Endless Opportunity: Full Moon in Sagittarius

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The fire within is growing wild; untamed. Now is the time. Your greatest deepest passions and purpose are unleashing- you have no excuse with which to quell them. And Universe will continue to remind you of that. You will be presented with endless endeavours that will support you on your path; the clearing is bright and paved, and the sun- and your inner burning- light and lead the way.

That thing that you’ve always wanted to do- that you’ve always felt called to do but never have, because you’ve been afraid? (Whether of yourself, or of getting shut down, or of the world not being ready for it, or of judgment, or whatever.) It is time to do that thing. It is time to make that happen.

On Monday, 29 May 2018, the moon will be fullest in the fire sign of Sagittarius, bringing endless opportunities for, well… opportunities!

You will be approached by new people or new adventures on the horizon- the possibilities through which you might execute your desires are endless. This could look like anything from getting a large sum of money that you were not expecting, to meeting someone high up in the company you’ve been wanting to work for, to getting into your programme of choice in school, to being offered a stipend for travel, to finding your dream house- suddenly, to meeting someone who wants to be your partner in business or in romance or in life or in everything, or all of the above! The idea of the reality of serendipity will never be a question in your mind, again, after this full moon energy has done its work.

In the last full moon article we delved a bit into the meaning of Pluto and Saturn retrograde, but I shied away from talking about Jupiter retrograde, as it did not seem to fit with the given theme; now it does.

Jupiter has been retrograde in the sign of Scorpio since the beginning of March, and will remain so until 10 July. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, of shining truth (especially in the sign of Scorpio), managing successes, and business endeavours.

So why does it make sense that all of this abundance would be coming along, right now? The thing is, people see the word “retrograde” and automatically think that it is a negative. It’s not. What retrograde means is, “going back in position or time”. It is the allowance for us to be able to slow down, look back on the dealings that we initiated in the rushed states of our lives, and slowly begin to either correct them, learn from, or accommodate them.

In other words, the fact that this Sagittarian full moon falls amidst the very middle of this Jupiter retrograde cycle has done just this:

The beginning of the retrograde cycle allowed us to slow down and look at our spending and leading habits. It allowed us to look at our career lives through the lens of, where was I, where am I headed, where do I WANT to head, and how can I move in this stepped-back position to be able to get there.

And now we are in the middle of that cycle- we have taken a step back to look at where we’ve come and where our patterns have led us to and where we would like to set our trajectory. We have begun to see where we missed slots of puzzle pieces and started to fill those spots in, and we have been getting more insight on where we would like to go in our lives and what we need to do to get there. Our sparks have been lit. Our passions have been set, and… voila! The fiery, Sagittarian full moon has come to ignite our process!

So what’s happened is that there tend to be SO many societal expectations about the onset and choice of career in peoples’ lives that we don’t usually allow ourselves the time to fully sit with what our choices might mean to us. We don’t take the time to fully sit with how our values and morals fit into what we have chosen to do. We haven’t taken the time to fully sit with how it feels, in the body, to follow this path.

What Jupiter retrograde has done for us is that it has given us the time to sit with all of those things and more, and to give us the opportunity to put plans in place to take our lives and make them ours, rather, than other peoples’ opinions turned live.

And now that we have a grasp on where we are and how we would like to proceed, living our own lives, the full moon energy is showing up for us in the fullest of ways (literally). Your manifestations will make themselves apparent in the fastest and most unexpected of ways. Remembering that Pluto and Saturn are still retrograde, as well, there could quite possibly be lessons that tag along with these gifts from Universe. But the main point of this moon is to rejoice in possibility; rejoice in your life igniting itself into the reality you have been working towards; rejoice in gratitude for the freedom to live life in alignment with the world open and accepting of your passions and efforts- no matter what it is that you bring to it.


As always,

Much love,

xx Rachel at D2S <3


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