August Energy 2019: Bringing the Spiritual into Physical Alignment

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For those of you who have been following me since the beginning or even for the last few months, you know that I have been publishing a full moon article every month for the last 3 years. As the energies around me and within me have shifted, I began to feel a few months ago that the full moon articles were no longer in alignment with what it is that I am needing to offer. There are so many incredible articles and videos out there for the full moon every month from companies like Forever Conscious, Star Milk (her videos and posts are where its at @_star_milk on Instagram), and Goddess Ceremony that my own have begun to feel redundant.

As I have been meditating on it, I have begun to understand that my full moon articles were never really merely just full moon articles; they all speak to the general celestial energies that are happening at that time in addition to the full moon. I have thus, instead, decided to make a shift in this offering, and here is born your monthly energy guide. Please take note of this word I am using, “guide”, as that is what it is. If you are feeling something differently, please honour that. My word is not The word. 

And so, without further ado and with great excitement, it is my pleasure to give you my version of the energy of August, which might arguably be one of the most transformational months of the year.

You see, August is going to be all about implementing the spiritual into the physical. 


Review of July’s Energy

July- if I could give the month a theme- was about walking a new inner path: finding new information within your spirit to propel you forward (and maybe you even needed to go backward in order to do so). You likely spent the last four weeks trying to recalibrate to your own new rhythm. Marching to the beat of your inner drum that has never beat so loudly in your life, or perhaps has begun to sound off in an entirely new time signature. You have been trying to figure yourself out from the inside; to figure out how this new iteration of “you” lives in your body, and in the surrounding earth.


The General Energy of August

August, my dear ones, is about bringing solidity to the energies that have been flowing within you. It is about helping to implement new practises and lifestyle changes that better suit who you are at this point in your life, and to help bring massive shifts to the earth.

I wrote, not too long ago, in an Instagram post that we are all pieces of a puzzle, and that one when piece shifts and changes, so too do the pieces around it need to shift shape in order for the larger picture to be put together.

You are a piece of that puzzle. Your shifting and changing is ever important to the greater whole. I don’t speak that to put pressure on you, but rather to help give you purpose in knowing that even if you change the way that you walk, it helps everything around you to move differently, too. 

August Numerology

August is the 8th month of the year, giving it the numerological vibration of the number 8. Eight is the number of the physical, meaning that it has everything to do with food, clothing, money, business ventures, creature comforts, living quarters, etc. The energy presented during this month is therefore extremely helpful in assessing the tangible items in your life. What brings you comfort? What could you do more sustainably? 

The number 8 is extremely powerful, as well, as it is the vibration that helps manifest energy into the physical. Have you been dreaming up thought-forms that you would like to bring into the physical, tangible world? Yup, this is the month to do it. And yes, this eight energy is also helping with what I was speaking to, before, about helping to create new room in your life to bring the spiritual and/or internal emotional experiences that you have been having, recently, into the physical realm in a way that is nurturing and supportive of you stepping into your full Self, unapologetically.

On 8/8, we have our monthly numerological portal day. This, however, is no normal portal day. This is one of the more potent portals of the year, in my opinion, and others tend to share that view, as well, even giving it its own special name, “The Lion’s Gate Portal”. It has been given this name for a few reasons: 1) It falls during Leo season (we’ll talk about what that means in a minute), and 2) It happens when our earthly sun is aligned with our “spiritual sun”, Sirius, which is really what makes this event so special.

The Lion’s Gate Portal helps us to access spiritual energies that we otherwise would not be able to access as easily. This is, again a marriage of the physical with the spiritual, as our physical earthly sun and our spiritual sun are shining upon us at the same time during this 8- bringing infinite source energy into the tangible- energy is surrounding us from every angle. 

The access to these energies allows us to receive downloads like no other day, especially in relation to healing ourselves, helping others to heal, and healing the earth, and also in relation to receiving energetic understanding to help us move forward in our evolution as human beings. So, you know,  no big deal, or anything!

August Astrology

Folks,  we are jam-packed with shifts and changes. 

