Full Moon in Taurus: Illuminating Relationships and Psychic Senses

Image by Osborne

Image by Osborne

As the doorway between the physical world and the psychic world thins, this full moon will help to illuminate the threshold.

We, as humans, are physical as well as energetic beings. Any full moon is like a torchlight held up to the psychic realm, and the constellation that it will be occupying- the astrological sign of Taurus- is the most physical, earthly energy that we could possibly experience. This is Universe’s gift of balance: the most grounded sign is of course always the home of the full moon at the most psychic time of the year.

The full moon in October falls on Wednesday the 24th, and will provide for spectacular insight into yourself, your passions, and your relationships, as well as a deeper connection to the earth and to the psychic realm.  

I cannot even begin to explain the magic that is this full moon. If ever you wanted to explore divination, energy work (though not on another individual unless you are properly trained or notify them that you have never done it before or are in training, please… ethics, folks), crystal magic, herb magic… you name it- this is the time to embark. You can also find my absolute favourite way to connect with the moon, here, which will provide you with a way to enhance your psychic connection in general, as well as your relationship to Self, Universe, and the moon.

Speaking of fostering relationships, this moon may be the most important one for decades to come in terms of doing relationships work. Taurus is known as the sign of sensuality, with a love of sensory touches, smells, tastes, etc. Because of that, it tends to be associated with the planet Venus, which is currently in retrograde. (You can learn more about what the Venus retrograde cycle means, here.)

It is likely that this moon will help to bring to a head any relationship, money, sexuality, sex, or life purpose issues that you may have been having recently. With that height of issue, however, will also come a shedding of light upon any answers to doubts or confusing, as well as what needs to change in order to make way for change. This moon will help you to see what relationships or financial strategies you are using that are no longer serving you, and where you might be “off” on your path. To that extent, it will also show you the way to getting back “on”.

Additionally, it will help you to understand why you act the way that you do; what makes you “you”. It will help you to be able to decipher some of the quirks that you may bring to relationships, and where, maybe, the problem that you thought the other individual was causing may be your own doing… and undoing. 

Many astrologers are calling this moon “intense”, or speaking of it as the “calm before the storm”, and if old relationships are coming back to make sure you’ve understood the lessons they were there to teach you, then it very well could be a calm before the storm. But I’ll be honest- I have not been feeling that energy coming from this moon at all.

What I have been feeling is more of an opening: new opportunities to connect with yourself and others; more opportunities to be able to learn, in general, but especially from how you used to relate to yourself and others in romantic or intimate settings; more opportunities to grow your psychic abilities in this earthly body.

This moon does, indeed, feel intense, but it does not feel intense in a foreboding measure. Rather, to me, it feels intense in the way of bringing in something that you have been waiting for; something that you have been trying to manifest, or that you have been anticipating for a long time. Here is your clearance: Ask, and you shall receive. Your patience will have paid off with the energy of this full moon.

The openings that you are looking for will find you. The answers that you have been looking for will be illuminated. Any longing for closure, understanding, or fulfilment will be met and sealed with peace.

Wishing you much love and luck in love and life!

Happy full moon in Taurus,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

PS- Want a special ritual for this full moon? Immerse your psychic and physical senses in my favourite full moon ritual of the year, here!


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