Full Moon in Pisces August 2018:Weeping for Your Inner Child

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Emotions are riding high, and with the full moon falling in the sign of Pisces on Sunday, 26 August, and Mercury coming back out of the retrograde into its direct motion, we will be likely to allow our feelings to flow and progress in a more peaceful manner. Pisces and conflict don’t match, and neither do attempting to unconsciously communicate and Mercury retrograde, so conversations will likely start to go much more smoothly. It is possible that you may be able to get things off your chest a bit easier during this full moon time- confiding in a trusted friend could be very healthy and beneficial.

The energy is beginning to flow back into the favour of our fast-paced society, so hopefully you set aside your frustration to take the time to just rest and enjoy while the planets were slowed down.

It’s more likely, however, and you will be able to allow your feelings to arise within yourself, speak pleasantly to the people or situations that are paining or triggering you so deeply, and acknowledge what is happening in your body as you rise above, and walk away.

However, it is also not unlikely that you will be challenged, emotionally, during this time. As planets begin to slowly turn direct, they also like to make sure that we have learned what they have slowed down to teach us. Each planet has what is called a “Shade period”- the time when a planet is moving from where it when backwards to its starting point, again (simply put). It is during this shade period- usually lasting a few weeks for inner planets or a month or two for outer planets- that we are made to recalibrate to the regular pace of the planets, and, therefore, of our lives.

Mercury is currently in shade, having gone Direct in the sign of Leo on the 19th. Mars will be headed into shade in the sign of Capricorn the day after the full moon, so we will likely be feeling those effects during the full moon (if not now), as well. Saturn then goes Direct in the sign of Capricorn on 6 September, and will be in shade for sometime, as well. Because the outer planets have great pull on us, we will likely already be feeling the effects of this, as well.

What does this mean? Pisces is a water sign, making it an extremely emotion-oriented position for the moon to be in. The full moon, in and of itself, is emotion-oriented. As the two meld together with all of these planets going direct, we will likely be looking back and feeling very emotional about everything that we’ve been through a) in the last 3-6 weeks (when Mercury was in shade and went retro), b) since mid-June (when Mars was in shade and went retro), c) since March (when Pluto was in shade and went retro, though in April), d) since your childhood, because inner child wounding is likely what you have been working on- whether consciously or not- throughout this summer of intense retrograde motion.

This full moon is really, truly, about weeping for yourself. It is about holding yourself in a warm embrace (perhaps with loads of tissues) as you feel all of the emotions surrounding the Big Work that you have been doing through the spring and summer of this year, and perhaps long before that. It is about the big sob. The understanding that it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to cry for yourself and what you have been through as a human being in this lifetime (and, possibly, in other lifetimes!). It is okay, and it will be okay.

The key is not to pity yourself through this- that will do no good for anyone. The key is to hold yourself in love, compassion and understanding. It is okay, and it will be okay.

As I wrote this last paragraph, a song came into my head that I sang in my choir in high school, the “Hymn to St.Cecilia” with words by W.H. Auden and music by Benjamin Britten. The specific lyrics that sung into my head were,


“O cry created as the bow of sin
Is drawn across our trembling violin.
O weep, child, weep, O weep away the stain.
O law drummed out by hearts against the still
Long winter of our intellectual will.
That what has been may never be again.
O flute that throbs with the thanksgiving breath
Of convalescents on the shores of death.
O bless the freedom that you never chose.
O trumpets that unguarded children blow
About the fortress of their inner foe.
O wear your tribulation like a rose.”


The rest of the song is rather pertinent to the energies surrounding this full moon, as well, but this is really the pinnacle. “Weep, child, weep, o weep away the stain…Wear your tribulation like a rose.“

A ritual for this full moon will be posted in patreon.com/doorwaytoself a few days before the full moon so that you may access it. It will be available to sponsors, first, and then the public a few days after the full moon. I do this so that you can get a feel for what you would be getting as a patron!

And, as always, I’m here to hold space for you if you feel like you need time to sort through all that you’re weeping for.

Much love, and happy acknowledgement of everything you’ve been through, your strength, and all that you’re worth (you got through it, afterall, didn’t you??)

xx Rachel at D2S <3

PS- Welcome to the new website! :D


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