Halloween Ritual: A Silent Supper

Image by Toa Heftiba, compliments of unsplash.com

Image by Toa Heftiba, compliments of unsplash.com

Happy Halloween, all! It is that time of the year, again, when the veil is thinnest. Many people ask me what I do for Halloween, and the answer is multifold, as I celebrate throughout the month. Halloween is many things: It is the evening of the Hallowed from Catholic tradition, where the souls of our dead beloved are honoured, it is the trick-or-treat dress-up-in-costumes wonder of door-to-door spooks and smiles, it is the box office's favourite time of the year to bring in revenue for horror films, and it is an old Pagan Celtic holiday celebrating both the last harvest of the year through animal sacrifice so that the meat could be frozen through the winter, and also the thinning of the veil between our world and the astral realm.

If you're subscribing to the first several traditions listed, the 31st is the way to go! Otherwise, the Celts did not conform to the Roman calendar, and this harvest celebration would more likely have occurred on the full moon closest to our new age Halloween (this year, that is 5 November). And because I figure, "Why not have the best of both worlds?" (no pun intended) I do all of the above (minus the animal sacrifice, of course). I dress up. I do the hay bale rides and the pumpkin carving. I read cards at parties and watch Hocus Pocus every year. But the serious aspect of All Hallow's (or as the Celts called it, Samhain, pronounced SAH-wen) is just as fun for me, and all the more important. 

The connection that we have to our DNA ancestors (whether you like them or not, they are responsible for you being here), to ourselves as our own ancestors (I'm teaching a workshop on this later this month for free that you can learn more about, here), to our guides in the astral realm, and to our Higher Selves is what drives us to learn, create, manifest, and become powerful in our own being. They are the reason that we are here. We would not exist were it not for the people who came before us, whether that be our genealogical grandfathers and great great great grandmothers, or our 4 and 10 and 15 year old Selves. We are the reason that we are here. They are the reason that we are here. So it is on this Halloween or Samhain night that we acknowledge, remember, and commune with them. (You can learn more about the numerology of Halloween from today's Numerology Twosday post found on Facebook.com/doorwaytoself, and on Instagram @doorwaytoself). 

That is where Silent Supper comes in. This is an event that can happen alone or with friends or family if you don't have any plans this All Hallow's Eve, or even anytime between the last new moon and the full moon to come on Sunday. But do keep in mind that this is not a ritual to make fun, though having fun with your dead ancestors is always encouraged!

Silent Supper Ritual

  1. If you're choosing to do this with friends or family, send out some invitations (or just text... it is 2017, after all). Remember to explain to them that this is a serious event, even though it is something to have fun with. People need to come with an air of respect if they choose to accept the invitation.

  2. Clean your home or whatever place you will be hosting this event. When doing work with the astral world or a thin veil, it is of the upmost importance to have a clean area in which you are working, both physically and energetically. That means vacuum and sage are equally important. 

  3. Cover all of your mirrors with black cloth. This is a superstition to help keep the grody things that live in the astral plane out of your home. It also helps if you're not ready to see the beings in your house when they come around. And, it's also a tradition out of politeness, not to look into the eyes of the dead in such a physical, reflective manner. As you are doing this, set the intention that only things that are conducive to your growth in a positive way will be allowed into this space.

  4. Cook. A home cooked meal- especially one that honours either your ancestral self (one of your favourite foods) or one that honours your DNA ancestors or friend guides of yours who have passed (one of their favourite meals, or a cultural dish that would appease them, i.e., if part of your family comes from Spain then maybe some paella is in order, or if they're from Scotland maybe some haggis, or some injera if they're from Ethiopia, or if you're a mutt like most of us are nowadays you could try making all three. You get the picture. Just make something that honours them in some fashion).

  5. Set your table, including an alter or offering plate. On this, if you're alone, you will put some of your food as an offering to your ancestors. If others are invited and dining with you, they will also place some of theirs. There can also be trinkets put there to honour them, maybe a stone or some incense or the Rosary or bracelet or whatever that has been passed down in your family for generations. Or a bottle of their favourite booze (you won't be drinking this, of course). Tea leaves work, too. Literally whatever you can think of that fills your heart to give them.

  6. Make sure you are sober and remain so throughout the event. If you have guests, ask the same of them. Going into astral or psychic experience while under the influence can be very dangerous, as your guards are down. While, yes, that makes it easier to feel or see or hear things (or however you experience things psychically, which, if you don't know you can learn more about at Psychic Abilities 101 this Saturday the 4th in Grand Rapids) it also makes it easier for your energetic boundaries to be let down, and then for astral things to attach to you. One sip of vodka to honour your Russian ancestors is fine. A shot is not.

  7. Welcome your physical guests in, if you are having them over. Allow yourselves to socialise, just to get it out of your systems. If you are alone, this is obviously a non-issue.

  8. Whether by yourself or with others, create sacred space. Use sage, palo santo, cedar, incense- whatever your preference, really- to cleanse and smudge yourself and (if in a group,) everyone who has come in and ask that they come with only the purest of intentions. Gather in a circle (or stand in the centre of the room, if alone). Set the energy and intention for the place that you are in to be sacred, something very similar to the intention that you set when covering your mirrors.

  9. Call in the ancestors. Ask that only ancestors with intentions that align with your growth in a positive way may enter. From this point forward, everyone is to remain silent. It is especially helpful if you have a bell or a singing bowl or something of the sort to be able to call the ancestors in with a ring or three, and then once everything commences you can ring the bell or bowl again to signify that people can talk, again, and that it is time for the ancestors to leave.

  10. People make their plates in silence and put whatever it is that they need to on the offering plate or alter. You sit. You eat in complete physical silence, allowing for whatever messages to come through that you need to. The reality is that you are not actually eating in silence. You just may not be able to hear what it is that your ancestors are saying. Or, maybe you are (clairaudient folks!), and the silence plus the prior invocation are allowing you to be able to commune with those who came before you in a way that you never thought possible. 

  11. When everyone is done eating (this includes dessert!), either the bell or bowl can be rung, or you can state that the silent period is over. Everyone can gather around in a circle, again, and give gratitude for the presence of their ancestors and whatever messages they may have been given, and then send them off. You can do this is in a one-by-one fashion, or just in a general "Thank you for being here and for what you've left us with. We wish you luck on your journey back to the other side." or whatever it is you would like to say in one fowl swoop. 

  12. Once the ancestors are gone, smudge everything, again. Some people leave the covers over their mirrors for the night, and others remove them as soon as they are done and are sure that all the spirits have left. 

I hope that this has been a helpful idea for you! I would absolutely love to hear how this goes for you if you decide to do it. And, if you would like for me to help you lead one, I am happy to help you do that! 


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