August 2017: Month of Portals and Manifestation

"Cosmic Optical Mandala" by Rozbeh Kashani. Follow this incredible artist on Instagram @rooz_kashani!

"Cosmic Optical Mandala" by Rozbeh Kashani. Follow this incredible artist on Instagram @rooz_kashani!

What is this thing that we're calling August of 2017?! But seriously. Siriusly.

So an overview of this month:

  • THE 3RD: Uranus goes retrograde

  • THE 7TH: Full moon in Aquarius

  • THE 7TH: Partial lunar eclipse

  • THE 8TH: The pique energy of the Lion's Gate Portal

  • THE 12TH: Perseid Meteor Shower

  • THE 12TH: Mercury goes retrograde

  • THE 21ST: New Moon in Leo (second new moon in Leo this year- this is extremely rare!!)

  • THE 21ST: Total Solar Eclipse (First one completely visible in the US since 1916!)

  • THE 22ND: Sun enters Virgo

  • THE 25TH: Saturn goes direct

So let me tell you what's going on, here, for those of you who don't already know:

The month of August 2017 has come to flip us on our heads, and flip our heads into the atmosphere! 

We have a palindrome: around the 21st of July (some will argue the 26th, but it's moot- it's all about what you believe and what feels right to you!) the Gateway to the Lion's Gate Portal opened. Then there's a lunar eclipse. Then the pique of the portal. Then the largest, closest meteor shower of the year. Then the Total Solar Eclipse. Then the portal closes.

In most instances where an eclipse is involved, the advice I would bring to the table is not to make any important decisions within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after an eclipse. This is because eclipses can eclipse our judgements, making some things hidden to us in ways that where it is difficult or impossible to see the full picture. However...

With this eclipse cycle, rather than disillusionment, we are moved toward enlightenment. Rather than acting as shadows, these eclipses serve as portholes into other dimensions. For Numerology Twosday this week I used the words "Manifest" and "Manifestation" (which you can check out, here), where I talked about how manifestation is directly tied in to astral realms: when you create a thought form, it already exists on another plane- you are just bringing it to this one to make it a physical reality. That is what manifestation is. If you want to bring something to fruition, this. is. THE TIME!

These eclipses (and pretty much everything else this month) are acting as portals allowing for prime opportunity for manifestation! what does that mean, in terms of preparing for all of this?

The Lion's Gate Portal is tied to the star system, Sirius. Sirius is also known as our "spiritual sun", as the earth's sun is our physical sun. The portal will be open for the entirety of the other events listed above until the sun moves into Virgo. With this portal open, our spirit is changing down to the cellular level. We are rising up to become more enlightened in this path as human, as spirit, and as divine being. 

Uranus going retrograde also lends to our experience with this, as we turn inside ourselves to ask what is holding us back. What is it at our core that is keeping us from trusting in Universe, in surrender, in life unfolding in ways that are best for us when we don't try to control them? You will be put in position to be able to constantly question the "norms" in your life and in society, and to challenge the excuses that you have put into place that have been acting as roadblocks to you answering your calling. This energy is propelled by Lion's Gate, and lasts until just after Uranus goes direct on 2 January 2018, leaving you with all of its bestowed lessons. 

The full moon and partial eclipse come next week. So portal one opened with Lion's Gate, portal two with Uranus, now portal three: full moon eclipse in AQUARIUS. Aquarius is the sign that is associated with bringing about enlightenment, a new dawn, and a new age of earth. We have the ability to change things- as individuals, as community, and as earth family.

This moon is especially good for manifesting change for the healing of the earth. In Michigan we have been nervous about Pipeline 5, an old pipe that could leak oil and toxins into the great lakes. Manifest its shut down. (More info here.) We have also been worried about the Flint water crisis. Manifest water purity and help for those effected, or, better yet, you can get involved and help if you feel called! (More info, here). Or maybe your passion is manifesting safer foods or healthy soil or the disappearance of GMO's or saving abused animals or people... Whatever your calling, whatever your passion, this is the time to manifest it.

When manifesting, make sure to use only positive statements, or the other thing will be focused on, i.e., "I manifest that my dog does not die". What Universe will hear is "die", and that will lead to a very sad morning, and the complete opposite of the thing you want. So, instead, "I manifest that my dog is healthy and lives a long life." Boom. Done. Stating manifestations in past tense also helps, as telling Universe that it has already happened will make it so, i.e., "My dog is already healthy and has been living a long and healthy life." Want to add more power to the punch? Add gratitude. Be thankful for what hasn't happened yet as if it already has, i.e., "I am so grateful that my dog has been living a long and healthy life."

