Summer Solstice Ritual

Photo by Rachel Leah Gerson

Photo by Rachel Leah Gerson

The Summer Solstice is the time of the year when the sun rules over nature. It is the longest day and the shortest night, bringing us warmth, growth, and new heights to our growth. I specifically feel that this year's solstice has a theme of Self-Care, and really taking a time out to do something for YOU! Here is a small ritual that I have created to help you tap in in a deeper way:

Summer Solstice Ritual

What you need:

  • The sun or a candle (and something to light it) or both

  • A glass or jar (avoid plastic)

  • A clear quartz crystal, sunstone, or stone of your choice that reminds you of the sun

  • Yourself

  1. Sit in the sunlight or in the light of the flame, preferably at sunrise, the sun’s highest point, sunset, or all three

  2. Set the jar or glass in the sunlight and hold your crystal

  3. Use this time to connect with the sun or flame. Close your eyes and allow its light to penetrate through your eyelids. Now is a time to envision what you need for YOU- what Self Care are you missing in your life, currently? Put your intentions into the stone. Whenever you need Self Care, or a reminder to take a time out to be with you, for you, hold this stone and allow all of the love and light that you put into it to fill you.

  4. Thank the sun for all that it gives you. How it lights your day, how it reflects the light within you, how it sheds light on your shadows so you can become aware of the parts of yourself that you’d like to work on. Thank it for its heat, for starting and ending every day, for making the flowers grow, for all of its nutrients that it provides you with.

  5. Aware of all these things, pick up your glass, and hold it in both hands (either setting the crystal aside, putting it in your lap, or placing it in the jar). Feel all of the gratitude filling the cup, along with the light of the sun. You can now either “drink” the energy from the jar, or seal it to hold a part of the sun in your home.

This is a highly personal thing. If you’d like to keep your take-aways to yourself, please do. But if you want to share, feel free to post a picture of your jar or stone and tag @doorwaytoself using the hashtag #summersolsticeritual

Much love and happy solstice!
xx Rachel at D2S 💚🌞

PS- This ritual is FOR YOU and about YOU! If you see anything that needs adding, subtracting, or substitution, PLEASE do so! There is no right or wrong. There's just doing what feels 'right' for you <3 xxxx

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