Full Moon in Taurus, 4 November 2017

Image from Pixabay.com

Image from Pixabay.com

Did someone say magick? I thought I heard it loud and clear. This moon gives us full permission to find the home and the magick within ourselves. Some people (including myself) celebrate Lunar Halloween (otherwise known to the Celts as Samhain, pronounced SAH-wen) which is marked by the full moon closest to the 31st. The reasoning for this is that the Celts went by both a lunar and solar calendar, with 4 solar holidays (the equinoxes and the solstices), and 4 lunar holidays at median points. It would make sense for these lunar holidays to fall on the new or full moons closest to the marked solar calendar day. 

The point is that this full moon acts as a portal. It is a portal to the astral realm, a portal to our higher selves, and a portal to meditation and trance in an intense and profound way.

With the moon in Taurus, we are also awarded with grounded properties to keep us safe and sound in our bodies on this planet as we do our travelling through other realms. 

As we have been leading up to tomorrow's full moon, I have been feeling an illumination of the home within myself. It seems that this particular moon, this year, is playing on that fact for others, as well- it is time to travel within, more than it is time to travel without. 

So open your eyes and gaze at the moon. Watch the moon gaze back at you. Deep into your soul. Deep into your glorious being. Deep into the home that is you. What do you feel like? What is your deepest essence? What magick do you have to offer this world? I know you have it. And deep down you know you do, too. You knew it as a kid, didn't you? Until the socialites corrupted your thoughts as theirs were corrupted years before. But now you're older. And you're "allowed" to know better. You're allowed to know that your magick is so. Freaking. Real

Travel into yourself on this full moon. Feel its enchantment, and allow it to guide you into your inner dwelling. Find that inner gold of yours. Relish and revel in the sparks that spark you. Ground yourself in your spirit and in your being. You are home to you, and your magick is free to live and be fostered there, growing roots into your being until you truly take your very first real steps- as your purest self- into the world.

Have fun with this Samhain portal, my friends.

Much love and luck,

xx D2S <3


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