Owning Yourself: New Moon Supermoon and Solar Eclipse in Leo with Perseid Meteor Shower

Image by Justin Dickey

Image by Justin Dickey

What a week! Holy cow… these energies have me roaring! Wait… that’s not the sound a cow makes. But still.

We started this week out with another planet gone retro. Uranus Retrograde began on Tuesday the 7th, so it’s not a wonder if you’ve been feeling like a home-body. I, myself, was bogged down in bed with a terrible cold… oh yea. I wasn’t going anywhere. Those planets were like, “Going back to work? Hahaha! NOT!” Just remember that retrograde planets are only inconvenient if you let them be an inconvenience. Really, they are an invitation to slow down and breathe… something that, yes, may very well feel like an “inconvenience” in our new-world, fast-paced, go-go-go society, but that is, in fact, a blessing.

Uranus is now the 5th planet in retrograde, aside from Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury. You may have lost a sense of a need for adventure altogether, or, perhaps, your desire to journey has turned inwards, and you are beginning to focus more on travelling through the knowledge and wisdom and magic that lies purely within yourself.

These feelings are perfectly aligned with the next day’s event that occurred- the Lion’s Gate Portal. The Lion’s Gate falls on the same day every year- 8/8- and is a time when we, on earth, feel the rays of the star system Sirius most intensely (and through numerological significance). Sirius is said to be our spiritual sun, and when its rays bounce off of our own sun’s and onto earth, we are provided with greater access to awakenings, healing energies, psychic energies, connection to and understanding of self and self-potential, and our connection to Universe as a whole.

The Portal Magic workshop that I hosted in Ann Arbor, MI, was on that day, specifically, to utilise its energies, and golly-gee… let me tell you- it was potent. We accessed some incredible sound healing and light healing frequencies that frankly blew my mind. People were shaking and crying tears of joy and relief, afterwards. This portal day is one of my favourites, and I hope that you were able to access its energies and experience its magic- and your magic- in a new and profound way.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 11th, provides us with yet another portal opportunity in several ways.

Firstly, it is the 11th day of the month. The number 11 is inherently a portal, as when you look at 1 and 1 next to each other, they create an image of a threshold, or a doorway; a portal. This year, 2018, is a portal year in and of itself, as 2+0+1+8= 11, (you can read more about that, here) making 11’s extremely significant and overtly charged to quickly and easily access psychic information. 

Secondly, it is a new moon. The new moon this month falls in Leo. (if you’ve been to my Astrology 101 class, you’ll know that that is because the sun is in Leo. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should come- I’m teaching it again at Sweetgrass & Sage Burn Festival at the end of the month!) Leo is a fire sign, and will help: 1) Burn away things that no longer serve you and 2) Help you light the match that created the spark for new, great things. This new moon is about owning yourself in a big way, especially because just like the last new moon, this new moon will feel like a full one, because…

Thirdly, it is a supermoon. This means that the moon will be closest in towards the earth’s atmosphere, meaning that energies will be heightened!

Fourthly, there is a full solar eclipse during this new moon, as visible from the lower hemisphere (be sure to wear your glasses!!). Eclipses are often gateways to be able to see things from another perspective, to be able to witness things that we may have been blinded by when drenched in light but that present their true nature in the shadows, and to start anew. This solar eclipse will fall in the sign of Leo (because that’s where the sun and moon are, and a solar eclipse is when the moon rides in front of the sun), just as last year’s total solar eclipse did over North America and parts of Europe. Going back to Sirius, this gives way for its rays to drench the earth even further, meaning that this eclipse is yet another way for greater spiritual healing, an upleveling of humankind, and huge awakenings to permeate our atmosphere. Rawr.

And lastly, the Perseid meteor shower- one of the most fantastical meteor showers of the year- is occurring that day as well as on Sunday the 12th. It is possible that you will be able to see over 60 meteors per hour (AKA shooting stars), and on a moonless night- so long as you have a clear forecast and low light pollution- they should no doubt be in full visibility. There are many ways in which this is significant:

  1. Meteors are burning up debris in space, i.e., fire. And we have LOTS of fire going on with the new supermoon and total solar eclipse in Leo, along with the dual fire-water energies of Sirius.

  2. The Perseid meteor shower originates from the constellation Perseus, named after the Greek hero who cut off the head of the Medusa. He did so with winged sandles from the messenger god, Hermes (Mercury), and a shield from the goddess of justice and wisdom, Athena. Thus, it is a good time to reflect upon what gifts you have been given for communication, for wisdom, for law, or for justice. It is a good time to reflect upon how those gifts have helped you to slay your demons. It is also a good time to ask how you can further those gifts in order to continue to slay both what is harming others, and what is keeping you from walking your path.

  3. The idea of “wish upon a star”… what 60-90 wishes (or more) do you have to make, tomorrow night? Reflect upon these… Are they in your greatest interest? Do they have to do with controlling the will of others? Are they steeped in the ego?

  4. And lastly, a gift from above/Universe/the heavens/other dimensions- I don’t care; whatever you want to call it. Wherever it’s coming from. Gifts are illuminating themselves to you, everywhere. It is a great time to think about- and express gratitude towards- where gifts are appearing in your everyday life.

So… What is the overall energy going on, here?

In sum:

This time is about embracing yourself, embracing your magic, opening up to new healing and psychic potential, burning away what no longer serves you, wiping the slate clean, and starting anew.

This time is about allowing yourself the space to ROAR! To own yourself. To own your purpose and your message. And to walk into the world like you mean it with a wry smile and a chance to heal the world.

Much love, as always,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

PS- Want a ritual for this new moon? Become a D2S patron and get one every month at the new moon, full moon, and solar events!


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