Leo Super Blood Full Moon: Let Go to Create, Create to Become

Image by Sean Duffy; Collected from Pixabay

Image by Sean Duffy; Collected from Pixabay

What have you been wanting to change in your life? In yourself? In your schedule or your patterns or your habits? That is what this full moon is about- solidifying that change. The specific change taking place is one that will be drawing you closer to purpose, as well, and we will be discussing that more a little further down the line.

This month’s full moon is special. Not only is it a full moon, but it is the very last lunar eclipse to fall in the sign of Leo for 18 years, it is a blood moon, and it is a supermoon. 

 Every 18 months, the moon crosses over the line of travel that the sun makes around the earth called the “ecliptic”. The ecliptic falls in a different sign every month, as the sun falls into a different sign every month. It is because of this that every 18 months when the moon crosses it, it falls into a different sign. This change is usually marked by an eclipse, and every eclipse thereafter for the next 18 months will be in either that sign or the sign opposite it. 

If this is confusing, just bare with me. You don’t really need to know the logistics, just what it means for you as an individual, and for us as a larger community of earth.

Whatever sign it is that the moon crosses into represents what we are working towards and what will help us to expand, and its opposite sign represents where we might be feeling too comfortable to change, what shadows we may be feeling into, and what lessons we might be working through.

The moon crossed the ecliptic in January, but it is having slight trouble calibrating to the new Capricorn-Cancer schedule, and is instead showing up in Leo for this final lunar eclipse. Clearly, Universe does not believe that we have learned to “own” ourselves, just yet.

This full moon is about embracing yourself- fully. About truly shouting to the top of your being, “THIS IS WHO I AM!”, whether people judge you for it or not. It is also testing your ability to create, especially from that place of pure you-ness. 

This full moon is a final push towards finding, knowing, loving, and owning yourself before the next expansion cycle in Cancer (which is about self-preservation versus vulnerability, understanding one’s own sensitivities, and creating a loving home within the self and within your external environment). It is also about learning how to create of yourself and of your power.

So dig deep within yourself to feel the raw core of your essence; of your power. Allow yourself to feel the magic in your body heating you up, setting your cells abuzz with sparks to go create what it is that you can’t ignore that you have to create. You can feel it with your whole being. Is it a masterful new piece of writing? Is it a mathematical equation? Is it a simple re-organising of your closet or your schedule? A new project? A new implementation of self-care? A sacred space for yourself? 

Creation can also be experienced through letting go. When we think of the act of birthing- or even that of sex- we are creating as we are letting something go. A baby must be let go from the womb in order to create. Semen must be let go of in order to create life. We have to completely let go of all of our inhibitions to create orgasm. So perhaps this full moon could also be about letting go in a fierce, fiery way- we are talking about Leo the lion, anyway, so, yes, “fierce” and “fiery”- in order to make space to create. 

This could be a process that you have already begun after the new moon/solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn in the beginning of the month. I, personally, (as some of you have seen on social media @doorwaytoself or through my email updates which you can sign up for through my website) started a huge cleaning project where I went through all of my old clothes, and have been in the midst of cleaning out old journals and papers. 

On a personal note, I will tell you that the cleaning has already been giving way to new creation. I have begun brainstorming new workshops, new retreats (more info will be coming in the next few months- patience, my dears!), new articles, and a whole new way of sharing my purpose with the world. 

This full moon is helping us to let go in order to create, and especially in the pattern of old cycles. We are wrapping up anything that we have been working on, working towards, or trying to learn from May 2017, when we experienced the cross over the ecliptic into the sign of Leo. 

Because this change occurs every 18 months, and because after 12 cycles of 18 months we wind up back in the same sign, you also might also be wrapping up learning that you started (or growing beyond that facet of it) from Nov 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944; Jun 11, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962; Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 24, 1981; Apr 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001.

Think back to those times in your life. Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you? What plans or projects were you working on or towards? Who were you with? What were your interests? 

These themes may be coming back up for you this week as we lead up to the full moon this Monday the 21st, which brings me to telling you a few more reasons why this moon is special:

1) It is a Blood Moon. 

