December: Supermoon in Gemini, Mercury Retro, and More!

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Happy December!

Oof does this month get interesting. In a great way. Time to do the Big Work, folks.

Firstly, today, 1 December 2017, Venus enters Sagittarius. This will give us room to breathe and let our passion take us wherever it wants to instead of being in the throws of the intensity that was Venus in Scorpio. So… good news: Venus in Sag makes way for us to have fun in our love life, creative passions, and our relationship with ourselves. Roam free and let the fire in your heart warm you from the inside out!

Okay, but here’s the big stuff:

  1. This Saturday, 2 December 2017, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius until 23 December 2017,

  2. This Sunday, 3 December 2017, The Full Supermoon will be appearing in the sparkling cold night sky in the sign of Gemini, and …

  3. 19 December 2017, Saturn moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn.

What does all of this mean? Well, for those of you who have Sagittarius prominently in your chart or who are experiencing your Saturn Return (if you’re between 27-30, 54-60, or 81-90 years old), you are going to finish it out with a bang. Saturn is also in Sagittarius as it has been since September of 2015, and will soon begin its transit in Capricorn on the 19th of this month. With Mercury retrograde in the same sign as Saturn for the next few weeks, the last challenges of your return will revolve around communication. And with Venus also in Sagittarius, don’t be surprised if the tests come in the midst of your love life. But it’s okay- if you’ve already learned the lessons, you have nothing to worry about. And if you haven’t, you’ll be gaining lots of new tools in your toolbox.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are partnering together to make sure that you get exactly what it is that you need to wrap up this cycle: if you’ve already been learning lessons surrounding communication, this will be a time where you will be tested to make sure that you’ve fully learned them. And if Saturn has not yet challenged that aspect of your life, expect for that to start happening in the next few weeks and learn the big lessons that will help you later on in life.

If you want to learn more about Saturn’s sign change, what a Saturn return is, and what it means to have Saturn prominent in your chart, you can find more information, here.

For the rest of us, it just means it’s time to slow down and really pay attention to our communication. People tend to freak out when they hear Mercury Retrograde. But really, it’s just about being mindful of what you’re saying and how and when you’re saying it. It’s about being mindful of your actions in relation to people and technology. Mercury will be retrograde from 3-

If you want to know more about MR, you can check out these D2S articles: When Mr.Mercury Comes to Visit, and How to Best Compose Yourself During Mercury Retro

And the moon will be here to help us out, too. The moon is in the sign of Gemini which is one of the signs under Mercury’s ‘rule’. In order words, the moon is in the sign that helps us with communication, where the planet in charge of communication is throwing curveballs at us. So that will help to smooth things out. The more you connect with the moon, the smoother your Mercury retrograde will be. Just make sure to stay grounded during this time, as Gemini is an air sign and can easily get our head in the clouds, leaving room for mistakes in communication. Just because you’re connected to the moon doesn’t mean you can drop out on being mindful of your actions.

Staying connected to the moon this time around will be an easy thing to do this time around, given its close proximity to the earth. When I say Supermoon, you say Close… Okay, the dork in me came out. I won’t actually make you do that. But in all seriousness, a Supermoon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth. This can happen multiple times a year, or, as is this case, it can happen only once. The closer the moon is, the greater effect it has on the tides. And since we humans are made up of mostly water, the greater effect it has on us, as well. Which means that emotions will be running high for the next few weeks, because the moon rules our emotions, as well.


Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are all in Sagittarius which is the sign of fire, of hunting down shadows, and of roaming free. Mercury is going retrograde on Sunday which is the same day as the closest moon of the year in Gemini, and the two will team up together to test our communication skills. Venus and the moon will be here to make things a bit smoother through Mercury Retrograde, and Saturn and Mercury will be heightening lessons together until Saturn moves into Capricorn- its ruling sign- on the 19th.

The bottom line is: Pay. Attention. But also give yourself space to be easy on yourself and love yourself. It’s only a few weeks, it’s not the rest of your life. And we all need to walk into the fire to walk out, transformed.

Much love to you in this month of December,

xx D2S <3


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