How to Best Compose Yourself and Avoid Conflict During Mercury Retrograde

Image by Rachel Leah Gerson

Image by Rachel Leah Gerson

Been having issues with communication or technology during this retrograde cycle? Here are some tips for how to best conduct yourself when you find yourself amidst a Mercury retrograde!

  1. Before you speak, at all, to anyone, before you even open your mouth, be EXTREMELY conscious and mindful of what you are saying. Take the time to work out what you need to say in your head before you say it.

  2. Before having big conversations with people, explain to them what's going on in our solar system right now. Some people might laugh at you or think you're cooky, but a) you shouldn't care because you're being true to yourself, your beliefs, and the universe, b) You are right, and c) It's their loss. Thankfully, there will also be many people who won't laugh in your face, and who might actually be very grateful to you for the information, especially because it might very well explain what's been going on in their own lives, and why! 

  3. Own up to your own responsibilities. If you are at fault for something, don't try to kid yourself, or anyone else, that you're not! Own up, and human up! (This is true for life outside of MR, as well, obviously).

  4. If you are feeling frustrated with someone, directly confront them about it. Do not bottle it up and use it to fuel angry comments or energies towards them. However, when you confront them, do it in a loving way. Choose your words carefully. Come from your heart and your Higher Self, not your ego!

    When doing these things, it's never completely about you and your feelings-- it's also about helping the other person to understand your perspective, and how they might be able to improve as a human being. When doing this portion, it is vital, though, to make it a suggestion, instead of a demand. Otherwise it can put them on the defense and make them uncomfortable that you are trying to control them.

    And before confrontation, ask yourself: is this bothering me because it is actually something THEY need to work on, or am I having an issue with this because I don't have control over their decisions? Or maybe it’s something that I’m seeing in them that I also dislike in myself? Confronting an issue in the right way, out of love, is vital (again, also important outside of MR).

  5. Change your thought patterns about Mercury Retrograde! (Probably the most important one)

    So you wake up in the morning and you think, "Crap. I wonder what the hell is gonna go wrong today. Stupid Mercury retrograde is going to mess with something- I just don't know what it is."

    ...Congratulations. You just set yourself up for MR failure!! MR won't "mess" with anything if you don't let it! YOU are responsible for your life and your thoughts and your actions and your results. While the planets might help to move some things along, or get you to shift your perspective to deal with issues you haven't yet noticed, it is up to you how you actually handle them.

    Instead, you could wake up in the morning and say, "I'm going to have great communication today. All of my electronics are going to work just fine." And guess what? If you REALLY, TRULY believe that (be honest with yourself... And it might take some getting used to), they will!

  6. If, somehow, #5 doesn't work, it is most-likely because either a) there was a lesson for you to learn in there, so you can meditate on the issue and find out what it is, or b) you were, in fact, letting some of those negative MR thoughts slip in and take you over, in which case, the deal is still part "a", as your lesson could be to stop thinking so negatively.

Don't let Mr. Mercury and his topsy turvy lifestyle win- This is YOUR life, and you have full control over YOUR life!

Hope this helps, fellow humans! Sending you luck, love, and hugs in this *different* time.

xx D2S <3


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