The Planets

As of the last day of July, Mercury is direct. However, as I’ve stated in articles past, planetary shifts- just like the shifts within ourselves- don’t just suddenly happen. It’s not an, “Ooh! Mercury Retrograde is over so I will no longer feel the effects and I jump for joy type thing”. It’s an, “Okay, Mercury has changed direction, and I will slowly begin to feel the integration of this new pace of life, again”. 

So, for Mercury to catch back up to where it was when it started moving backwards (of course, with new insight and energy), it will take about a week- the first week of August- for recalibration. As Mercury rules communication and technology, we will begin to integrate new ways of living fast-paced in both of those areas, and maybe that even looks like slowing down our own personal rhythms and honouring that as everything else moves in the hectic around us.

Outside of Mercury shifting direct, we still have four planets and a major asteroid in retrograde (Jupiter deals with money and career path, Pluto deals with shadow work, Saturn helps us to face ourselves and learn lessons, Neptune helps us see beyond illusion and get in-touch with our psychic senses, and Chiron calls upon the “wounded healer” within,) as will be the case until the fall.

However, one of the biggest astrological events of the year is happening as two planets swap places in retrograde motion: on the 11thof the month, Jupiter is going direct (which will likely help speed up your financial and career progress) while Uranus enters its own retrograde cycle, which will last until January of next year. 

Here is why this is so big:

Uranus moved signs for the first time in 8 years back in March of this year. Uranus is the planet of movement, travel, societal enlightenment and integration, new technology, innovation… the list goes on. In March, it moved into the homebody sign of Taurus. Many people were anticipating that this would be an uncomfortable change, because Taurus is so stiff and settled and Uranus is so wild and flowing. I, personally, was slightly anxious about this, but very quickly found it to be an incredibly necessary occurrence. Why? Because it is literally helping us to alter the ways in which we are living.

This means that since March, if you have, or have planned to:

-Clean out your clothes, basement, furniture, etc.

-Move houses

-Move to a different state or country

-Travel to a place that you have been trying to get to 

-Change your diet

-Begin a new exercise routine

-Start a new self-care practise

-Limit your time on social media, or change the way in which you interact with it

-Become more sustainable in your living practises (switch to organic clothes or food, use less paper, eat local, support “green” companies, use less heat or air conditioning, etc.)

-Change your career path, especially to do something more in alignment with your lifestyle or with the life of the planet


I can say, congratulations, you’re under the influence of the Uranus-in-Taurus transit.  

So, now that you understand the seriousness of this brand new change within the last 5 months, you are probably saying to yourself, “Oh no. What roof is going to fall on my head when this goes retrograde?!” And the answer is, likely only the one that either you haven’t yet built, the one that you built with the wrong intentions, or the one that you built but needs to be sturdier.

Let me explain this: If you have been talking about making big changes but haven’t yet committed to or implemented those changes, you will be hammered over the head until you make them- so long as they are in your best interest, of course. Let’s say, for instance, you have been meaning to clean out your closet. You keep saying you will and saying you will and saying you will but you haven’t and you don’t really have any actual intention to, though it is definitely something you need to do for your own wellbeing. Boom, Uranus throws clothes moths at you, and not only are you forcedto clean out your closet, you also have to pay a bunch of money for the exterminators to come fix it, and they will likely use chemicals that will ask you to be kicked out of your house for a few days. Get the picture? So that’s one.

Two is if you have made changes that were completely out of alignment. Let’s say you bought a new house in April that is just up the street from your mother who is very sick. You really didn’t want to buy that house, and you really don’t want to take care of her, and she’s really mean to you so you don’t like to be around her, but you bought it anyways because society told you it was your duty to care for her. You’ve been living in such anxiety, and you don’t know what to do because you don’t want to look like a narcissist for leaving her to the devices of a nursing home. But your  gut keeps telling you that this is not your path, and you need to leave. So boom, Uranus throws a house fire your way. Perhaps you have insurance, but it forces you to go find somewhere else to live, and many of your prized possessions are lost in the fire.

Three, you have made a new change in lifestyle that is legitimately in your best interest, and you have deeply committed to the change. Let’s use the closet example, again. So you’ve committed to cleaning out your closet, and Universe sees this. You’ve been working on it for one hour every day for the last week, and all of a sudden, your schedule gets extremely busy. Do you continue to commit, maybe for a lesser amount of time, like ten minutes a day? Do you maybe continue to commit by setting a date in a week where you will pick up where you left off? Or do you drop the project and let it sit? If you choose the last option, boom, Uranus has your cat come into your room and pee all over the clothing and paper piles that you have been working so hard to separate. 

