also technically your 32 x’s great grandmother or grandfather of your current self, as she existed that long ago, and then died when your 4-year-old self was born, just like your 4-year-old self died when your 5-year-old self was born, and the list goes on. The point is, this month you will likely be given the opportunity to hold and love and nourish your inner child as her/his/their elder, and, your inner child will also likely come to nag you as your ancestor to instil in you the wisdom that you had as a child- the full inner knowing of you are that you had as a child and perhaps lost along the way- back into your wounded adult ears.

  4. The earth as our ancestor has already been speaking up. She will continue to. Listen to her.

Review of Last Month’s Energy

September was about understanding that we are all pieces of a puzzle, and that one when piece shifts and changes, so too do the pieces around it need to shift shape in order for the larger picture to be put together.

Last month, you have likely understood that you are a piece of that puzzle, and  that your shifting and changing is ever important to the greater whole. It was because of these notions that you began to implement the change that you were seeking to make.

The huge dynamic in the skies also allowed for extreme actualisation and growth in the area of balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within ourselves and the world around us, bringing room for us to be able to be regimented and intuitive at the same time, and therefore allowing us to put our passionate ideas into solid practises, plans, or physicalities. Additionally, there was so much letting go happening between last month’s 9 numerological energies and Saturn turning direct.


October Numerology

October is the 10th month of the year, giving it the numerological vibration of the numbers 1, 0, and 10.


The number 1 is the number of the magician. It is known as this because it brings with it the ability to see the mundane as magical, to find new beginnings all around us, and to see the world through curious eyes with pure wonderment. It gives us the ability to transmute energies within us and around us to better serve our highest good.

For example, if we are sensing that someone else is in a bad mood, and we are internalising that as our fault or directed towards us etc., it allows us to tap into all of our bruised-ego beliefs to acknowledge them, and then use that knowledge to alchemise our own energy within to help transform the energy without. It is about taking control of our own shadows- becoming brutally self-aware- so that we can then become a mirror for others to be able to acknowledge their own.


The number 0 symbolises neutrality. It is the world in which nothing and everything lives at the same time. Because the number 0 is everything and nothing all at once, it also symbolises freedom from limitations, and a closeness with all that is the universe.


The number 10 holds the energy of “the next step”. It is about having completed one cycle within a certain lesson, and then building off of that knowledge to begin the next step in the process.

Let’s say, for example, that you have been working for the last nine months to understand what triggers you to feel vulnerable. You have understood that every time you say yes to activities that feel inauthentic to you is when you feel vulnerable. Now, having that knowledge, you are ready to take the next step: Understanding where this pattern came from. So now is when you take the steps to look into your childhood, to understand your parents or guardians or teachers or other adults that you were around a lot at a young age to glean how they might have influenced this need to people-please.

Another example would be simpler: You are learning how to knit. You have learned the basic process, and because of that knowledge you are now being given the energy to learn more advanced techniques.

Ten also symbolises the ability to grow closer to the secrets of the universe through gaining self-knowledge by uncovering your own secrets.

Portal Days

1 October: 1/10 (or 10/1)

This 101 energy (or 110 energy, depending on whether you write dates European or American) works to help integrate us into the beginning stages of our “new beginning”. It is the first day of this 10 month, and it helps to push us up that first next step in our proverbial staircase of life lessons.

Use this day to face your next step. Understand where you have been and what you have learned, and then how to use that knowledge moving forward to be able to climb higher in your understanding of Self, your understanding of others and the world around you, and your understanding of how you would like to incorporate change within this process.

Additionally, this portal day holds the vibrations of 2 (that is what it adds up to) for balance, as well as 0 (see above), and the number 11, which is the master number symbolising doorways. 11 is the number of connection to your higher self, to other’s higher selves, to the spirit world, and overall connection, in general.

