The Underbelly of Communication: July's Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius


Run away, and don’t look back.

No, don’t actually, but…

You will want to. You will want to feel like you are very far away, just like the full moon will be from the earth on Friday, 27 July. It is because of this that you may find it a bit more difficult to come in tune into daily life, and you may find yourself daydreaming or resenting the need to be present in your daily dealings.

But wait- there’s more! This full moon is also a total lunar eclipse (as visible from most of the southern hemisphere). This means that it will be eclipsed by the earth’s shadow, making it feel farther away than it already physically is. You will be drawn to introversion, feeling forlorn and turned off from your social circles.

You see, this far away, totally eclipsed moon falls in the air sign of Aquarius, and while Aquarius is famous for being extremely social, it is likely that the last thing you will want to do is be social. In fact, don’t be too surprised if you start to become very annoyed by and pick apart your entire social group. You may become angry, feel deceived, feel slighted, or feel taken advantage of by the people you have called “friends”. Just remember to breathe, try to look at both sides, and do your best to see where they might be coming from in this situation whilst still honouring your boundaries, dignity, and need for respect.

Of course, the day prior to this full moon and lunar eclipse, our friend Mercury- the famous planet of communication- will turn retrograde. It is likely that you have already been feeling the effects of this (for more info, check this article out, here) for the last few weeks as it began to prepare for retrograde motion.

So here are some ideas for this full moon:

  1. Do nothing. Literally lock yourself in your place of dwelling or in some nearby woods and gaze at the moon through your window or through the trees, and don’t allow yourself to be disturbed,

  2. Do ritual by yourself

  3. Do ritual with someone else, but both in your respective spaces, maybe with minimal talking

  4. Go on a vacation (only if you’re okay with things not going as planned)

  5. Spend your time meditating or astral travelling

Be sure to be gentle to yourself during this full moon. It is likely that you are already feeling the heaviness of it, which is strange, given that it will be fullest in an air sign. Deep wounding is likely to unveil itself to reveal that its scarring has not fully healed, and that it is vulnerable to being torn open, again. Give yourself compassion in these assailable moments. Remember: it is allowing yourself to feel weak that gives you leave to find strength.

Also remember that every story has another side, every grass has another shade. You are going to be particularly sensitive at this point in time, and that is okay. But keep in mind that others are going to be particularly sensitive at this point in time, as well, and that everyone- not just you- is going to be more heightened, and therefore more likely to take things personally. If you get into conflict, remember to talk respectfully with the other person, and to keep an open mind that perhaps your are taking things too personally; maybe the issue had nothing to do with you, at all.

You are also likely to feel spiritually frustratedYou will want to feel “up”- to “ascend”- to experience deep psychic openings, but you will also be feeling weighed down, potentially tired or drained, and unable- or too exhausted- to reach the heights that you were wanting and hoping to reach. Be kind and patient with yourself. You have your whole life ahead of you. Not everything needs to happen all at once, and not everything needs to happen on this exact full moon. If what you end up doing is passing out at 7pm, then so be it- that’s what your body, mind, and soul needs; that’s what you need; and that’s what matters.

Best of luck to you on this full moon.

Be sure to rest, to breath, to hydrate, and to give yourself permission to care for yourself.

All the love in the world,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

-PS: Don’t forget to become a 2nd-tier D2S patron at and receive a full moon ritual for this week, and another one every month to come!


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