The Vitruvian Apple: An Autumnal Equinox Article and Ritual

Photo by Rachel Leah Gerson

Photo by Rachel Leah Gerson

It is at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere that the leaves start to change and the air gets a tad crisper. Or, well, if you happen to be in the Midwest right now, at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humid maybe it doesn’t feel that way, so much. But it will come, soon enough.

Regardless, the Autumnal Equinox marks the seasonal change from summer into fall, from warmth into chill, from life into harvest of life, from light into darkness. It marks a change not only in nature, but within the Self. As the weather gets cooler, we tend to retreat inside a bit more often. In turn, we also tend to retreat into ourselves. Meditate a bit more (and yes, daydreaming and curling up by the fire watching movies counts). Introspect a bit more. Reflect a bit more.

When you meditate, I want to encourage you to think about your whole self. All of your “bodies”: Your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body, energetic body… you get the idea. Really connect with yourself in all of the pieces that make you One- one with yourself, one with humanity, one with nature, one with Universe.

When you cut an apple in half width-wise, there are five seeds in the shape of a star. If you look at the famous image of man (The Vitruvian Man) by Leonardo Da Vinci, it looks just like that same star in the middle of an apple.

Screenshot 2018-10-15 17.21.54.png

There is a reason that these fruits grow and are harvested in the whispers of autumn- they are a mere reflection of us as humans being able to harvest ourselves; to nourish ourselves with the fruits of our labour from last spring onward, to look inside of ourselves and see what new seeds have appeared for us to plant so that they may grow into new fruit by next fall.

Or maybe we are a mere reflection of them: we hide the purest and truest version of ourselves (if you really want to venture into a cheesy area we might even say our “inner stars”?) behind thick skin; within the meat on our bones. We stem from the earth, but as soon as we disconnect from it, we fall and hit ourselves hard; maybe we’re even bruised.

What can we do to cut ourselves open to reveal our true starseed selves in these human bodies?

How can we continue to stay connected to the tree… to the roots… to the earth from which we came?

How can we learn to better harvest our fruit from within the shadows?

In order to help you meditate on these questions, on your whole Self, and on the changing season, I will share with you a ritual that I have done every fall equinox for the last 8 years:

An Autumnal Equinox Ritual

  • Get an apple (preferably through picking it, yourself, or buying it straight from the farmer, though store-bought is just fine, too)

  • Bring the apple outside to a place where you feel safe and connected with the land (or if you have an alter and want to use that, that also works- do whatever feels best to you!)

  • Provided you are old enough and safe enough to be trusted with a knife, cut the apple width-wise (where you are not cutting the stem, but, rather, between it)

  • Look at the seeds in the shape of a star and meditate with it. What does what you see make you feel? How are you connected to the apple? To the earth? To yourself? To humans, in general? To the stars?

  • When you’re done meditating with the apple, thank it for its contribution to your life; for making you think; for helping you meditate; for giving you life in the way that it nourishes you. And… whatever else you feel the want or need to be grateful to the apple for.

  • Pick one half and take a bite of it. You can either leave that half or the untouched half in the nature spot that you are in or on your alter as an offering to nature- giving back to it what it has given to you.

  • Thank the earth for giving you the space and the fruit to be able to do this ritual.

  • Thank the elements for emboldening and protecting you in this endeavour.

  • Thank yourself for your bravery and compassion in being able to give yourself and the elements this love, recognition, and respect.

Happy Autumn! Here's to hoping it's a *fruitful* one <3

xx D2S <3


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