So what is this thing that we call Saturn…


Those of you who have worked with me one-on-one are used to me asking you if you have reached the beautiful age of somewhere between 27-30, yet. That’s because every 27-29.5 years Saturn returns to the same astrological sign in the night sky that it was in when you were born.

This is what we wyrdos call a “Saturn Return”. Saturn is the sternest planet of them all, asking us to level up and see if we have learned all of the lessons that we’ve needed to learn; if we’ve truly faced ourselves, or even if we’ve truly seen ourselves, at all! It asks us to find the deepest, purest, essence of our energy and bring it to the surface.

Many people who have not faced themselves or their life’s true purpose by that point in time are likely to experience some sort of upheaval in their lives: divorce, exposure of repressed memories, break-ups with friends and family members, quitting their jobs, losing someone close to them, moving, or anything else that really just… shakes things up.

This is not a bad thing. This is Saturn’s way of allowing us to clear out our closets, clear out our whole darn lives, and live more authentically. It is giving us permission to be who we have always been at the core of ourselves and let it loose into the world with a smile on our faces (after all the many possible tears, of course). And if you don’t learn everything in the 2-3 years that it’s transiting your Saturn sign when you’re 27-30? That’s fine. You’ll have another chance somewhere between ages 54-60.  And again at 81-90 if you make it there.

So now that you’re freaking out, potentially, allow me to help you calm down.

These are years of hard work, yes. Of big work, yes. Of necessary resilience, yes. But they are also the years that will allow you the opportunity to be able to say “No”. That will show you where you lack in boundaries and how to enforce them. That will illuminate what you need to change within yourself so that you can make the changes that will allow you to be happier and more peaceful in yourself and in your life.

It’s like writing an essay: You may feel that the process is tedious- maybe you even dread it- but once you get to the end you’ve learned a whole lot. About the topic you were writing about, about how the computer keys feel on your finger pads, which environments help you to write best, whether music is helpful or a distraction, how long it takes you to write a paragraph, how many times you take breaks to check your phone or Facebook, how much support from others you need, how much coffee it takes before your wrists start shaking, and so much more. And the best part is that once you’re done with that learning and recording marathon, you can take that deep sigh of relief and be done having learned all the more; being all the wiser about yourself and how you work, and maybe even about the topic at hand.

If you take the time to tease out your own story, to see what lessons it has to throw at you, understand and flow with them like fingers flowing on a keyboard, the sentences will start to come together to the point where they become paragraphs, and the lessons will write themselves faster than you can type, “ah-ha!”

My best piece of advice for you during this time is to just. go. with. it. Don’t fight the lessons that come your way- they will only descend upon you, again, and again, and again, until you begin to finally learn whatever they are- or at least try to understand what they are and how they are playing out in your life. 

So the reason for this piece coming out at this point in time is because Saturn is just finishing up its woeful time in the sign of Sagittarius, and will be moving into Capricorn on 19 December where it will stay until December of 2020 (with a small moment where it moves into Aquarius from March-July of 2020).

Thankfully, Saturn and Capricorn are good friends where Sagittarius and Saturn are not, so much, (just look at what's been happening around the world these last few years), so that means a nice shift for most of us out here. With both Saturn and Capricorn being rulers of the work world- getting shtuff dunzo, finito, completo- most of us are going to be feeling a little kick in our hinies to start accomplishing more of what we want to or need to accomplish. If you also find that Jupiter is in Capricorn in your chart, you will be feeling a huge drive to get things done on the business front, specifically. And if you find that your sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant are in Capricorn, you will be experiencing a lot of learned lessons surrounding who you are as an individual, i.e., what is your personality like and how does it work.

If Saturn is in Capricorn in your chart, you will be feeling a need to look at where you have been lagging in your life. Of course, that’s only a small part of it. Or… that lagging could just be a lot. But here’s the great part: If you’ve already been working really hard on yourself and learning the lessons you need to learn, your Saturn return should be pretty breezy. It may challenge you to take a look at lessons you’ve already learned just as tests to see if you’ve actually learned them or not. And if you have, well, then there’s no need to learn them again and you will pass the tests thrown at you like the best quarterback scientist known to man (okay, I'm too punny for my own good).

So: The bottom line is that Saturn is moving into the sign of Capricorn. If you are between the ages of 27-30, Saturn is probably in Capricorn in your chart and you will be embarking on the lesson-learning experience of a Saturn return. If Capricorn in strong in your chart you will also experience some heavy lessons and a need to better understand your personality and how it works and why it works the way it works. Face yourself. Face the lessons that come your way. You are strong. You can do this. And- BONUS!- you will be all the stronger for getting through it.

Much love as always,

xx D2S <3

PS- Don’t know where Saturn is in your chart? Want to know if you have Capricorn floating around your chart and what it means? gives a wonderful free natal chart report that you can find, here. And if that report is not enough, you can always book a session with me and we can go over your chart, together… and oh, we’ll have too much fun ;)


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