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I was already on Jordan Lee Rookus’s table in Sacred Expressions on Wealthy when he said, “It’s just amazing how much I love the work I do. Art just has this way of being everything for me, like I can use it to give other people an experience, but there’s also so much spiritual transformation in it for me, too, you know?”

“I absolutely do,” I replied.

My eyes were closed as Jordan held my ear in his hand, cradling it as though it were especially precious to him, and drew the constellation of Scorpio around the rim.

He cradled it as though it were precious to him because it was: it was a blank canvas.

“I can really tell how passionate you are about what you do,” I said through a big grin.

“Thank you.” He paused for a moment as he concentrated on my ear.

I could feel him smile, heart pouring over his pen. I specifically wanted Jordan to tattoo me because when I met him, I knew that a tattoo session with him wouldn’t just be a tattoo session- it would be a healing, as well.

Perhaps they call it “Sacred Expressions” for that exact reason.

“I really am,” he continued, suddenly. “To a point where I don’t fully understand it, and the people around me don’t get it, either, but we all just go with it. It’s just like, I get to do art, and I get to draw on peoples’ bodies. The way it all just fits together and conforms to the lines of muscle and around the skin is just amazing to me.”

Listening to him talk, I could feel the room raise in temperature. A wash of marigold light swept the space, emanating from his entire being. I felt safe.

After I had checked out and approved the freehand, I got back on the table and closed my eyes.

I meditated through the majority of the work, focusing on the integration of this new, physical pigmentation of skin into my body, and the integration of all of the energy that it represented to me in to my cells.

The needle was soft and relaxing. I was focusing on its vibration, how even though it was a mechanism for integration, perhaps it was also a tool for cleansing and clearing- breaking up stagnancy between cells, cleaning away DNA imprints of things I didn’t want to remember to hear anymore; allowing for new things to come; for new whispers to make themselves known.

It truly was self-care: putting this image of such a huge part of myself (literally almost half of my chart is in Scorpio) physically on myself at such a poignant time in my life, and having the space held for me to be able to do that in such a powerful and delicate way.

And on top of that, it was like- knowing it or not- Jordan was helping to guide and smooth the energy around, his hand warm like a brother’s: soft and full of love. I felt like I was in a cocoon. Like I was there silently expressing myself, and I was allowed all of the space and time that I needed.

After a while when he could sense I was coming back into the room a bit more, he spoke. “So Scorpio, huh?” By this time he had moved to the back of my earlobe and was starting to tattoo the “M” with the tail symbol there.

“Yes,” I chuckled. “Yes, I definitely am.”

“You said you teach classes on astrology?” he asked as he folded my ear a little more to get a different angle, gently manoeuvring his fingers as though working with a delicate fabric.

“Yes, I do. I try to teach one in-person and one online workshop every month. I do Astrology 101, but I also do stuff like Psychic Abilities 101, Honouring Yourself as Your Own Ancestor, Numerology 101, Alchemising Your Life, and… yea, pretty much just whatever I really want to teach and whatever people are excited to learn.”

“That’s amazing,” he enthused. “See, you’re passionate about what you do, too. We’re lucky. To be doing what we love.”


“But we’re even just lucky to know what we love to do. To actually have a passion, at all. Some people have such a hard time finding that.”

“That’s so true. Many of the people who come into my office are looking for help with that.”

“It’s hard to watch.”

“It can be, but really it’s just incredible to watch them grow through their process, especially when they come out on the other side knowing what it is that they want to do. Just seeing them light up when they hit that gold.”

“That’s so true! I get a lot of that in here, too. It sounds weird, but it’s true. You know, it’s like, especially the people who have never gotten a tattoo before and they come in and get a full sleeve- OH! that is the best. Just to see them change, completely- their facial expression, their confidence, it’s really just… like, I don’t know if it’s the actual tattoo or the experience of getting it, or the fact that they’re able to express themselves, or what, but I swear there is really a big shift and it’s cool to see. Like they walk in here one person, and they walk out knowing who they are.”

“Yea,” I smiled. “I’ll bet… Well, you know, I think a big part of it is that people are finally feeling the need to peel away from what used to be social norms to find self-expression. It’s like, when you tattoo them it’s like bringing a part of the inside of them- of their core- to be brought out onto their skin to be witnessed; it’s like you’re helping people to bring their true selves to the surface to be seen in a physical, visual way.”


We both sat with those ideas for a while. That was such a huge reason why I was doing this. I really need to look like myself, instead of just merely feeling it.

He stopped the buzzing and gently wiped my ear.

“Alright, you want to go check it out?”

“Oh heck yea.” I slowly pulled myself up from the table, feeling strong in a new way, and I went and looked in the mirror to see myself in exactly the way that I had been dreaming of.

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Out loud I said, “Thank you so much! This is so amazing. This is beyond.”

And in my head I said, “Look out, World. Now you’re really gonna see me. And I’m gonna make you grow.”

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