2019: Year of Communication, Creative Vision, and Transformation


So we’ve come this far: We have made it to 2019, the year of communication, creation, transformation, and creativity.


How We Got Here… 

If we look at the energetic trajectory over the last few years, we can notice this: 2017 was a numerological 1 year (2+0+1+7= 10; 1+0= 1), which was a year of new beginnings and setting the stage for growth and creation; 2018 was an 11 year with an underlying 2 vibration, which has been a year of taking the time to face literally everything about yourself, about your path, about the people around you, about how you experience energy, about how you connect to the earth versus the astral plane, and about how to balance. 2018 was a year of opening the floodgates to let everything through at once- the good and the bad- to be able to fully realise allof yourself, to accept yourself (at least a little more, if not completely), and to be able to weed through what was and was not serving you in order to understand what you might want to change. 

So now here we are after those first two steps- 2017 to begin anew and start new projects, and 2018 to become more in-tune and self-actualised- and we are at step three in every literal way: the step where we begin to fully communicate to ourselves and others; to be able to express our thoughts and feelings and passions as we never have before. As 2018 helped you to flesh yourself out so that you can understand yourself- who you are and how you work- in a clearer way, 2019 is about asserting who you are and how you want to make those changes, and then allowing the transformation to occur, expressing (verbally, through writing, or through art or movement) your thoughts and feelings as you move through the process, and to be able to acknowledge- through open expression- who you are at the end of the transition into this more solidified version of your magnificent Self.  

You are powerful. You are worthy. You are only too little or too much if you are too little of yourself, or too much of someone else.


2019 Numerology: The Number 3

Numerologically, the significance of 2019 equals to that of 3, The Communicator, as 1+0+1+9= 12, and 1+2= 3. The number 3 is associated with creation, transitions, creativity, transformation, and communication by all means: through visual art, poetry, dance, self-expression, music, speaking, et cetera. Three is about fully communicating your highest truth, listening to the highest truth of others, and allowing the truth of Universe to speak for itself and be known. 

Communication is one of the most valuable gifts that life has been given, whether through body language, facial expression, touch, speech, energy, or creative expression. It allows us to be able to create, express truth, collaborate, grow, let go, and transform. It allows us to create boundaries, advocate for ourselves and others, and create change.

The energies of this year are paving the way for you to be able to embrace your authenticity through self-expression, and to become more accepting of others as they begin to speak their own truths and share their stories, as well. They are also paving the way for immense growth.  

If we look at the number three as a symbol of transition and transformation, we begin to see associations such as the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother, and Crone; the Holy Trinity with Son, Father, and Holy Spirit; the pattern of Birth, Life, and Death; the human time span of Past, Present, and Future; the movement of water in Ice, Liquid, and Steam; the path of a story with Beginning, Middle, and End. This will be a year of growth through metamorphosis. 


2019 Tarot: The Empress and The Hanged Man

The same theme from numerology runs with that of the number 3 Major Arcana card in tarot, which is that of the Empress; the Queen Mother. No matter your sex or gender, the energy of the mother runs in all of us. The Empress is symbolic of all things expressive and creative, as well as all things motherly and nurturing. By speaking your truth, you are nurturing not only yourself, but others, as well. When you speak up, you help others to feel safe speaking up, as well. You also help others to understand where it is that they may fall on an issue. 

It is also possible to put your foot in your mouth. The other tarot card that 2019 is associated with is The Hanged Man, which is the 12th card in the deck, as 2019 adds up to 12 before reducing to 3. The Hanged Man is my all-time favourite tarot card. Most people become frightened when they see the Hanged Man appear, but I am here to tell you that it is not about death or sentencing or punishment. Rather, it is about changing your perspective in order to escape situations that may appear to have no way out; it is about shifting viewpoints in order to see your current situation differently.

When the Hanged Man is in the noose, it appears as though he is sure to die, and there is no alternative. However, all he needs is to figure out how to flip his world upside down in order to be able to slip the noose over his head and become freed. You have the power to find perspective, even if it requires flipping your world upside down. Sometimes you have to go out the way you came in, sometimes there’s a back door, and sometimes there’s no door at all, but when you use your imagination you can manifest one to be able to climb through.

This year is about trying new things, going with the flow, and allowing transition to show you newness; allowing yourself to change your thought patterns; allowing yourself to be open to new routes, new viewpoints, and new mindsets. There will be a constant shifting to be able to calibrate to the energies that are coming into your life, or to calibrate to new ways of working with the energies in your life that are stagnant that you have been wanting to change.


2019 Astrology: Eclipses, Node Shifts, Supermoons, Planetary Shifts, and Retrograde Cycles

Astrologically, there are several big events again, this year, including three eclipse seasons, a shift in nodes (the signs where eclipses will be present that represent what lessons we are meant to learn for the next few years), significant planetary shifts with Uranus and Jupiter, and several retrograde cycles. Because of the numerological 3 energy of 2019, this year’s astrology will effect us in a much less intense way than last year’s did, even though many of the retrograde cycles are parallel, as it will allow lessons to be worked through much more quickly than the constant overload of energy, emotion, possibility, and craze that the 11 of 2018 brought us, before. 

