Planetary Shifts: Slow Down, Speak Up, Listen Inwards, and Get Comfy


And thus, the shifts of 2019 have officially begun: 

The planet of travel, adventure, huge societal change, technological advancement, rebellion, and our inner "crazy", Uranus, only moves signs every 6-8 years, and it is moving into the sign of Taurus next week! This is HUGE in terms of both our inter AND intrapersonal relations for the next 3/4's of a decade.

This shift is happening only 2 weeks after Chiron- the asteroid that rules our inner "wounded healer"- has moved signs, and within days of numerological portal day 3-3-3, the day after Mercury's first retrograde cycle of 2019 in the sign of Pisces, and the day of the new moon in Pisces! 

All of these shifts are happening at the same time for a reason: It is time to hunker down, sink into our intuitions, our voices, and our truths, and cement them into the earth to become manifest. 

So let’s chat about it.


Chiron is not talked about much in modern astrology, but it is one of the most underlying factors of our energetically configured night sky. Chiron is an asteroid, and it rules our inner “wounded healer”. What this means is that Chiron rules all of our shadows that come with the pained weight of the world on our shoulders. It illuminates how we feel when we cannot help someone, when we are disturbed by destructions that are happening globally on a regular basis that we feel helpless for, how we might make other’s process and problems our responsibility, and our frustrations when we can’t seem to help ourselves.

Chiron is always around- it doesn’t just disappear. This aspect of ourselves is something that always has room to be illuminated. What it does do, however, is shift into a different sign every 8 or so years so that we can begin to gain different perspective on these wounds.

The asteroid has been occupying the ethereal, world-healing, compassionate water-sign of Pisces since 2011, where we have been able to have the time and space to be honest with ourselves and begin to take the steps toward healing and change that we had otherwise most been denying ourselves beforehand. Pisces has lent the energy of slow and steady healing patterns, where we have been given the opportunity to sink into ourselves and our wounds and take the time to salt and soak them.

As it moved into Aries on the 19th of February (which also happened to be the same day as the full supermoon in Virgo), it has brought with it a sudden lack of tolerance. Perhaps you have been feeling this shift coming for a while, now. Planets and asteroids and the sun and moon don’t just suddenly switch signs because it is a certain solar date on our earthen plane; they take time to move and get there, people often tend to disregard that in-between time. 

Aries takes no crap. This fire sign at the beginning of the zodiac is done with the salting and cleaning of the wounds, and is ready to just cauterise it and be done with it. So for the next 8 years or so, we can expect to be approaching our inner wounded healer in this sense:

Once we recognise the wound, it has become acknowledged, and then it is time to either do something about it, or get over it. That is what this ram is bringing to the platter at this time. 

As is the theme of this year, Aries is also associated with creation and communication. Chiron in Aries is also the beginning of a cycle where we stop ruminating on what is “wrong” or “hurting”, and, instead, swiftly and loudly call it out. This means calling out both ourselves and others on our frank BS.



As I mentioned in the Chiron section, planets do not just suddenly switch signs. The same rule applies to retrograde stations: Planets do not just suddenly move retrograde. It takes time for them to shift. For retrograde phases, there is something that happens that I have written about before called the “shade”. In terms of this Mercury retrograde cycle to come, its “shade” phase is particularly important.

The same day that Chiron officially moved into the sign of Aries and started to make us think differently about our healing experiences, Mercury began its shade phase in the same sign that Chiron is moving out of: Pisces.

This is really beautiful and miraculous energy, as Universe is essentially giving us time to ease into this new approach to our healing, and it is also forcing us to remember how we were communicating and interacting with each other during this Chiron in Pisces cycle. Mercury will be both direct and retrograde in the sign of Pisces for the next two months, donating this watery, slow, intuitive, illustrious societal healing energy to our communications during that time. 

Mercury officially turns retrograde on 5 March, and will stay so until the 28th of the month. This is also important, as March is the 3rd month of the year, denoting a numerological 3 energy, which is the energy of communication, transformation, and creativity, and is also the numerological vibration of 2019 in whole. This is supreme, as Mercury is the planet of communication, and Pisces is the sign of psychic transmission.

So during this super high-vibrationally communicative month (3 month in 3 year), we are asked to slow down our talking just for the sake of talking, and to go within and psychically (specifically intuitively) understand what it is that we are truly needing to say- what truths we are needing to speak to the world- and allowing ourselves the time, space, and right people to be able to communicate those truths to; to start real conversation.

All of our Mercury retrograde cycles this year (all of our slowing down and observing of conscious communication) occur during water signs this year. 2019 is really asking us to start communicating on a psychic level more than ever before.


3-3-3 Portal

3 March 2019 is a 3-3-3 portal day. This is because it is the 3rd day of a 3 month during a 3 year (2+0+1+9= 3). This day is hugely important in terms of heightened communication and transformation through speaking our truth. It comes two days before Mercury officially goes retrograde, and it is asking us to release our truths into Universe in a real, physical way, whether through speaking, conversation, music, poetry, dance, art, et cetera. Whatever comes up for you on this day will likely be what you will be working with and through during the Mercury retrograde cycle, which will be lending you a hand towards truly understanding the energetic depths to the truths that you are speaking.


New Moon in Pisces

This month’s new moon falls in the sign of Pisces on 6 March, which is the day after Mercury goes retrograde in the same sign, and two days after the 3-3-3 portal. This will add to the feeling of going within, tapping into psychic senses, and seeking highest truth. This is going to be a time to turn inwards and sit with the truth that you spoke only 2 days prior during the portal. 

