9 July Full Capricorn Moon 2017

Photography by Mark Gerson, Pierport, Michigan over Lake Michigan

Photography by Mark Gerson, Pierport, Michigan over Lake Michigan

Annnnnndddd we're blasting into existence. 

This July full moon, otherwise known as the "Thunder Moon", will be at its pique 100% luminosity only 7 minutes into Sunday EST (12:07am). 

Think about this thing we call thunder... the rumbling in the belly of the sky, the vibration of Universe filling us up from shaking ground through our reckless but stable feet... and always accompanied by lightning- complete illumination; the strike of spirit hatched from the clouds; unapologetic nourishment to the earth.

When lightning flashes and thunder claps, Universe never takes it back- it happens with full force; with intensity; with intention.

The July full moon has been called the "Thunder Moon" by various native tribes in the US as well as by ancient cultures throughout Europe. The obviousness of this comes from the fact that we have found ourselves in full summer throttle- in the midst of thunderstorm season- where we can blast into our fullness with pure and strong intention.

Capricorn- where the moon resides this lunar cycle around- is the constellation of the ram: strong headed and strong-willed, ready to climb any mountain presented to it. 

I like to think of this moon as a journey up that mountain- we start climbing when the moon is new and unresolved in the sign of Gemini, searching for our best selves and our richest meaning, and reach the pique of the mountain when the moon reaches its fullest pique! And from the highest heights in the brightest moon's light we can look back on all we traversed on our way up to the top of that mountain... Where did we come from? How far did we have to climb to be able to get to the top and see everything so clearly? 

We are always and ultimately our own insights. 

Lightning comes from some other world to shock us into ourselves on this planet in this existence, and when its surge beseeches us at the top of the mountain we are ready to claim our fullest selves.

The moral of this moon: Own yourself, and own yourself with pride, love, and strength. With courage. Lacking fear of being seen. You are here to be illuminated- not only by the light of this full moon, but by each lightning strike that flashes, on the top of your own bold mountain, vibrating to the rumble of your own thunder: Hear. You. Roar!

...watch you soar. Into yourself, out into the world, and out into Universe.

The energies of the star Sirius- the brightest star in the sky- are also greatly affecting us during this full moon, so Sirian starseeds around the globe will feel extra empowered to own their own full power, right now. And it's no coincidence that this energy would strike up during this full moon...  Sirius energies are very tied-in with thunderstorms, so the Universal timing of it coming into play, now, could not be more appropriate (it knew ;) ) 

Doorway to Self wishes you the ability to reach one of your many piques this moon. To own yourself. To step into yourself. And to unmask yourself to the world with vigour in place of apology. 

Happy Full-of-Lightning, Siriusly Sirius, Full Thunder Moon!

Much love,

xx D2S <3


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