Full Super Blue Blood Moon

Image by  Celso Oliveira

Image by Celso Oliveira

Jitter in your skin and let the past become present as time ceases to exist and everything you’ve ever been is thrown in your face. It’s only once in this blue moon that we are thrown between reflective bookends to learn the truth in our stories.

This moon is speaking loud and clear, forcing us to look at the light shining off the palms of our hands- the glow of our own energy- and say, “Who am I, really? What experiences am I made of? What is this true and real power that I hold in my palm? …and do I dare to create with it?” One of three things can happen: 1) You try to create and your fears become realised because you’re not as powerful or capable as you thought you were; 2) You succeed in creating and your fears become realised because you are as powerful as you thought you were; 3) You don’t try at all, because the fear of both options is too gripping.

The truth is that we can choose to illuminate whatever we want to, just like the moon chooses to illuminate its own path across the lands and waters that it touches with its divinely lit fingertips.

This moon is choosing to illuminate us. Our truest power. Our divine gifts brought to the earth.

Who are you, really?

This moon dares you to ask it. It dares you to step into your power.  To embrace yourself fully- shadows and light and everything in between.

This moon dares you to look at everything that makes you up into your present self. What past experiences tormented you? What fears did you used to have, or do you still hold? What past experiences bring you pride? Or joy? How and when have you ever felt loved?

How do all of your snowballed life moments- one detail after big event after emotion after appearance change after age change after self recognition- come together to make you who you are? What is the purpose or the significance of all of these things- these times- rolled together? How is your uniqueness significant to your existence on this planet, in this body, in this time, in this dimension?

This moon exists in no time and every time. It is bringing up the shadows of your past as though they are presently occurring, and shedding soft red light on the future that all of your “you”ness is preparing you for. How do you manage your time? Yea, it’s been hard lately, hasn’t it. Perhaps this moon has worked to speed up time in tangent with the tides.

This moon is extravagant, giving us the medicine to burn all of the paradoxes that have been holding us back.

You see, when the solar eclipse happened, the moon was new in Leo. It eclipsed the sun. Now, this lunar eclipse is occurring, and the moon is full in Leo, it’s light eclipsed by the earth. And this moon is closest to Earth- it’s a supermoon- which means that there is no hiding from its light; from its energy; from its purpose; from its messages.








So… what came up for you in August that needs to be further illuminated? I see many astrologers writing about this being the “end” of a cycle, but I see it as the furthering of one.

Something was sparked for you in August, at the time of the solar eclipse. Something big. Whether it was a shifting of consciousness, a self-realisation, a big life event, a DNA recoding, a jolting understanding, a major download, etc. Whatever it was, that moment was as life altering as you could handle at that point in time. And now you’ve had the months to sit with it and understand it and incorporate it, and now it’s time to expand its ideation.

This lion’s mane is full of no secrets. Its whiskers will brush over you, opening your eyes and gently guiding you towards next steps on your journey. His eyes are lanterns, lighting the path along your way, heating your soul.

Who are you, really? What are you here to do?

Who are you, really? What are you here to do?

Who are you, really? What are you here to do?

The moon dares you to ask.

For those of you wanting to know the technical side of things, the moon is fullest on 31 January in the morning if you’re on the states, and in the evening if you’re pretty much anywhere else in the world. This is a rare moon: it is “blue”, meaning that it is the second full moon in one month (the first one occurred on 1 Jan); it is a supermoon, meaning that it is closer to the earth’s axis in its orbit than most other moons (we also had a supermoon in December of 2017); it is a total lunar eclipse (also known as a "blood moon"), meaning that the moon will be directly aligned with the earth on the exact opposite side of the sun, so the earth will block the moon from being able to reflect the sun’s light. Unfortunately, if you are anywhere in the Midwest or the east coast you will not be able to see the eclipse, as it will occur after the moon has already set in our part of the world. While these three events (blue moon, total lunar eclipse, and supermoon) happen exclusively quite regularly, these three astronomical occurrences happen simultaneously only once ever 265 years, on average. Enjoy the beautiful, powerful, and intense energy that awaits you, and enjoy the fact that it’s merely a reflection of a part of you.


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