November Full Moon in Gemini: Bringing Truth to Illusion

Image by Mia Powterr

Image by Mia Powterr

What are you wearing- your crown, or your mask? Or perhaps your crown is your mask. What are other people showing you? That is what this Gemini full moon is about: Are you hiding behind illusion, or are you living and attracting your highest truth?

As this moon becomes fullest on 23 November- the day after American Thanksgiving and right before the holidays as many people around the world are starting to celebrate, these questions- of course- are going to come right to the forefront. Are you your truest self around your family and friends? Are you your truest self around yourself? And let’s not forget to turn the tables and look at what’s lookin’ atcha… Are your friends and family really who they say they are? Who they present as? We all have our secrets, and they are about to be unveiled.

The timing of this full moon could not be more ominous, and, at the same time, could not be better. As we have just wrapped up the Venus Retrograde cycle and are sitting in its shade, you- and all of the people in your life- have likely been facing yourself with questions of authenticity. Are you living your truest, fullest life as your truest, fullest self? Are you truly living your passion? If you’re partnered, is the person you are in a relationship with really the person that you want to be with? If you’re single, is the person that you think you are looking for really who would actually compliment you best? Do you love yourself- truly, madly, deeply? 

So we’ve all begun to flesh out who it is that we truly are- what is the finest essence of “you”- and what it is that we deeply desire in our lives at the core of our being.

Next, Mercury has just begun its retrograde cycle. When most people hear Mercury Retrograde, it tends to double as a synonym for a slew of arguments and technological malfunctions to come. But hear me out: Perhaps with this moon in the Air sign of Gemini- the sign of the twins who just taaaaaaallllk talk talk talk talk; the absolute and ultimate rulers of communication both on spiritual and physical levels- is actually helping this Mercury retrograde cycle to work in our favour.

Maybe the “arguments” that might be to come could actually help you or others to blurt out your truth in anger; to show your hand; to stop caring what the other person thinks. Or maybe there is not need for argumentation, at all. Maybe this Mercury retrograde cycle will spur on a need to slow down and assess the things that you would like to communicate to others; the things that you learned about yourself during the Venus retro cycle. Your truths. And the Gemini full moon is here to help to illuminate your mouth: a pool where words can swim and slide out into the ears of a loved one to be heard.

Lastly, oh and this is the best one- Neptune is going direct the day following the full moon, after having been retrograde for just over 5 months, so we are likely already feeling the effects of its turn. Neptune is the planet that rules dreams and illusions, and as this full moon is here to help you decipher what is truth and what is illusion. Well... that’s pretty timely, I’d say.

You see, as Neptune has been retrograde, we have been sensitive to those around us, and also to ourselves. Have people around us been fooling us? Are they really who they say they are? What, really, are their true motives? And, in terms of ourselves… Are you living your truth? Are you being authentic? What are your sincere motives? Are you truly- really, truly- being honest with yourself?

You may feel yourself called back to the full moon in Pisces back at the end of August. Some of the same emotional themes may be coming up, especially where addiction is concerned. Where have you been trying to escape yourself, escape others, or escape life? Where have you been trying to avoid your feelings by overindulging, distracting yourself with the problems of others, or intoxicating yourself? What are you running from? What are you trying to hide from yourself?

In Summation 

This full moon in Gemini is a brilliant time for:

1.     Being real, both with yourself and others

2.     Speaking your truth

3.     Conversations with family and friends to help reveal parts of yourself to them that you have been really wanting to share, own, or be seen in

4.     Being honest with yourself and others (but especially yourself)

5.     Calling others out on their ulterior motives

6.     Paying attention to the curtain, and to who may be trying to hide behind it

7. Breathwork

This full moon may very well be a big culmination of life circumstances for you. It may also very well be painful for that mere reason, but pain can also denote growth. The truth is here. Speak it. Hear it. Grab it by its hands and never let those healing hands go.

Happy full moon in Gemini; happy truth-seeking; happy truth-telling.

Much love,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

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