10 October: 10/10

This 1010 energy helps us to begin to integrate this new process that the numerology of 10 is bringing us this month. This energy reaks strongly both of completion and of new beginnings. It is the point in time where everything and nothing exists, where we can find wonderment in all that we have learned, where we can grow closer to self-actualisation and universal consciousness, and where we can use that closeness to begin to transform what is not serving us into actions and thought-patterns that will. Use today to sit in divine contemplation: know thyself to grow thyself.

11 October: 11/10 (or 10/11)

This 1110 or 1011 energy helps us to be able to access our higher selves, to level out with universal energies, and to gain perspective. Specifically, this energy helps us to gain perspective on: 1) Who we are and how we can continue down our life path; 2) How we fit into the bigger pieces of the universal puzzle that is consistently constructing itself; 3) How things are connected; 4) The significance of our personal problems, and how accepting their importance can help to heal the even bigger problems going on in the world around us; 5) Where we are actually AT in the scheme of things.


October Astrology

This month is about staying the course, though there is one big shift that might just knock your socks off.

The Planets

Over the summer, we came to a point in our lives where 5 planets and the asteroid Chiron were all retrograde. During August, Jupiter turned direct, and last month brought us Saturn direct. Things are starting to turn forward, as on the third of this month, Pluto will be turning direct, as well. But don’t think we’re getting off easy- Mercury is turning retrograde on the last day of the month to make sure that all of the last of these Pluto retrograde shadows are communicated about and dealt with, swiftly. 

Pluto Direct

Pluto is the planet that governs shadow work, inner child wounding, diving into “Self”, and finding the direct core of who you are. Yeah… deep stuff. I know. This month may feel intense for that reason, but I must tell you (and perhaps my Pluto-ruled Scorpio self is biased) that this is one of my all-time favourite energies to strike our planet. Why? Because it infuses us with the ability to truly see ourselves, and gives us the opportunity to be able to find a deep, unconditional, and profound opportunity to become in awe of ourselves, even if we need to swim through thick mud to do it.

Mercury Retrograde

Hopefully by now this is an energy you have learned to slow down with, rather than to be afraid of. We will begin to feel the energy of Mercury retrograde during the last week of the month right before it turns on the 31st, and it will be retrograde until 20 November. This will happen in the sign of Scorpio, which is fitting to the fact that we will, indeed, be in the midst of Scorpio season (more on that, later). Know that if people- or you- are a bit sharper-tongued when you communicate, that is why.

This Mercury retrograde will work in favour of those who are doing- and who have been doing- their Pluto retrograde work. However, if someone is very much in denial of their shadows around anger, trauma, emotional instability, becoming manipulative, control issues, etc., (aka they did not do the homework Pluto gave them) they might be more likely to experience the effects of this Mercury retrograde cycle, especially via hurtful or snippy conversations or arguments.

The Libra-Scorpio Influence

This month will open still very much in the beginning of Libra season (aka the sun is in the sign of Libra), with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all in the sign of Libra. Libra is the air sign of balance and extremes, of lessons and judgment, of looking at situations from the inside out and the outside in. On the third Mercury will move, on the 8th Venus will move, and on the 23rd the sun will move, and they will all be moving into the water sign of Scorpio.

When the sun moves, it will officially be Scorpio season. Of course, we also cannot ignore the fact that Pluto- who is turning direct on the 3rd- is the planet that rules Scorpio- and that the same day it turns direct, Mercury- who will be turning retrograde later in the month in the sign of Scorpio- is entering the sign of Scorpio. This is important because it only reinforces the fact that this Mercury retrograde cycle will be greatly connected to the Pluto direct motion and all of the lessons that come with that.

Scorpio is known as the sign that rules all things “dark” and “taboo”, but this is really merely because it sees to the “depths”. Scorpio does not like to pussy-foot around. It likes to dive deep into dark waters. Into the unknown or the unconscious. It likes to come back up to the surface with shadows in its hands to be witnessed, illuminated, and never ignored. The energy of this season will help you to do all of the “facing yourself” and the mourning and celebrating things that we have been talking about.

