Sirius: Experiencing our Spiritual Sun through the Lion's Gate Portal, the Elements, and Twin Connections

Thanks to all who participated in the photo collage! You are all my spirit twins and I love you, dearly xx

Thanks to all who participated in the photo collage! You are all my spirit twins and I love you, dearly xx

The Lion's Gate Portal opened sometime between 21-26 July 2017. Its pique is on 8/8, and it closes right around the time that the sun moves into Virgo- the day after the Total Solar Eclipse, on 22 August. It is at this point in time that the Sirius star system- made of Sirius A and B (twin stars?)- is closest to the earth and positioned near the sun in a way that its rays are directly hitting our planet! This happens yearly in the month of August.

The Sirian star system is greatly looked upon as our "Spiritual Sun", with earth's sun being our "Physical Sun". Thus, when its rays hit us directly here on earth, it is a gateway for spiritual enlightenment. Sirius is a star system that is speculated to have planetary systems that are mostly water. Because of the combination of water from the planets and fire from the Sirius suns, it is said that Sirius is highly associated with thunderstorms around our planet.

Thunderstorms. They take fire and water.

Fire and water could not be more different: One is hot and one can be any temperature, one is constantly flame and the other can be solid, liquid, or gas, one is warm tones and the other is cool.

But they can also be so similar... liquid water moves in waves. In fluid patterns and licks of cup rims and shorelines- fire moves in the same fashion, flames licking the sky.

Fire has an expanse of colour in it: yellow, red, orange, blue, and sometimes even green. Water does, as well: blue, deeper blue, aqua, green, seafoam, and maybe even brown.

Water can put fire out, and fire can turn water to vapour to send it on its way, but fire and water can also make a cool river on a hot sunny day, hot springs, hot tubs, tea, and thunderstorms. 

Sirian energy is said to be permeating earth more than ever before in effort to raise human consciousness as a whole. One way that this can take form is with twins, whether they are genetic twins, spirit twins, or even twin flames.

On 30 July a good friend of mine had her baby shower- she was celebrating the twin baby girls growing in her womb. A woman came to the shower with her own twin girls. That same day, another friend of mine was induced to give birth to her twin boys. A few days later, I was up north with some family friends- a couple who has twin girls, and a couple who has twin boys. National twins day is 5 August in the US, and I've been seeing double numbers, everywhere. If you are interconnected with Sirian energies or if they are trying to grab your attention, these are the synchronicities you might be experiencing. 

To pair with this Sirian thunderstorm theory, one twin would be more fire and one would be more water. As far as biological twins go, this is more possible than one might think: All it takes is the moon or sun or ascendant transiting signs within the time between when the two are born. For instance, Twin A was born at 8:32am with the moon in Pisces, and Twin B was born just after the moon shifted into Aries at 8:34am. Or maybe Twin A was born on 22 November and Twin B was born after the sun shifted from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 23rd- Universe has a way of working these things out to make them "so"

Before experiencing having a spirit twin or a twin flame, many people have to undergoing the process of seeing themselves as their own twin; of recognising the dualities, the polarities, the synchronicities, and the partnership within themselves. Working together with yourself, within yourself, is the greatest responsibility that you have to yourself, to others, and to the world

As far as spirit twins go, this could be a friend of yours that you feel an indescribable and incomparable kinship to, that goes far beyond "friendship"- you two click in a way that you don't have the words for, and your differences fit into one another like pieces of a puzzle that just make. stuff. happen. Many times, spirit twins were biological twins in past lifetimes, but that does not have to be the case.

So what about this "Twin Flame" business? What does that even mean? Fire and water, baby- it's innovative. It's brilliant. It's dynamic. And it takes balance. 

Basically, Twin Flames are highly evolved and conscious souls that have chosen to be human and find each other in this lifetime to be able to motivate each other to grow to their fullest potentials, and to then be able to collaborate with each other to heighten the earth's consciousness.

I have met twin flames who make music together, who do art together, or maybe even one makes music and one makes art and they pool them together in ekphrasis. I've met twins who write together or maybe one writes and one illustrates. Twins who teach together. Who run programmes or workshops together. Who coach as life or business coaches together. Who maybe even create some entire modality of just being, together. It is not about the passion or the great romance or the sexual chemistry- though those are all undoubtedly there. It is about something much, much bigger: they are changing the world, together.

It is important to note that flames know no sex and no gender and no sexuality- these two people could be cisgendered and straight, or they could be anywhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum. In finding each other, they also know no race, ethnicity, religion, or culture. What matters more than any of that is that there is a strong balance of "masculine" and "feminine" energies within each person so that they may get on solidly by themselves in a partnership with themselves, or so that when they come together they are amplified as four whole parts to create an even greater whole. Twin flames are not two people who create one. They are two people who create a third, and all three parts are always alive and dynamic.

Okay, okay, we get the twins thing- what does that have to do with the portal? Well, because the Lion's Gate Portal concerns Sirian energies deeply permeating the earth, and twins are deeply concerned with Sirius, the effects are this: If you are tuned in to the Sirian energy system or going through an awakening or enlightenment of sorts, you will probably be seeing twins everywhere, or, what's more, you may meet or re-meet your spirit or twin flame.

If you are already working with your twin (whether that be your biological twin, yourself as your own twin, your spirit twin, or your twin flame), the Lion's Gate (and especially its height on the 8th) is an incredible time to be able to continue to explore each others' magic, explore the magic you make together, and to manifest, alchemise, and create new realities for this planet and its inhabitants. It is incredible how much change happens after a lightning storm: The grass is greener, the waves have brought rocks from the depths to the shoreline, and antennas are out of whack. So while it may seem like you are only two people (or, if you're by yourself and respecting yourself as your own twin), just remember how much of an impact a thunderstorm has. Fire and water can really shake things up, together. 

I hope this has been helpful and that you have an extravagant and enlightening Lion's Gate experience.

Sending love to twins around the globe- no matter the type. Rain down and strike down your light, my friends! 

xx D2S <3


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