November Full Super Moon 2016

Image by Rachel Leah Gerson

Image by Rachel Leah Gerson

A good portion of the world was in complete turmoil after Tuesday night’s election, but judging by the energy that I’ve been feeling (mostly starting yesterday) it seems to have calmed down, and the people who were or are hurt and scared seem to be calming down a bit and channelling that energy a bit more positively and efficiently.

However, all of this intense energy has been taking a toll on our society, no matter which “side” you were on. It feels, on this lovely Sunday, that we are all a bit drained; depleted; just overall tired, across the board. Perhaps it is not such a coincidence that this has all happened so shortly before tomorrow morning’s full supermoon in Taurus: The moon being so close to the earth pulls tightly on our emotional strings and brings everything we’re feeling up and out of us like an active volcano, and yet, it is all calmed and grounded with the sense of peace and sensibility that Taurus brings to light.

While the moon will be fullest on the morning of Monday, 14 November in the Eastern Standard Time zone, in some places around the world it will be fullest tonight, 13 November. But if you get the chance to see it both nights (and maybe even as it sets tomorrow morning!) more power to you- literally. Tonight would be a great night to work on being more at peace and grounded in your emotions.

The tide is high, but calming; so, too, can our emotions be.

Happy full moon,

xx D2S <3


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