Full Moon in Cancer and the Winter Solstice: Resurrecting Yourself


This month- ever since the full moon in Gemini towards the end of November- has likely felt like an ocean. Waves of work, friend and family gatherings, and holiday shopping have likely been interspersed with waves of relaxation (whether induced by illness or not). If you have not deliberately slowed down to relax at any point, your body has likely forced you to.

Additionally, as the holidays have begun and the season is coming to a height very shortly, you have also likely been facing some wounding, specifically where your inner child is concerned.

This full moon is very much about being able to face yourself, your emotions, and your vulnerabilities, and to be able to communicate with yourself in an open and honest way where those subjects arise.

The full moon falls on 22 December, which is the day after the sun will move into the sign of Capricorn. As the rule goes with the full moon, it is always exactly opposite the sun. With the sun on the “cusp” of a sign (just changing over from one sign to another), it means that the moon will just be on the cusp of a sign, as well. It will be at just about 0 degrees of Cancer, which basically means that we will be experiencing the watery energies of Cancer, but they will also be coupled with the same Gemini energies that we experienced last month (because the moon is moving from Gemini into Cancer).

With this Cancerian energy, we will be able to tap into our emotions on a level beyond what we normally know. Symbolised by the crab, Cancer is a water sign that is extremely guarded on the outside, but unbelievably vulnerable and sensitive once they open up. You have two choices with this full moon: Shut yourself out, or allow yourself to be witnessed by yourself in your most exposed vulnerabilities.

The Gemini energy that will be backing all of this will also help you to open up to yourself and to others: It will help you to feel a lot more social, and safer in social situations. It will also add a cloud of aloofness to the whole ordeal, so while facing yourself and your emotions and sensitivities and shadows could plunge you into deep intensity, the energy of Gemini will be there holding your hand and making sure that you are having fun in the process, and not taking yourself too seriously. It will also help you to communicate and open up to yourself and others more so than you otherwise might.

Lastly, this incredible full moon falls the day after the Winter Solstice, which makes it all the more potent and powerful.

The Winter Solstice is the time of the year with the shortest day and the longest night. It marks the true beginning of winter. In old world traditions in Europe and South and Central America, the belief was that the sun is being reborn on solstice day. If we look at our inner light that way, as well, this can be a pivotal time for all of us as individuals. What light are you taking the time to rediscover and resurrect within yourself? What darkness are you wanting to shed and leave behind? Winter’s cloak is heavy, and you might find yourself needing to shed other weight in order to be able to carry it.

This adds extra oomph to this full moon. Not only are we being given the opportunity to fully access our emotions, to be completely vulnerable with ourselves, and to communicate openly and honestly with ourselves, we are also being given the opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving us, and to rebirth ourselves anew.

Some ritual ideas for how to be able to celebrate both of these events- the full moon in Cancer and the Winter Solstice- and get to learn and love your own, personal magic at all new heights are available on the Doorway to Self Patreon page. Access both and find ultimate self-care when you click here.

I hope that you find the best in yourself during these days and in this energy. And I hope you find the worst, and learn to love it- or at least accept it. And if you really can’t? Maybe you’ll be able to find a way to shed it; to let it go. Or to shed the ways that you have been looking at it, before.

Here’s to an amazing Full Moon and Winter Solstice.

With much love,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

About the Author:

Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC, where she combines counselling techniques with psychic tools such as astrology, numerology, card readings, energy healing, and more to help you to understand your fullest self on every level, and to help you see your most shamed parts as pure gold. Learn more about Doorway to Self and Rachel, here.

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