Full Moon in Aries, October 2017

Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson

Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson

"I am at the center of all my relations

Never needing validation

for my own placement

In my joy is where there is peace

Fulfilling my path when I speak

is the truth of my individuality.

What a gift it is to be this

unique patch in the fabric of reality.

Sewing and stitching new designs,

always having my highest self in mind.

I am a Queen

I am a Servent of all that is holy and ever present"

-Brianne Bastman

Ooooooofff people, it’s time to feel that fiiiirrreeee!

Last month when the moon was full in Pisces, we were feeling all the feels. This month with the moon in Aries, it’s time to act on those feels. And it’s not like last month’s feels were fluffs and rainbows. Much of what seemed to be happening in general society, in 1-1 conversations with people and clients, and even in my personal life was gloomy and fear-based.

With last month’s full moon and Neptune retrograde in the same placement, many questions came up surrounding boundaries: Which lines were others crossing that made us uncomfortable? Or, which lines were not even established that we realised needed to? Where was there disease in our relationships? After sitting with those feelings for the last four weeks and starting to establish a bit of passion around the subject, the water has come to boil, and it’s time for those boundaries to be set!

The moon is fullest in Aries at 2:40pm EST on Thursday the 5th of October, and with that comes the fullness of our strength.

It is time to say no. It is time to stop pleasing everyone around you. It is time to find your inner strength and love yourself by way of setting and implementing boundaries.

It is time to assess where you are in this time and space: Are you on someone else’s time in someone else’s space? Are you on someone else’s time and someone else is in your space? It is time for you to be on your own time in your own space.

And it’s not necessarily about finding where other people fit in, or where you fit in with other people. Because there shouldn’t be any “fitting in”, there should just be “being” with everything falling into place around you just being You. As my friend Bri so eloquently put it in recent conversation, “I’m not trying to disconnect from somebody. I’m just trying to be the centre of my own galaxy”.

And that’s exactly what it is- What makes you empowered in your own life? Do you even have power in your own life?

Who is making your decisions for you? Who is quantifying your space for you? Who is telling you what to do, when to do it, and where to be to do it? Is it yourself? If it isn’t, then who is? If you’re not making your own decisions, then you have lost your power. And if you’ve lost your power… how do you take your power back?

So I’ve a ritual for ya, if you wish. But please do everyone a favour and make whatever tweaks to it that you need to make in order to make it your own. This is for you to do for you!

Aries Full Moon 2017 Ritual

On a piece of paper, write down all of the ways in which people are taking your power from you at this point in time. Write down all of the people who are doing it. And in writing all of this down, understand that you are allowing them to do it; to take your power from you. But just like you have given your power away, you can take it back. It might not be easy, especially if these are people who have powered over you for a majority of your life, but it’s possible.

When you feel satisfied with your list and whatever brain-throw-up writing may have accompanied it, light a candle and stand in front of the mirror with your piece of paper.

Turn the lights off and look in the mirror by the light of the candle. Allow yourself to go into a trance-like state as you stare into your own eyes by the flickering light. Let your eyes go soft.

If the people you wrote about have enough power over you, you will be able to see your face change into theirs in the mirror. For people who have PTSD and trauma, this can be a very empowering exercise, or a very triggering exercise. Please use your discernment and do whatever you feel is in your best interest- you know what’s best for you. If ever you are feeling yourself get lost (in the other person or on the astral plane or just in general,) just look into your eyes or turn the lights on, and you will come back to yourself.

As you watch your face change into different people’s, tell them how you are feeling about them having power over you. Tell them how you are taking your power back. Implement any boundaries that you would like put into place with them. You can even read directly off your sheet of paper, if that helps. 

If you feel called, you can even imagine their power over you going into the candle flame and burning it away, or you can imagine the fire drawing a flaming line between you and them when you set boundaries. Whatever you do in your imagination exists on the astral plane!

When you feel complete with all of the people, thank the fire for its assistance in bending energy for you to have this experience, and thank yourself for your bravery and strength in going forth with this ritual.

Enjoy this moon. Enjoy your newfound strength. Enjoy having You and your power fully back, again.

Love as always,

xx D2S <3


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