The other thing that’s possible in this last scenario is that maybe instead of getting busy, you find a really disturbing journal entry that you wrote ten years ago, or a letter or something that just stops you in your tracks. Do you keep cleaning, unsure of what else you might find, or do you stop completely because you’re too afraid?

Perhaps you get the idea. I’m not giving all of these examples to scare you, but rather to give you the information that if you continue to do the “work” and listen to your intuition as you make these new changes in your life, you will be absolutely fine. You might be mildly tested, but you will get through those tests a-okay. 

The New Moon(s)

The influence of the black moon (for people west of Greenwich Meantime) on the 31st of July will still be in effect for the next few days, helping to bring pause, integrate, and start anew with your best foot forward. This is a powerful new moon in the sign of Leo, and you can read more about it, here.

For people east of GMT, your black moon (two new moons in one month) comes this  month, with the first new moon being the same one in Leo that we who are west of GMT have experienced, and the second being on the 30th in the sign of Virgo. I’m quite excited about this, as my partner very serendipitously and un-purposefully booked our flight out to the UK on the night of the 31st, so we will be able to experience both black moons! This is one of my favourite astrological events in terms of the energy. Fresh, fresh start, my darlings.

The Virgo new moon will happen at the end of the month for all of us, regardless. This will help propel the energy for us to begin truly implementing new regimens, routines, and ideals. I’ll talk more about this, later. 

The Full Moon

The full moon this month will happen in the air sign of Aquarius, and has a rather powerful feeling to it. Remember all the stuff I was saying about bringing the spiritual into the physical? Aquarius is known for its spiritual connection, and for helping us to connect into the astrals and ethers to gain insight and information that will help us to further grow in consciousness. This full moon- with all of the incredible influences that we are under- is not one you are going to want to miss!

The Big Leo-Virgo Influence

Throughout the month of August, we will have the most influence from these two signs (the moon, the sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury will all be largely occupying Leo and slowly transitioning into Virgo throughout the month in that order). This is extremely important with the energy that we are harnessing numerologically, generally, and otherwise astrologically, as Leo is a fire sign that helps us to harness our deepest power and ask for our innermost desires, and Virgo is an earth sign that helps us to implement what we are desiring to create. It is rare for this many planets to be moving through the same signs all at once, and there is definitely a reason that we are getting this specific influence at this specific time.


In Closing 

The month of August is about bringing forth our newest versions of ourselves and our lives to the forefront, and helping to implement new ways of “being” in our lives to best suit these newer, more evolved versions of who we once were.

The numerology of the number 8 helps us to take things from the spiritual realm and implement them, physically. 

All of these retrograde planets are helping us to slow down and reassess exactly how we want to move forward, and what needs to be changed in our lives. This is especially true with the new influence of Uranus retrograde in the sign of Taurus, which is going to help us question whatever recent changes in lifestyle we have or have not made, and how to move forward in a better way.

All of the astrological influences of the beginning of this month are helping us to continue to become the change that have been envisioning ourselves becoming, and to feel ourselves integrating those changes into the very cores of our being, on an internal level. The middle and end of the month will help us to begin to take real action in creating the shifts outside of ourselves that we are truly needing most in our lives to support this newer version of ourselves.

The black moons will help us to take pause, and to remember to breathe into who we are being, and who we are constantly becoming. 


How to Best Support Yourself This Month

-Listen to who you are. Take time to connect with your heartbeat. With your footsteps. With your Being.

-Say no to things that don’t feel in alignment with where you are at.

-Allow yourself to shift and change, and allow your daily practises, career path, modes of fun, and home life to shift and change with you, as you need it to.

-Love that you are an ever-evolving being, and know that you have permission to be exactly where you are at today, and exactly where you are at, tomorrow, even if that is a different place.

About the Author

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. A graduate of the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing and a current master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Western Michigan University, Gerson is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.

If you are interested in helping to support the mission of free psychic education, you can follow @doorwaytoself on Facebook and Instagram or visit


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