So: Portal energy rushes in. Truth smacks us in the face. Mercury turns retro and has us slow down to think about what we have done and said. Then the new moon comes around to help us to slow down and sink in even further. This new moon is going to be deep and potent. I encourage you to find extra time to meditate and check in with yourself around this time, especially as it happens to be occurring on the same day as Uranus officially moves into Taurus, where we will be asked to stay put through our greatest discomforts…


Uranus in Taurus

This is truly the biggest shift that we will be experiencing, and we will be working with it for the next 6-8 years. I’m not going to lie- Uranus is not all too fond of Taurus. 

Taurus is the astrological sign of sedentary being. It is a sign that appreciates stationary stability and order, knowing exactly when the next meal is going to be, how the bills are going to be paid, and that home is not moving. 

Uranus is the planet that rules transformation. It is a planet that lives for change, transformation, technological advancement, societal progression, rebellion, political movements, and the “unhinged” parts of ourselves that make us feel “crazy”, “other” or “unworthy” due to feeling other or crazy.

So… you might see, through these two descriptions, how these two feel really uncomfortable with each other. Taurus is trying to reign Uranus in, and Uranus is like, “Excuse me? Reign me in? With what ropes? I ain’t got none!”

We did get a glimpse of this energy last year from May- November, as Uranus moved into Taurus for those 6 months before going retrograde where it chilled back in Aries until it moves again in the beginning of March.

Think back to how you felt about movement, travel, new experiences, and the progression in the world. Of course, bare in mind that during that time we had a ridiculous amount of retrograde planets that were making life feel incredibly heavy and perhaps even treacherous, so do not fear that the next 6 years will be like that, but some parts of it may give you an idea of years to come. For instance, last August my partner and I went on vacation for a week, and much of the time that we were travelling, we were spending time looking at or talking about places that we wouldn’t mind eventually settling down in. That would be a great example of travel energy made into sedentary intention.

This energy will be with us until July of 2025, and it will be working on a global level to tighten or change the way that we are working with or viewing our lifestyles, especially where physical aspects are concerned.

You may be moved to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, doing things like choosing to use cloth towels instead of paper, which would also be more economical in the long run. The eco-clothing movement is also starting to become more well-known, as the clothing industry is the second-most toxic industry in our world today, polluting our air, our water, and our bodies. I started slowly switching my closet over last year, and I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels since my skin has not been absorbing the plastics from clothing. 

We also may begin to think more about what we want our home lives to look like: What is and isn’t necessary to keep in our homes? Are they physically cluttered? Are we living with people who make us feel unsafe? Does the area that we are living in resonate with who we are? Is it financially feasible and responsible to be living where we are living?

Uranus is the planet of change, and Taurus is the planet of stubborn comfort. This means that if Taurus is going to help us create change, it is going to be change that lends itself more to our personal comfort levels. Physically moving locations of your actual home to another street, another town, another state, or another country altogether is something that we are likely going to be seeing happen within the next 6 years for a lot of people. 

Taurus is also huge on finance, and making sure that money is where it should be when it needs to be. We will likely begin to see change in the way that we approach money (no pun intended), and will be asked to start shifting not only our money habits, but also the way in which we view money. Money is a practicality, yes, and that is how Taurus sees it. Uranus sees it as a metaphysical technology. I am personally excited to see the ways in which we begin to treat money differently through this cycle, where we start to look at it as a vibrant energetic exchange and a gift of gratitude for the things that we are receiving due to its existence, rather than as a burden to be feared and hated.

Along the same vein of Taurus being inherently physical and Uranus being the planet that rules evolutionary metaphysics, we are also looking at something that I am unbelievably excited for: This is the beginning of an age where the psychic and energetic is brought into the physical. This is an era when all of the feelings that we are experiencing through our energetic aspects of ourselves are going to be channelled into our physical bodies. Psychosomatic research is going to be coming out with findings through the roof that scientifically explain the existence of the psychic world. Woooooowee baby! This is huge!!!



The astrological and numerological energies taking place through the month of March are huge. I did not touch on the Full Supermoon in Libra, which falls on the Vernal Equinox towards the end f the month because that is a whole other article which you can expect to see in a few weeks. 

What you need to know is: 

-The month of March and the end of February have presented us with much shifting, change, and new perspective. 

-Chiron shifted into the fire sign of Aries at the end of February, and a new fire has been lit beneath us that is encouraging to heal what needs to be healed and move on, and to call ourselves and others out quickly and swiftly and truthfully on the things that we are not facing.

-The 3rd of March is bringing about the 3-3-3 Portal day which is helping us to be able to channel and communicate our highest truth and understand what it is that we need to transform.

- The 5th of March is when Mercury officially turns retrograde in the water sign of Pisces, giving us the time and space (if we allow ourselves permission to slow down) to be able to sink into the truths that we channelled on 3-3-3, and to learn how to refine them and better communicate them throughout our daily lives.

-The 6th of March presents us with the New Moon in Pisces which will allow us to sink more deeply into slowness, stillness, inward transformation, and transition towards truth. 

-The 6th of March also presents us with Uranus officially landing in the sign of Taurus, where it will stay until 2025, and where we will be presented with the dichotomy of sedentary being versus change, as well as what changes we need to make in our lives in order to make ourselves feel easier and more comfortable. 

Emerging Themes:

-       Communicate your truth

-       Live slowly

-       Allow for change to occur, even where it may be uncomfortable

-       It’s time to call yourself out, and move on

About the Author

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. A graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.


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