6 September 2017 Full Moon (Plus, Mercury goes direct and Neptune Retrograde)

Photo by Sam McJunkin from unsplash.com

Photo by Sam McJunkin from unsplash.com

The moon rose high in the sky in a burnt orange hue, last evening. Fall appears to be nearing. The mystery of the moon seems to grow somehow more mysterious at this time of the year. A glow came over my heart at the thought of brisk night walks through the woods, cool earth beneath my feet through the day, and a special permission from nature to turn within a little longer, and a little more often.

This month, the Harvest Moon appears full in the sign of Pisces, giving us the perfect floating current from summer into fall (fire into water), and the grace to sink into the emotions from whatever the fiery new moon and solar eclipse in Leo brought up for us. This full moon is the time to immerse ourselves in reflection and direction. It is time to flow.

Part of that flow comes with the planet Mercury going direct today, on 5 September, after being retrograde since 12 August. Curiously enough, Mercury goes direct in the exact degree of Leo that the sun and moon were in during the eclipse! At 28 degrees, Mercury is not only going direct, but it is also at the end of its Leo transit, paving the way for better communication, smoother flow of lifestyle and technology, and the freshness to be able to receive clarity on how to embark upon the next steps of our paths as it moves into the sign of Virgo.

Also importantly, the full moon is in a near placement to Neptune in the sign of Pisces, where Neptune represents our spirituality, and is also retrograde at this time. Don’t be surprised or put-off if you have been feeling a lack of trust towards others, or if you have been feeling deceived or taken advantage of.

With the moon and Neptune retrograde occupying this same space in, well, space, it can make our spiritual experience a lot more highlighted, a lot more sensitive, and a lot more disheartening- don’t let unfortunate psychic, spiritual, or romantic relationships at this time get you down. It’s all part of the journey, and you are still well “on-track”, even if you feel that you aren’t.

However, at the same time, now is also the time to be flowing forth in the manifestations or changes that you made during the eclipse! Perhaps you switched career paths- now is the time to look more in-depth into your business plan or contract. Or maybe you started a new romantic endeavour- now is the time to stop and think about how you really feel.

You set the ideas aflame with the fire of the eclipse in the sign of Leo, now is the time to let the actual formation of it happen as moulded by the banks of the Pisces river- it really is a Harvest Moon!

In August you had the picture of the fish that you wanted to catch in your mind. Now is the time to go find it, catch it, and see how that feels for you… Or, to at least get in the boat with your pole and a paddle and see if Universe guides you to that fish, and how you feel in enduring that serendipitous, trusting process.

Lastly, for EST people, the moon will be 100% illuminated at 3:03am on 6 September. This number is significant numerologically, as 33 is the number of the "Master Teacher" and "Master Healer", and with it happening on the 6 (family and home) day of a 9 (endings) month in a 1 (beginnings) year, we can see how teaching, healing, being taught, and being healed, can help us to find the home and family within ourselves, to let go of what no longer serves us, and to start anew. What will this moon teach us on the East side of the US? How will it heal us? How can we, harness those rolls in ourselves at this time?

In essence, this full moon is a slightly complicated one. Mercury is going direct, and its effects will still be present and cooling off, Neptune is in the same sign as the moon in retrograde which challenges our psychic boundaries and our spiritual and romantic ideals, and this is the first “harvest” period to be able to bring to fruition any ideas, manifestations, or downloads that hit you during the eclipse time/Leo new moon.

Much luck and love in manifesting, protection, communication, and flow!

All the best,

xx D2S <3


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