Summer Solstice 2017 and New Supermoon in Cancer

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It just so happens that the summer solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere once again.

This yearly pique of daylight reminds us to keep our heads held high and embrace the gold that dwells within us. It helps us to seize all that we are and unleash it unapologetically.

This time last year, the full moon fell on the solstice, bringing us an extra element of fullness and illumination to bring forth our inner greatness out into the light of the world.

It's interesting that this year there is, instead, a new moon. The new moon- which happens to be a supermoon meaning that it is very close to the earth- falls only a few days after the solstice.

The new supermoon in Cancer’s energies are affecting solstice this year. We are leading ourselves through the light- through solstice- to full recognition of our emotional Selves: What is it that we need to start anew with? How can we fully embrace ourselves on this path of ours? How can we best stretch our wings?

This is actually the second of two new supermoons in a row with solstice falling between them, the first one having occurred on 25 May. Because of this, the message that solstice brings with it this year follows the same patterns that we have been wading through since September: What is working for us, and what is no longer serving us? What can we keep and what can we discard? What roadblocks can we pick up and move out of our path in order to continue stepping into the truest and highest versions of ourselves?

With the sun’s rays shining on us and the round dark of the impending new moon pulling us towards it, we become auroral in the face of ourselves.

The sign of Cancer, which both the sun and moon will be occupying, is a reminder that we have the choice as to whether we decide to be vulnerable with ourselves, with others, and with our emotions, or we decide to crawl into our shells and avoid our truths.

So which one is it? Are you going to face yourself and step into your truth, or avoid the authenticities and lie in your deflection?

Here’s to hoping you have the opportunity to truly see yourself and be seen on this solstice, and that you can find the next steps to be able to walk into your ultimate gold.

Sending so much love and solstice LIGHT,

xx D2S <3


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