This is just an extra ominous way of saying that we are going to be experiencing a total lunar eclipse.

This means that the earth will be directly between the sun and the moon when the moon is fullest, and the shadow of the earth will be cast onto the moon, making it appear to turn red once fully eclipsed.

If the skies are clear that night and you have a chance to experience just the sight of it, it is truly an incredible experience to watch as the shadow of the earth slides over the moon, allowing it to turn from full into half into a sliver until it is completely enveloped and turns red like the clay of the earth, itself. This event will be taking place on the west coast of the US around 7:30-10:30pm on the 20th, on the East Coast around 10:30pm on the 20th- 1:30 am on the 21st, and in Europe at around 2-5am on the 21st.

Eclipses in general are a great time for manifesting change. Many ancient cultures used to view the blood moon as a time of death, and with death comes great rebirth. What do you need to help die in your life? What do you need to help transform? If you are looking for ritual ideas, you can find one, here. (By the way- this month’s ritual is free to all readers!!)


2) It is a Supermoon. 

This means that the moon will be closer to the earth than usual. We have three supermoons falling right in a row in 2019: January, February, and March. This marks the start of a new cycle as the first of three supermoons, whilst it is also wrapping up an old cycle as the last eclipse in the sign of Leo, and as an eclipse, in general. 

So what cycle is this beginning? Think about how the moon controls the tides. The closer the moon is to the earth, the greater the force of the moon over their motion. The ocean pulls back and forward drastically more-so when the moon is closer to our atmosphere. The ocean is made of salt water. And what are us wee human beings made of? Over 70% of our bodies? Right. Salt water. So why would the moon not have the same effect on us? The moon rules our emotions. The closer the moon is to earth, the more we feel our emotions bubbling to the tip of the surface… and likely spilling over. 

These three supermoons are a gift for us to be able to get in touch with our emotions; to really feel. That said, if you are clairempathic (have the psychic ability to take on others’ emotions or physical feelings as your own) or clairsentient (have the psychic ability to be able to perceive energy using your own energy field)please be sure to stay safe during this time. It is vital for you to ground and clear (if you don’t know what that means, check out this video), and to keep checking in with yourself to make sure that you are “you”, and that what you are feeling is truly yours. 

A lot of tips and tools for doing this are mentioned in my monthly psychic and energy q and a sessions that I host LIVE on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out all of the replays on the D2S YouTube Channel. All of the questions are listed below the video, along with the times in the video that they are asked and answered so that you can find whatever you are looking for at your biggest convenience. The next one is on 31 January at 2:30pm PCT/5:30pm EST/11:30pm GMT.


3) It falls on a Monday.  

This is just always kind of cool, because Monday comes from Old English, and is named for the moon. ‘Moon’ in Old English was Mona, giving us Monasday which transformed into present day ‘Monday’. Having this powerful moon fall on its own given day is just a synchronistically cool, powerful thing. Just adds to the energy, is all.

4) It falls on a numerological “3” day.

The full moon falls on the 21st (unless you are on Pacific or Mountain Time, then it will fall on the evening of the 20th though its energy will carry through the next day). 2+1= 3. We are currently in a 3 year (2+0+1+9), which you can read about, here. What is cool about this is that the numerology of the day helps us to transform, transition, create, and speak our truth, which are all lessons of Leo, all lessons of the total lunar eclipse, and all lessons of our numerological 3 year! So this extra add-on just helps to perpetuate all of that, as well. I think it’s pretty cool. Also, yet another bonus, if you’re in Michigan the height of the totality (when the moon is fully bloody red) begins at 12:12am. Yea. Craziness.

You can find out more info for your area as to when the eclipse begins, enters totality, exits totality, and ends right here, and you can find a livestream of the event (if you can’t catch the real deal) online, here.

So those are all of the essential “need-to-knows” for this total lunar supermoon blood moon eclipse in Leo (dang, that’s a mouthful!).

Sending much love for this powerful time,

xx Rachel at D2S <3


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