New Supermoon and Solar Eclipse: New Perspective, and Confronting Emotion

Image by Matt Nelson

Image by Matt Nelson

It’s odd, when the Universe tips things on their heads. I normally don’t write articles for new moons- article for Full Moon, guided meditation on YouTube for New Moon. But in this case, I felt it important. Why? Because this New Moon is going to act like a Full Moon.

In my last article, I stated that I regretted not posting an article for last month’s new moon in Gemini. This is why:

We are in a different season: Retrograde season (read more here and here), Supermoon season (with last month’s new moon, this new moon, and the next new moon on 11 August) all being Supermoons, and Eclipse season (which you can read about, here, with a partial solar eclipse during this new moon cycle as visible from southeastern Australia and parts of Antarctica, a total lunar eclipse as visible from the southern hemisphere on 27 July during the full moon, and a partial solar eclipse during the new moon on 11 August as visible from northeastern Canada, Iceland, Greenland, and northeast Asia). So… basically lots of seasons.

But what does this mean? This means that Universe is making everything slow down, go topsy turvy, and maybe a little backwards. In other words, it is bringing complete balance to all of our lives by flipping the scenario a bit.

There is a theory in Family Systems Therapy about turning the picture 180 degrees: When the family is stuck in a situation, it is usually because they are stuck in a cyclical pattern. When that cyclical pattern is turned on its head and broken, that’s when the family members can begin to see their way out of their stuckness.

Right now, Universe is turning our picture. By giving New Moons- symbolic of letting go, shedding the old, welcoming the new, starting new projects, introspection, etc.- the big energy of Full Moons, it is helping us to truly dig deep and shed what it is that we really need to. As paired with all of the retrograde cycles in motion, this will likely pertain to childhood beliefs, traumas, and thought-patterns, especially in relation to your concept of Self.

It is also helping us to be able to truly act upon whatever projects we are wanting to push ourselves to get a move-on with. This is the time to start that thing you’ve been putting at the end of your brain’s To-Do list for months. DO it.

While normally I would caution against making big decisions during the time of an eclipse, (within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after) as the mind is also usually eclipsed, in this case I would say put your business hat on. Jupiter is going direct the day before this new moon, and it is likely that you started to feel that shift a few weeks prior. This means new openings in business, career opportunities, money flow, and social justice.

The fact that this new moon is a Supermoon, as well, means that it will be stronger and more “felt” than the average moon- full or not- and being that it is in a New phase brings clarity and excitement to the situation. But… use your judgement. Do what is best for you. You will know, in your gut, if a decision being made is a decision that needs to be made then and there, and if it is in your best interest, or not.

Additionally, something that I have not mentioned, yet, is that the comet Chiron will be going Retrograde on the 5th of July. Chiron symbolises our “wounded healer” within, and much of the Chiron retrograde cycle (which goes until December) will actually lend us time- time to heal, time to introspect, time to really ask ourselves what modalities we want and need to feel safer, more secure, more taken care of, and more at peace. This will also enhance intuition, and I truly believe that you will make whatever decisions are exactly best for you and your personal healing endeavours.

Furthermore, this new moon will occur in the sign of Cancer- a water sign, and the most sensitive of all signs. What this means is that you will be paying extra care to exactly what you need emotionally and spiritually. This is especially true in relation to who you are surrounding yourself with. Ideas about trust and/or boundaries are likely to come up, and this is a good time to flesh those out: Who do you trust, and where are your boundary lines?

With the moon being a Supermoon in the sign of Cancer, and with this solar eclipse, expect for a fluctuation of inward versus outward energy with this New Moon. You may feel very deeply connected to the world outside of you and the energies that are intensely raised, and then retreat back inside yourself, and then poke yourself back out again a few hours later. Emotions may feel to be either very heavy, very jarring, or both. You could also feel completely numb to emotion, in which case you may want to ask yourself what emotions you are eclipsing yourself from.

Lastly, the full supermoon on the 1st of the year occurred in the sign of Cancer. This is how we started our year out. This is our 2018 theme. It is no coincidence that we would have a super full moon and a super new moon in the same astrological sign within 6 months of each other- Universe is helping us to truly get in touch with our emotions. This. Is. The time. The time to allow yourself to FEEL- truly- whatever it is that you are feeling; whatever it is that you NEED to feel. Whatever it is that you've BEEN NEEDING to feel for a long time. Let yourself cry. Let yourself laugh. Let yourself yell and feel your face burn hot. Let your stomach clench up in anxiety. Let yourself smile. Let yourself feel.

So, what’s really happening:

On 12 July (or 13, depending on where you are in the world)..

  • -The moon will be new in the sign of Cancer

  • -It will be a Supermoon (when the moon is closest to the earth’s atmosphere)

  • -There will be a solar eclipse (please use proper eye gear for viewing if you are able to see it)

What this means:

This is a great time to…

  • -Trust in yourself

  • -Set guidelines for yourself that help you define who you trust and what trust means to you

  • -Set a new moral or boundary guidelines

  • -Go within

  • -Spend time listening to yourself, your wants, your needs, where you hurt, and how you can help yourself to stop hurting

  • -Go for a swim

  • -Take a bath

  • -Connect with water, in general

  • -Start new projects, especially projects that you keep saying you want to do but don’t ever do

  • -Heal

  • -Let go

  • -Feel the magic in nature and connect with it through harvesting and unleashing the magic within yourself

Happy New Moon and so Much Love,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

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