Full Moon in Libra

Photo by Lane Jackman

Photo by Lane Jackman

When I first started learning astrology when I was 11, Libra was always one of the signs I would get confused about. It confused me that it was an air sign, rather than an earth sign.

Balance has seemed like such an earthly thing to me from that point until just recently, when it has been made very apparent as to why Libra is an air sign.

In order to be in balance, you have to rise above the situation to be able to see that it is level. You have to look at yourself from the outside in, get a bird’s eye view, and understand the puzzle from every angle.
Plus, if it’s all about balance… you can’t truly be balanced if you’re completely grounded, and you also can’t truly be balanced if you’re completely airy. It is easier to conceptualise the earth from the sky looking down, than it is to conceptualise the sky is from earth looking up.

Libra gives way for us to have perspective in order to be able to achieve balance.

This full moon is a bookend. As I discussed in the Virgo full moon article from the beginning of the month (which you can read, here), blue moons are like bookends: We come in with full energy and illumination, are given the time to sink into the shadows, read between the covers, and work our way through the material that life has given us to sift through in the month, and then we come back up to another point of illumination, in culmination.

i.e.: Whatever you started working on or working through at the beginning of this month is going to begin to feel peaceful, and at least some closure will come about surrounding it before you begin to pull its next layers to nibble on. (I just went from book simile to onion metaphor without warning. Maybe it’s a book about onions?)

So, that’s beautiful thing part A.

Beautiful thing part B is that you will also be feeling more confident in yourself, especially since January- the last blue moon cycle. You will be feeling more seasoned, more understanding, and really just… wiser, in the face of life. This moon being in the sign of Libra also compounds that wisdom. It takes a wise soul to make a true, nonpartisan judgment; to make sure that all is well in love and balance; to watch from above to be able to experience below.

This Libra full moon energy is also beautiful (part C) in tandem with the retrograde cycles.

This full blue moon in Libra could not be coming at a better time, this year. Of course, it is always around the time of the Spring Equinox where we have balance of night and day and darkness and light, but it does not always fall during Mercury Retrograde, or Jupiter Retrograde for that matter. (If you are not familiar with either of those things, you can check them out, here and here.)

Jupiter went Rx on the 8th, making us feel the need to spend money to make ourselves feel better. Okay. So… Tell me where the balance comes into play, there? Kinda self-explanatory. Balance energy helps us to remember to pull back and say, “Okay, where am I trying to supplement my emotions with material goods?” and also, “How can I better balance my spending and my budgeting at this time?”

Mercury went Retro on the 22nd (or 23rd, depending on where you are in the world), and Libra’s energy will help us to balance out, really, any sticky situation we find ourselves in. MR is notorious for helping to draw people into arguments, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. This wise, transcendent, Libra energy will help us to be able to see the other person’s perspective a little bit better, and it will help them to see ours more easily, as well. Libra will help us to see the bigger picture, help us to empathise with each other more easily, and help us come to compromise.

So how do these three work together? Oh, this is brilliant.

Scenario A: Jupiter is Retrograde. You want to spend money on a new car that you really don’t need and are pushing your budget for- but you really, really want it! And so you buy it. And then because Mercury is Retrograde, you have a pipe burst in your house and there’s tons of water damage, and because you just bought this car you can’t afford to pay the damages. Watch your wallet- you don’t know what you might need it for.

Scenario B: Jupiter is Retrograde. You want to spend money on a new car that you really don’t need and are pushing your budget for- but you really, really want it! And so you buy it. You share your earnings with your partner. You buy the car without communicating to your partner that this is something you’re doing. You pull up in the driveway… Boom. Argument. But I guess good ol' Libra full moon is here to help you balance out the argument a bit to help see each others' perspectives.

Scenario C: You understand that Jupiter is Retrograde. You really, really want that new car, but you know that it’s not really in your budget at the moment, and your partner would probably be upset if you spent that money without including them in the decision since your income is shared. Plus, your current car is just dandy. So you don’t buy the car, your partner isn’t upset with you, and when the pipes in your home burst, you are able to pay for it without a problem.

Scenario D: Everything in scenario C, EXCEPT, you test drive the car to get the itch out of your system a little bit, and then start saving up to buy it in the future after you’ve discussed it with your partner (most-likely after Jupiter goes direct again around 10 July). Thank you, full moon in Libra, for giving us a balanced approach in how to deal with the car-lust.

Okay- we talked retrograde planet energies. Now let’s talk some more Libra.

This moon is a great way to help you weed and sew your garden, both literally and figuratively. If you are a gardener, doing some nighttime landscaping under the light of the full moon could be an invigorating experience- and your garden will likely grow bright and luscious.

Figuratively, look into yourself to do some spring cleaning: What aspects of yourself could be discarded? Are you ready to stop eating fried food? Or maybe you don’t like the way that you snap at your best friend when they trigger you. Or perhaps you want to bring the TV watching down a notch. Negative self-talk? Anyone? Anyone? Oh… let the shadow work begin… muahahaha!

And… then filling what has now been cleaned out with new seeds and new growth… what would like to plant anew? What new patterns would you like to create in your life? Are you wanting to spend more time outside? Are you wanting to learn how to communicate more consciously? What about new, meaningful relationships? Or a new diet? A new hobby? New ways of interacting with Universe, completely? Seeking to find a new way to express a personality aspect within yourself?
…the options for both lists are endless. Tailor them to exactly what you need to help balance you out. Balance means letting things go and adding things in until they are fine-tuned and smoothed out; until we are healthiest, wholest versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.

So there’s that.

Nextly, what wisdom are we connected to in the astral that we need to bring down to earth? The most powerful version of our own power is when it is brought into this 3D physical dimension of ours. Your spiritual and energetic work will do absolutely nothing for anyone but yourself unless it is somewhat, somehow, grounded here on Earth. It can be brought down here purely through energetics, and it can also be brought down through physical (consensual!!) contact, through speaking and educating others on your downloads, by just merely feeling the energy of the download up in the ethers and feeling it come down through your toes and remarking, “It’s here”, or through a combination thereof.

What do you need to bring to earth to further enlighten and awaken and educate others? You are powerful, and you are as powerful as how you use what you were given.

With this moon- and really any moon- true magic will unveil itself to those who are open and ready.

Which brings us to this last idea.

With Mercury Retrograde, it is likely for us to experience lapses in time, whether that means time slowing down, speeding up, or even going backwards. There have been a few times that I have picked my phone up to check the time and I’ve literally watched- no joke- the clock turn from 10:31 to 10:30.

That said, discovering and undercovering how all of your "Selves" relate to you- your past life selves, your current life Self, your future life selves, and all of the versions of you from the age of conception until your current age and beyond- is very much connected to the energy of this moon.

As time is obsolete (thank you Mercury Rx), and Libra is about balance- which, yes, means balance between past, present, and future, if you’re a linear thinker- then basically all space and time is made available for you to learn from during this full moon… if you are ready for it. This is a truly powerful way to learn from yourself in every aspect.
Enjoy the empowering, invigorating, searing energy of this full moon as it breathes new life into you after helping you to breathe out the old.

Much love,

xx D2S <3

PS- If this full moon intrigues you, or if the moon, in general, intrigues you, I am hosting a workshop for the full moon in Grand Rapids, Mi, with a ritual to follow. If you are interested in attending, you can access the event, here.


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