So this beautiful earth healing full moon eclipse energy propels us straight into the pique day of the Lion's Gate Portal, 8/8. If you're manifesting for business, this is a great day to do it because 8, numerologically, holds amazing business, entrepreneurial, and monetary abundance and expansion energy.

Otherwise, this is a day to connect to your universal Self, your cosmic Self, your Higher Self, the collective unconscious, and your greatest spirituality. Connect with yourself in every way, and full alignment from earth to Sirius, from body to soul, can be easily and vibrantly achieved. This is where I do my manifestation work to be spread over the inter webs: Thank you, Universe, for making this Lion's Gate Portal a time where human beings have moved into higher consciousness, and into deeper love with themselves

Aannnnnnddd then it's most peoples' dreaded Mercury Retrograde on the 12th. I've talked enough about it and why you should reconsider giving it some love. You can read it all here and here. You'll be fine. So will everything and everyone around you. Just be mindful, patient, and communicative. That's really all it takes to push through and be happy.

So then those shooting stars- the yearly incredible Perseid Meteor Shower. We have the fire energy of the sun in Leo all month, the solar eclipse, and the new moon in Leo during the solar eclipse, not to mention the LION's Gate portal. And summer. So... Fire. Fire. Fire. Shooting stars are literally balls of fire, and their proximity to earth brings that energy in close- as if it wasn't already. Fire is the element of alchemy. What do you want to change in your life? Wish upon a star... AKA, more manifestation time!

The following week is that of the first Total Eclipse of the Sun seen from the US in nearly 100 years! Here's the catch: 1) NEVER look directly at it because you will immediately go blind, and 2) If you are wanting to see it and live in the US, there is only a small strip of land across the US where you can see it, and you'd better be there on time because the longest predicted duration of eclipse time happens in 2 minutes and 40 seconds. You can learn more about where to watch the eclipse and how to do it safely, here.

The looming feeling I've gotten about this event thus far is that the solar eclipse will be a portal for great endings, and for great beginnings. It's like I said about the fire, before: it. is. alchemy. And here we have a sun in the last day of a fire sign, the moon in the last day of a fire sign, the sun is fire, and the fiery Lion's Gate is closing.

But fire transforms: Whatever you throw into the fire comes out differently. Throw in a piece of paper and it turns to ash. Throw in a piece of quartz and it becomes glass. Throw in a piece of metal and it can become jewellery, if you work with it. What do you need to burn to be able to fully step into yourself? What do you need to burn to transform yourself- what quartz needs to become glass and what glass needs to be melted and shaped into a vase? This is your day to throw it into the fire and come out anew and renewed!

As for Saturn going direct, there is quite a bit I'd like to share about that, so keep your eyes peeled for another D2S article concerning Saturn in a few weeks. 

I'm thinking of this whole thing as a hallway full of doors. (You know. Because I clearly don't have a thing for doors, or anything.) Outside of each door is a piece of a golden puzzle.

The first door opened when the Lion's Gate opened. You picked up the puzzle piece and walked down the hall a bit and got to the second door, which will open tomorrow when Uranus goes retro. Then you walk through that door and pick up the second puzzle piece and walk down the hall a bit longer and wind up twisting that third handle at the full moon in Aquarius/eclipse, and when you go to walk through you almost smack yourself in the face walking into the fourth door, which opens the following day at the pique of the LG 8/8 portal- you pick up both of those puzzle pieces. Then you walk for a ways until you see what looks like stars raining down from the Perseid Meteor Shower and open that fifth door. Pick up the puzzle piece.

Then you walk and you walk and the hall is getting brighter and glossier and more and more exciting, and your puzzle is growing and growing and getting shinier and more illuminated and all of the pieces are just fitting perfectly and you see that door at the very end and when you finally get to it at the new moon/ full solar eclipse in the last degrees of Leo, it bursts open with all of the energy that you have been building with you through all of the other doors.

And you look down and find the last puzzle piece. And you fit it into the puzzle. And you look at it. And it reflects you back in all that gold, shimmering light, and you realise that really... you are the puzzle. You just went through all of the exercises- through all of the doors, through all of the portals- to be able to rearrange yourself in a way where you could be able to see yourself illuminated. To see yourself in a way that reflects your own divinity as a conscious person. As a powerful being. As You.

Happy August, beautiful beings-

xx D2S <3


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