Planets to retrograde this year include Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and the asteroid Chiron, and it is essentially the same pattern as last year, with the same planets (save for Mars and Venus, which will lesson the intensity, for sure) going retrograde at about the exact same time. This is not a normal occurrence, and is significant and special to the cycles that we are moving through, societally, from 2017 onward, following the pattern of the numerological cycle that started at 1 in 2017. We are moving through and sorting through our shadows, our weeds, and our demons so that we can clear out what no longer serves us as individuals, and also as a whole. 

Retrograde planets serve a ridiculously important purpose: They are here to help you to get to know yourself, face yourself, and the (therefore) fine-tune yourself to become the best version of you, possible. So if you didn’t learn your lesson the last retro cycle around, it will come back to slap you in the face again, this time. Think of the planets as your bosses. If your boss or professor gives you an assignment and you don’t do it, what happens? You fail, you get fired, or you get another opportunity. 

The planets are the nicest bosses in the Universe. They are the type of boss who will give you a gazillion chances to get your paperwork done, and if you don’t do it, they will shove it in your face and tell you to do it again until you actually do it. That’s what this is. If you’ve done the work, great. If not? This is your next chance. And if you refuse to do it again? Just know that you will constantly and consistently be reminded- throughout your lifetime- that it exists, and that it’s something you can’t completely run away from. Ever.

This year, however, you are awarded an extra opportunity to speak through it all, and also to be able to look at these challenges and lessons and shadowy parts of yourself through a different lens between the 3 energies of communication, and the Hanged Man tarot card. You will also be given more mercy through the motherly, nurturing, caring energies of The Empress, and you will therefore be able to hold yourself in compassion more easily than in years prior.

Additionally, the planet Uranus at the beginning of the year- the planet of travel, adventure, and your inner “crazy”- will be shifting into the sign of Taurus- the earth sign of sensory and sensual experiences- which will shed further insight into your shadows as your inner “crazy” begins to come out in a more physical, noticeable way. Jupiter will also be shifting from Sagittarius into Capricorn at the end of the year, which will illuminate how you might (or might not) be planning out your finances or taking career opportunities.  

A full calendar of astrological events is available to you, for FREE, here. You can also find an in-depth, month-by-month astrological write-up for 2019 on the D2S Patreon page, here.


2019 Elemental Energy: Water

The last thing to mention that is vitally important about 2019 is the energy of water that runs through it. 3- as we have discussed- is a transitional, creative, transformational number, and is therefore associated with the element of water. Water ebbs and flows, goes in and out with the tides, changes form with the temperature, and shifts with the direction of the wind. It comes from the sky, from the earth, from between our bones, and from our faucets. 

Water flows in the parts of our earth and our bodies where there is a path for it. If you go with the tides of life, things will be the easiest that they can be. If you try to resist the path, resist the change, or resist the shifts in course, this year (and the rest of your life) could easily be rough for you. I’m not saying that you need to be subservient; if you look at the waves that crash on the shoreline or the wreckage from a hurricane, you will know that water is the least bit of such. In fact, perhaps the easiest way for you to flow is in the undertow or the eye of the storm, creating resistance with the other waves. 

Tying this water element back to astrology, it is also important to note that the year begins with three supermoons and two eclipses, all things that involve the moon which is ruled by water. The energy of the moon is about intuition, and the element of water is representative of such; when you go with the flow, you are listening to your gut or your heart or your body or whatever “knowings” you receive.

Water governs the psychic realm. This is especially important when we recognise that all of Mercury’s retrograde cycles this year- through March, July, and November- fall in water signs. This is because with Mercury being the planet of communication on all fronts (and associated, itself, with the elements of air and water), its occupation of water signs whilst it is slowed down will bring about a need to truly explore how we communicate on a psychic level with other people: What energies are we sending out and throwing towards others? How are we receiving the energies that others are throwing towards us?


2019 In Summary

2019 is a huge year in terms of human evolution. We may be put through the ringer, but we will come out stronger for it on the other side. 2019 is gearing us up to discover our inner truth, and speak it loudly and clearly to the world. Doing such, and allowing ourselves to tune into our psychic abilities to ebb and flow with the energetic tides of the Universe is setting us up for 2020, when we will be building some major foundations.

Numerologically through the energy of 3, through tarot card energies of The Empress and The Hanged Man, astrologically through all of the large shifts and events this year, and elementally through Water, this year is significant in terms of Great Change coming our way. This is your year to speak up; to create; to shout your truth at the top of your lung all the way down to the roots of the earth; to listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you into one of the greatest metamorphoses you will ever experience. Listen to your magic, dear one. It is ready to speak.

Happy New Year and all the best for a 2019 to come.

Much love,

xx Rachel at D2S <3


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