Full Moon in Virgo

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On 1 March 2018, the moon grows full in the sign of Virgo at 11 degrees. There is no way the conscious efforts of this moon were not deliberate.

To recap: We started out this year- 2018, which adds to 11 and is therefore considered to be a 'portal year' (read the full explanation, here)- with a Blue Supermoon at 11 degrees on the first day of January. The 11 year is a portal. The date, 1-1, is a portal. The degree of sign in which the moon positioned itself, 11, was a portal. And lastly, thinking of a blue moon- having two full moons in one month- as a bookend- is a portal. We start with high raised energy, work our shadows out in the middle, and then rise up again. 

February gave us the time and space to let go. There were no full moons- the illumination came through the darkness. The new moon in the middle of the month acted as our big lunar event for all of February, and thus, it seemed to carry extra weight and perspective. Additionally, it seemed to give us the extra space to wade through ourselves as new moons tend to do, but it also brought along with it the creative forces and inspirations that usually come with a full moon.

So now we’re all caught up to this month of March. On this first day of March, we will experience the first of two full moons. So, once again, we are starting at a pinnacle, dropping down to brush away what did not serve us, and then coming back out full force, once again.

This series of moons acts to parallel what we experienced in January. Universe has this funny way of having us take two steps forward, really learning and getting excited about something, then having us take one step backward as we take the time to throw something in our own way to halt the learning process so that we can integrate what we have already learned, and also so that we can prepare ourselves for what’s to come in our continuation that we were not prepared for the first time around. Then, once we fully work through whatever shadows came up that first time around and feel prepared to move forward, it puts in front of us the very next step we need to take, and we move two steps forward, once again.

There was a reason for that rant. Look at the pattern: 2 full moons in January (2 steps forward), no full moons in February (one step back), and 2 full moons in March (2 steps forward). This full moon is the first of the series in picking back up at the place we left off in our actualisation process in January.

January 1st came around and we were learning and growing and all of this new information was coming in. And we grew and grew and grew that information until we hit some sort of wall in our lives- a relationship bust, a health problem, someone from our past reappearing unexpectedly, the unleashing of a repressed traumatic memory, financial stressors, the introduction of a new person in your life to whom you have karmic ties, things going bonkers at work, family drama, whatever- that forced us to slow down and look at what was going on around us in this human, physical world of ours, and integrate that high-level energetic information.

So now… Now is the time to start picking back up where we left off. Now that we’ve taken the time to slow down, deal with our humanness, integrate all that we learned in January into our daily lives, and look at our shadows, we are able to come back to the work that we had started before in a way that is much more grounded, stable, and mature, and in a way that has more background information and less cobwebs to clear away.

The fact that this moon is full at 11 degrees Virgo is the most beautiful support for that. An earth sign, the moon in Virgo will help to keep us grounded. I like to think of it as a perfect parallel to the springtime: The plants are antsy to bloom, and so are we. But the plants are still rooted in the ground, and we are still rooted in human bodies. The full moon is an emotional object, reigning over the tides and over our personal tides, and the sign of Virgo is very grounded, tidy, and organised. It is the perfect balance.

And speaking of balance, that seems to be the larger, overarching energetic theme this month (and it is something I will be doing an Activation on in the FeelTank on the Equinox, which you can sign up for, here). Specifically, Universe is giving us the space to find the balance between the masculine and the feminine, and the balance between being grounded and living in more psychic spaces. It is our job at this point to really feel into those energies and understand where they are unbalanced in our personal lives, and how to be able to shift the weights so that they can balance themselves out even more. Use the energy of this moon to find your footing where you lost it before.

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. We are merely innocent beings who are trying to figure it all out for what seems like the first time. The two moons in January were simply a taste of what was to come; a taste of what we would be stepping into in this month of March. This is where the real work begins. This is the true beginning of our 11 year. And, naturally, during this month of March we will be moving into the sun sign of Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac. And spring- the ‘first season’- is also beginning. So it really is a new year!

When looking at March numerologically, March is the 3rd month of the year, and therefore carries the vibration of the number 3. Three is the number of The Communicator. As we are moving through this growth process and continuing to learn ourselves, it would do all of us good to communicate our process. Bounce ideas off a trusted friend. Go to counselling. Have a session with a healer. Really talk about what is happening in your life and in your process so that you can truly sort out the details and understand where you are, where you've been, and how to best move forward. The thing about 3 is that it is also about time and transformation (i.e., child, adult, crone; born, alive, dead; past, present, future; morning, day, night; etc.). Communicate your transformation in whatever creative way you deem most powerful and evolutionary for your personal process.

This moon can also be a time of writing and fulfilling resolutions: Write what you would like to manifest, learn, understand, or work on during this first full moon, and use the rest of the month to really dive into that so that it might be more understood (or even come into fruition, if you’re ready for it to!) by the full blue moon in Libra at the end of the month. And, let’s suppose you are working on balance… well, Libra is literally the sign of balance, so it would look like you- in the virgin sign- learning how to balance out until it is actualised and reinforced. I think that’s pretty dang cool. Thanks, Universe.

So, to sum up this moon: Virgo. 11 degrees. Full. First of two in the month of March. Earth sign. Good for grounding. Theme is to re-start what you already started and took some time away from, but actually starting it for real, this time. Other theme is balance. Other thing is creating something that can be fulfilled or expanded on through the blue moon at the end of the month. We are in the month of March, which is a 3 vibration: communicate your process and brainstorm with others.

While we’re at it, here are a few more things to be aware of this month:

  • Mercury and Venus both enter Aries on the 6th, bringing a real newness and passion to our communication, our relationships, and our manifest endeavours.

  • Jupiter goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on the 8th until 10 July. What this means: Watch your wallet. Are you spending money on frivolous things? Are you focusing too much on the appearance of things, rather than their true depth and meaning? When it comes to spending money, do so with great care in terms of a) doing your research, b) listening to your gut, and c) making sure that there is true purpose to your doing so. Nothing to be worried about. Just everything to be mindful of.

  • The new moon falls in Pisces on the 17th. Look out for my noontime EST live chat and guided meditation on Facebook and Instagram that day! And if you miss it? You can catch the recording later on YouTube!

  • Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on the 22nd. If you want to know more about how to handle yourself and the world around you during this thang that happens, you can find more here and here.

  • The full blue moon falls in Libra on the 31st and you can feel the ants in your pants in anticipation (get it, ant-icipation?) as you await yet another full moon article for that time.

That’s all for now!

Have a happy Virgo full moon, a beautiful spring, March, and leap into the astrological new year. So much love to you as you continue to grow and blossom into your badass self.

Much love,

xx D2S <3

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