What is Claircognisance? (Intuition)

Photo by @photosbyphab from nappy.com

Photo by @photosbyphab from nappy.com

What does it really mean to be Claircognisant? (Psychic Knowing)

 Claircognisance comes from French clair meaning ‘clear’ and Latin cognitio meaning ‘get to know’, coming together to translate directly into ‘clear knowing’. Claircognisance is the psychic ability to “just know”. This is your “gut hunch”; your “intuition”; your “gut feeling”.

My favourite claircognisance story comes from a client. She was driving down a windy highway on a mountainside, and all of a sudden- notice those words, “all of a sudden”- got this ridiculous and strong feeling that she needed to switch lanes. She had no rhyme or reason. There were no cars next to her, and none behind her that she knew it.

As soon as she switched lanes, a large semi flew out from behind her in the lane she had just switched from. It turns out that the truck’s breaks had gone out, and so it could not stop and flew right past her and over the cliff. She was an inch from death, and because she just went with that “odd” feeling that she had that she just had to switch to the other lane, she came out living.

Obviously, this is an extreme story, but this is the power that claircognisance can hold. The only catch is that you have to actually abide by it. In other words, if she had not listened to that knowing that she had to move to the other lane, having the ability of claircognisance would not have done anything for her.

Just to illustrate, here’s when you experience claircognisance, but don’t act upon the received knowings.

It was my senior year of college, and it was final’s season. The window right next to where I would work had a large sill on it where I would often place my tea or water whilst typing. I was in the middle of a final paper and went to take a sip of water. When I went to replace the cup on the windowsill, I got the gut feeling that I should be putting the water somewhere else. But I thought, “Now why would I do that? That makes no logical sense! The water is closer to me, here, than it would be, anywhere else.”

Five seconds later, a bird hit the window and it caused enough reverberation for my cup to knock over and literally pour- not spill, but pour- all of its contents directly onto my keyboard, rendering it incapacitated.

I did everything I could- I put rice on it, I flipped it upside down with a fan on it for 24 hours… everything. But alas, the keyboard was completely unusable, and the screen did not work. I was lucky enough that they could retrieve all of the data on my hard drive so nothing was lost, but it could have been. 

The point is, when the claircognisance speaks, listen. Do something to honour it. Because if you don’t, you will pay the price. And it may be a big price (like your life), or a smaller-but-still-big price (like a new laptop), or a really small price like getting a cold or having your foot accidentally stepped on or running into your ex in the grocery store, or something. 

The key words you want to listen for to know that you are experiencing claircognisance are “I just knew”, “gut feeling”, “I felt”, “I have this feeling”, “I’m hearing my gut/intuition”, “My inner voice just told me to…”

Now, there are two types of claircognisance: one is slow and takes effort at first (connecting with your intuition), and the other just comes.

When your intuition is speaking to you, it’s usually something that you have to learn to tune-in to. It’s something that you access in meditation, or something that nags at you until you do what it wants you to do.

Many of you know my friend Cassandra and her personal story about how her intuition kept bugging her and begging her to go to Costa Rica, and it wouldn’t stop until she listened. When she did listen, it was the moment that changed her life by way of starting her on her path to becoming a soulful entrepreneur.

This is a type of claircognisance that absolutely anyone has the ability to connect to and experience at anytime. All it involves is your willingness to trust yourself and listen to yourself, even if it makes no logical sense.

When you have a straight-up claircognisant experience, it comes quickly. Again, it’s that “gut-hunch” that you get. The switch-into-another-lane-for-not-no-reason-there’s-a-truck-coming-you-just-don’t-know-it-yet experience.

It’s that moment when you are walking down the street and just get this “feeling” like you need to cross. It’s that moment when you are meeting someone at a party and all of a sudden “know” that they are a high school science teacher. It’s those oddly specific insights that come, or things that may fly out of your mouth and people say, “How did you know that?” and you respond, “I don’t know- I just did”.

It’s not an image. It’s not an outer voice (though some people hear their higher selves or their “intuition” actually speaking to them). It’s not a smell or an emotion or a taste. It’s just a sudden knowing. But that knowing is usually jam-packed full of information.

I do still categorise claircognisance as one of the four abilities of psychic feeling, because a lot of the times it does come in the form of a gut feeling. I just had this feeling. Right? Great.

So one last thing is that claircognisance is the ability that people tend to either doubt themselves the most about, or become cockiest about. Here’s why:

In terms of doubt, we’ve all- who experience claircognisance- had really strong bouts of feeling that either others lie about confirmation on, or we turn out to be wrong.

An example of the first- people lying- is like when you know your sister is having an affair, but she denies it. Of course she’s going to deny it- she doesn’t want here life to fall apart! But you have this really strong feeling and this really strong knowing, and, perhaps, your calling her out on it freaked her out enough so that she would end it and no one would ever find out.

So you begin to doubt yourself, because why would you ever have had that feeling? And maybe things like this happen to you all the time, where you are feeling and knowing the truth, but others are denying it and there’s no way for it to actually come out to affirm you. You just have to trust your gut, and know on the inside that you are likely correct (or you’re picking up on a past life or something- could be that, as well). So you continue to doubt yourself. 

An example of the second- where we turn out to be wrong- is usually not entirely correct, in that we were not wrong the whole time, it’s just that the energy shifted. This usually happens with future events. For example, some of you remember that I attempted to offer a retreat in September of 2018. I got the gut hunch in May of that year and started researching immediately! I was so excited, and there was absolutely nothing to contraindicate me putting on this event. 

I just knew, knew, knew that it was supposed to happen! I was getting daily downloads (channelling is an ability we’ll talk about in an article in months to come) and “knowings” all day every day for months! …until the end of August, when everything started to turn around. I- yes I who teaches these things- could not handle being wrong. I had felt so right before! So I kept going until the roadblocks were so big that I finally cancelled the event. (See? I’m on this journey learning right alongside y’all <3)

I was left feeling so confused, which is what happens when we get those really clear claircognisant knowings and then the knowings turn out to be wrong.

This is not the first time this has happened in my life, nor do I think it will be the last. Because energy shifts, and part of being gifted the responsibility of having the ability of claircognisance is learning to be okay with having to change your feelings around something you felt or knew so strongly, before.

Maybe you knew that your significant other was “your person” ten years ago- maybe you knew, knew, knew so strongly, but in the last year you’ve changed and they’ve changed, and the energy’s changed, and they’re not your person, anymore. And that’s okay.

Maybe you knew that there was going to be a tornado that hit Missouri, but then the energy shifted and the tornado was no longer in play. But maybe the tornado legitimately was going to happen when you were feeling it.

The future is like a bunch of forks in the road, and sometimes, those of us who experience precognition (knowing things before they happen) are experiencing one fork when Universe decides to take us down the other. We are all pieces of an energetic puzzle, and when one person or thing changes shape, the others are forced to mould around it for everything else to fit.

Now, in terms of being cocky, it can be really easy when you have claircognisance, because you “just know” everything. (…or so you think!)

If you are someone who is seriously in-tune and this is your strongest ability, watch out for this being the case, especially because the cockier you get, the more Universe will be tempted to say, “Hmm… really? You know everything?” and then give you the test of a lifetime (yes, I am speaking from experience). 

As with all of these things, I could go on talking about claircognisance for ages, but I think this about covers it. Happy psychic knowing, y’all!

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