All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is neither merely a colloquial American holiday, nor is it merely an ancient Celtic and Mayan holiday, though it is indeed both of those things. It is also, my friends, a very important calendar marker, as it is the exact moment in-between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. This is an energy marker for when the depth of fall and decay are coming. The leaves are falling- or have fallen- off the branches. Certain animals are going into hibernation.

This is also the time when we, as humans, can begin to take the time to go within more deeply; to hibernate, if you will. It is also- as per the traditions mentioned above- a wonderful time to honour our ancestors who have passed on, as we are in this in-between when life is meeting death, allowing we who are living to do the same with our predecessors and loved ones who no longer are. The “veil” between the living and dead is thin, my dears. You can use this to access your psychic senses more fully, as well. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, this is the marker directly between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, and is a reminder to come alive, create, and make merry.

The Full Moon in Aries

And the shit. Stops. Here. You are going to take no more of it, and you are going to branch out and do your own thing. This month’s full moon has the firey energy of Aries, propelling us to be creative and start new projects.

The fun part about this new moon is that as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries correlates with the numerology of the number 1, which- as I spoke to above- ways heavily into this month’s energy. This full moon on the 13th is going to add an extra punch into helping us to launch into this new step of living. This is a great time to journal, start new projects, network, bounce ideas off of people, and to pave your own way. All of those things that you have a passion for that you have been wanting to do but that people have been telling you that you can’t? Now is the time, my friend. Now is the time to say, “Screw what you say- I’m doing me, and I’m doing it like a warrior.”

The New Moon in Scorpio

This month’s new moon falls late into the evening on the 27th for those of us to the west of the Atlantic, and for those to the east it falls on the 28th. Especially with the energy of Pluto in limbo as it begins its course in direct motion once again, we will be compelled to dive deep within ourselves. This new moon will ask us to be quiet and introspective, maybe making some time to crawl out into the woods for a weekend away or spend a wee more time in the bathtub than we otherwise would as we sink into the water and into ourselves.

Be aware, during this new moon: are you wallowing in self-pity, or self-compassion? Are you holding space for yourself to awaken to all that you are without judgement, or are you beating yourself up for all of your perceived faults? Remember that we all have our imperfections- that is what makes us human. This new moon is about utilising the energy to be able to hold yourself in love, understanding, and unconditional self-acceptance to better know yourself, and therefore have the tools to expand yourself.


In Closing

The month of October is about using the knowledge of all that you have lost and all that you have gained from your losses to find the next steps on your pathway. It is about building upon the foundations on which you have already built. It is about using what you know to propel you into new, more developed, more complex knowings. It is about having new eyes to see what is ahead with all of the information you have gathered up to this point, but it is also about acknowledging and honouring the past. It is about journeying deeply within, and beginning the autumnal hibernation cycles. It is about death just as much as it is about the life that comes from death. It is about holding yourself in praise and compassion as you acknowledge all that you have been through, and all of the strength that you have to keep moving forward in complete- although perhaps be it “radical”- self-acceptance. It is about honouring all that has been- honouring the ancestors within us and in the ground among us, and thanking them for all of the gifts of wisdom that they have bestowed upon you. It is about taking those wisdoms, and moving up the staircase.

How to Best Support Yourself This Month

-Honour yourself as your own ancestor

-Do some inner child healing work

-Allow yourself to grieve

-Honour your familial ancestry

-Sit with the earth and offer healing

-Notice the things that grow in decay

-Begin to plant life where you have torn old things away

-Sit in wonderment

-Be curious

-Acknowledge the divine energies within you

-Pay attention to all of the knowledge that you have gained in the last 9 months or even throughout your lifetime, and begin to research where this knowledge of Self might be guiding you to learn even more

About the Author

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. A graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.

You can find more of Gerson’s work and more from Doorway to Self on Instagram @doorwaytoself and @rachel.leah.gerson, on YouTube, and on Facebook “Doorway to Self”.

If you are interested in helping to support the mission of free psychic education, visit donorbox.org/doorwaytoself.


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