Full Moon in Capricorn (28 June 2018)

Image by Thomas Shellberg

Image by Thomas Shellberg

The horns have been blown, and you are being called to the top of your mountain.

Lots of intricacies are wrapped in the throes of this full moon, which falls in the sign of Capricorn. This full moon falls amidst a large retrograde season (read more about that here and here), and just before eclipse season (read about that here). The energies are potent, and it’s possible that you may feel challenged and/or bogged down at this point in life.

Capricorn is the sign of the ram or the mountain goat, bringing with it a resounding need to work towards goals and accomplishments; to lift yourself up the mountain, hoof by hoof, until you reach the top whilst standing tall within yourself.

Capricorn tends to be the most emotional of the earth signs, giving way for us to truly feel into our emotions, taking the time to understand how they ground us into our daily lives, and how they take shape in our physical bodies.

As we have been granted time to slow down and wade through our emotions, already, what with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars all retrograde (with Mercury and Uranus still to come), this full moon gives you the container to be able to fully feel those emotions in a way that can help to propel you towards an enrichment in your life.

As you sink into the energy of this moon- which will be at its fullest on 28 June around 1am EST- take the time to really feel into your body. What do you need to be eating differently? What do you need to continue to eat? Are you drinking enough water? Do you need to cut back on or stop alcohol or drug use? Are you treating your body with kind words and actions? Are your sexual outlets healthy, safe, loving, and compassionate? Are you feeling pain or discomfort in your body that needs to be addressed? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you releasing what you need to- physically- on a regular basis? How are you listening your body, and how would you like to answer to it in a more honouring way?

Take time, too, to really feel how emotion lives in your body. When you feel anxious, do you get knots in your gut? Or maybe your head starts to spin? When you feel joy do you feel your chest light up and expand? Or maybe you feel your cheeks start to tingle? When you feel stressed, maybe you feel your shoulders start to hurt and tense. Where do you feel emotions in your body? How do they make themselves known to you in a physical way?

Energetically, this moon in particular feels very tied to the new moon in Capricorn in December, just before the start of the year. That new moon felt a lot about new beginnings, setting new goals, and pursuing the passions in life that you have been wanting to pursue for a long time. Going back to that time, think about how far you’ve gotten in terms of accomplishments (and yes, getting out of bed in the morning counts… or even just waking up at all), and also think about any setbacks you may have had in the last six months.

Now is the time to analyse those setbacks. Not in a way in which you are getting down on yourself or beating yourself up, but in a way in which you are able to look at your setbacks as learning experiences; examples of what not to do, or trials to show you ways in which you can do things differently.

**Now is the time to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and fully feel the emotion of what it would be like to actually accomplish what it is that you are wanting to accomplish. By feeling the emotion of it, you are helping to manifest it. And by helping to manifest it, you will start to set your brain and your heart into motion, and ideas will be set a-spark. You will be able to ground down into yourself, your emotions, and your ideas, until they all become one, and they all become a reality- one helping the other to exist.**


This full moon is about

  • Feeling yourself in your physical body

  • Feeling yourself in your emotional body

  • Feeling the intersection of your emotional body and your physical body (because really, they're one and the same, anyways)

  • Understanding how emotion can create healthy drive

  • Looking at your past setbacks as lessons for troubleshooting

  • Using those setbacks as a map for how to do things differently, now

  • Working on living the passion of your life, and pulling it- and yourself- to the very top

Enjoy the beauty of this full moon; of your physicality; of your emotions; of the way they meld together; of your drive and ability to accomplish exactly what it is that you want to. Because you absolutely can.

Much love as always,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

PS- Want to learn more about the magic of the moon? And you’re in Grand Rapids? Workshop at 6:30pm tonight with a ritual to follow. More details, here. Email doorwaytoself@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Space is limited.


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