BIG Planetary Shifts!

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That shadow work keeps getting deeper and deeper, folks!

So you may remember the article I published in April, talking about Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury retrograde, and the article that I published shortly thereafter about Jupiter retrograde.

Whelp… now that we’re pretty acclimated to those shifts, new ones are coming in, and, in fact, have already begun. We have two things going on: 1) Major planetary shifts, and 2) Big things going on with the sun and moon.

Today marks the beginning of the Neptune retrograde cycle, though you have likely been feeling the shift for the last week or three. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and illusion, and is retrograding (appears to be moving backwards in the night sky from our vantage point) in the sign of Pisces, which is a water sign that also governs spirituality, wisdom, and dreamtime.

What to expect:

  • Masks are being pulled off

  • You are beginning to see the true man behind the curtain

  • You have been (or will be) thrown a caveat that makes you question your religious or spiritual beliefs… perhaps even beliefs that have been with you for a long period of time

  • You may feel a little lost

  • Philosophical questions like “Why am I here?” “What even are we?” “Do we even exist?” may begin to play out in your mind

  • Strange dreams at night

  • The questioning of deep relationships that are tied-in with your spiritual or religious beliefs

Neptune will be retrograde until 25 November 2018.

The next large planetary shift (and you can really expect to feel this one, if you haven’t felt it already) is on 26 June, when Mars goes retrograde. This one is really potent. Mars is the planet that governs passion through rage. It is the planet that- where anger is sparked, so is drive and a want to fight for what is right. Mars is the reason for advocacy, activism, freedom of speech, human rights, etc. When direct, these things are at a height- we tend to feel truly motivated to keep going and moving forward and fighting for what is right. However, when Mars goes retro, there is a tendency for slowing down, taking the time to integrate all that you have put your energy into thus far, and just taking a break for yourself.

It will be retrograding in the sign of Aquarius, at first, before it moves into the sign of Capricorn on 12 August, where it will be stationed retrograde until 27 August 2018 when it turns direct. Aquarius is the air sign of spiritual enlightenment, and Capricorn is the earth sign of straight-forward getting things done with a big splash of emotion.

What to expect:

  • A general, overall, slowing down

  • Time to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and CHILL OUT!

  • Time to take a look at what you have put out into the world (whether energy-wise, physically, emotionally, etc.), and understand how it relates to you on a personal, internal level

  • In some cases, coming together with people who have opposite viewpoints to calmly and rationally talk things out

  • Time for yourself away from work and away from advocacy

Alright, so, to recap what’s happening physically and astrologically with the planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto (yes, Pluto is a planet- don’t make me say it, again!) are already retrograde. Neptune turns fully retrograde today (18 June). Mars turns retro on 26 June. There are more major shifts to come in July and August, so expect more articles on those in the coming months.

And here’s what’s likely happening on an emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, physical level for you: You are diving into the depths of yourself on every level. It’s been time for some major shadow work, and you’ve either been facing it or you haven’t. Mars retrograde isn’t going to allow you to stop facing it, any longer- especially in tandem with what the sun and moon are doing, right now. So be prepared to be cut wide open, and don’t be afraid to feel every emotion, ever.

The Sun:

Summer solstice is this Thursday- the 21st- in the Northern Hemisphere (it’s Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). What this means is that the sun is at its highest point in the sky, and it is the longest day of the year. Energetically, this is a special time- everything must go out of balance at some point before coming back to balance. This is that time. The light is heavier than the dark. The hot is definitely here and the cold has gone. The day wins over the night. And growth is at its highest height!

Take this time to soak it all in. Spend time outside and get some vitamin D. Appreciate the sun, and appreciate the sun inside of yourself. Honour your brightness. Honour your light. Perhaps you’d like to wake for sunrise and do a meditation, or- if you’re a night owl like I am- maybe you’d like to take the time to honour the sun as it sets. Or to be out at high noon and celebrate the height of the sun!

The Moon:

We just came out of the new supermoon in Gemini- the first of three supermoons in a row. The next two will be on 13 July in the sign of Cancer and 11 August in the sign of Leo (which is also the time of a huge energy called “Lion’s Gate” which you can read about, here). I’ll be honest- I regret not writing an article about this last new moon, as it was so potent, but you can find the video that I made about it, here.

So what is a supermoon? A supermoon is when the moon is the closest to the earth’s atmosphere. This can happen at any point in time, but tends to have the most effect over us when the moon is new or full. In this case- for this supermoon triad in June, July, and August- the moon is closest to earth when it is new.

So what does this mean? When you look at the tides of the ocean, they wax and wane in accordance with the moon. When the moon is closest to the earth, it affects the tides more vastly- and if we’re made up of over 70% water and salt, then wouldn’t we be effected in the same way? The answer is yes.

With this last new supermoon in Gemini, many of us were tested on our ability to be social and also take time for ourselves. We were reminded of how important close friends are, how important it is to be able to trust those people, how important it is to be able to trust yourself, and how much you need time for yourself where you weren’t taking it, before. It brought the focus back to you- what do you want? What do you need? What do you need to do for you?

The Sun and The Moon:

Additionally, the next two super new moons are going to partially eclipse the sun, bringing us into eclipse season. In between those two partial solar eclipses, we will also have the full moon on 27 July, which will be a total lunar eclipse. Check out this map to see where you will be able to view these eclipses from.

So what does this mean? Eclipses are a time when we can see what’s been hidden in the shadows. Think about when you are walking down a path at night. If there are a ton of lights surrounding you from up on high, it’s much harder to see the path. But if all of the lights are out, once your eyes adjust it is much easier to see the path. Same idea.

Eclipses can also represent an ‘eclipse in judgement’. Be sure that if you really have to make an important decision during this period of time (within 2 weeks on either side of an eclipse, so.. in this case, because we have an eclipse on 13 July, 27 July, and 11 August, any important decision between the beginning of July thru the end August), take your time to be truly sure that this decision is in your best interest. Why are you making it? Who are you making it for? What will it change in your life? Etc.

Eclipses are also gateways into the otherworld, and we can talk about that in the next article. But basically, these few months are very potent for accessing psychic information.

To wrap up:

We have a TON of things going on in the next few months! Be sure to check in with yourself on a regular basis. Be sure to implement time for yourself to reflect, take time to rest, and dive into some big self-care. I would also recommend having a professional support system- whether it be a mental health professional, a coach, a metaphysical practitioner, a spiritual counsellor… really anyone to help guide you through the massive shifts that are- and will continue to be- happening within yourself, and within the larger whole of society.

Sending you lots of love and the strength to get through!

xx Rachel at D2S <3

PS- Want to stay ahead of the rest of the astrological calendar for this year? Check it out, here.


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